Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 552: Men From Tianlong City

Chapter 552: Men From Tianlong City

Chapter 552: Men From Tianlong City

A tremendous cyclone speared through the sky into the clouds before turning the sky into a surging sea of clouds for all of Wake City to see. The furious waves of wind let out a wailing screech that kicked up dust everywhere within the proximity of the city. Dust covered the sky and sun, forming a dusky sight.

A Heaven-Tier Battle Skill was strong enough to cause the sky to whirl and transform with its might. Although an Earth-Tier Battle Skill was far weaker than a Heaven-Tier Battle Skill, Ming Dong’s strength as a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master was strong enough to create such a sight. In front of the eyes of everyone, all of Wake City was treated to a once in a lifetime event.

The gigantic cyclone was noticeable throughout Wake City and caused another big stir among the populace. Many of them were startled by the sudden sight and displayed panicked expressions. Many of them were curious, but far more of them were terrified.

“Everyone, look! Look at how many soldiers are being sent flying by that cyclone…” Fearfully, one of the more sharp-eyed men cried out at the sight above of them.

Whipping their heads up to stare in rapt attention, everyone noticed, that sure enough, plenty of soldiers could be seen whirling about the cyclone without falling back to the ground.

“If I’m not mistaken, those are the soldiers in charge of our city’s defenses!”

“What is going on? Why did this cyclone appear, and why is it not moving at all?”

“It’s a battle skill for sure! Dear heavens, this has to be a battle skill, and a high leveled one at that. I heard that when some of the more advanced battle skills are used, they can shake the heavens themselves! Look at this scene, it’s similar to what the rumors say.”

“It has to be an Earth-Tier Battle Skill at the very least, or one of those legendary Heaven-Tier Battle Skills. Since when did our Wake City have one of those...?”

“That’s the area where the Flame Mercenaries entrenched themselves. I heard that they just brought the lord of the city as captive there a small while ago. Now the experts of both sides have to be fighting, but I never expected a battle skill to be used! It has to be a strong battle then, we should take a look! A battle like this is once in a lifetime, it’d be a shame to miss this!”

“Quick, let’s take a look! A fight between experts is rare to come by, we can’t miss this!”

The streets were filled with people as they quickly flew through them headed to the location where the cyclone was originating from. Mercenaries and civilians alike were trying the most to catch sight of a fight that would undoubtedly be unforgettable.

In the courtyards, commander Duo Li and his soldiers were retreating as far as they could with their faces overwhelmed with shock at the cyclone in front of them.

Kai Er, Qingfeng, Charcas, and Mo Tian were stunned by Ming Dong’s technique. They felt a newfound appreciation for him in their hearts. Even in their eyes, their adoration could hardly be concealed.

Half a moment later, Duo Li let out a mouthful of air to try and calm himself, but he could not help but think, “To think that in two years worth of time since the captain of the Flame Mercenaries left, he was able to pull in an Earth Saint Master. With one of those overseeing the group, there would be no faction capable of going against them in Wake City. It would appear that with my strength alone, I will not be able to rescue the lord.”

Hesitating, Duo Li yelled in a large voice, “Jian Chen, if there is still room to negotiate, this one hopes you will show some mercy and forgive this simple soldier.”

“Ming Dong, cease your hand and don’t endanger the lives of these soldiers.” Jian Chen commanded Ming Dong.

Ming Dong nodded and slowly began to revoke his Earth-Tier Battle Skill. With Jian Chen’s control over the wind elements of the world, he began to slowly ease the flying soldiers back down to the ground. Despite Ming Dong intentionally making his cyclone weak enough to not kill any soldier, they were all still extremely light-headed and blurry-eyed.

“Commander Duo Li, take your men and leave. The matters with Yun Li have no business with you. If you fail to listen, I won’t be as merciless as I was just now!” Jian Chen stated.

Duo Li’s face grew serious when he heard Jian Chen's words, but he said nothing as he cupped his hands together to leave with his soldiers. He now knew that the Flame Mercenaries had an Earth Saint Master with an Earth-Tier Battle Skill, making them far stronger than what any regular Earth Saint Master could accomplish. Thus, Wake City had no way of way of dealing with the Flame Mercenaries.

With faces ashen from dust and dejection, Duo Li and his soldiers left the courtyards to return to the lord’s mansion. As soon as Duo Li entered his own room, he immediately set his brush to paper and began to write. Finally rolling up his message into a scroll, he attached it to the leg of a Lightning Bird and set it free. As it soared through the air, the Lightning Bird gave a flap of its silver-white wings and transformed into a bolt of lightning that quickly disappeared into the horizon.

The Kai family’s compound had become a mess with part of the walls partly collapsed because of the cyclone. Plenty of the mercenaries, merchants, and civilians, who had gathered around, stood a decent distance away, fearful of taking another step closer. The lord of Wake City was still kneeling on the ground with the memorial tablet of Duo Kang in front of him.

“Look! Isn’t that the lord Yun Li tied up to the pillar? To think that the Flame Mercenaries would treat the lord of a city in such a manner!”

“A mercenary group kidnapping the lord of a city? What a huge story! But this goes to show how strong the Flame Mercenaries are if even the government of the city is helpless to do anything.”

“Wouldn’t the actions of the Flame Mercenaries mean that they’re unafraid of the Blue Wind Kingdom? Although they are strong, they cannot go head-to-head against the entire kingdom.”

“Perhap the Flame Mercenaries have an even stronger support that doesn’t fear the Blue Wind Kingdom.”


The crowd outside the Kai family’s compound grew larger and larger as news of what happened spread throughout the city. Soon enough, the Kai family and the Flame Mercenaries grew more and more famous in Wake City. For a mercenary group to kidnap a city lord, this was a huge story for the Blue Wind Kingdom.

“Kai Er, we’ll be putting the trip to the Magical Beast Mountain Range on hold for now. Guard Yun Li and make sure he stays in front of Duo Kang’s memorial table to grieve for seven days. After seven days are over, execute him. Do not let anyone near him in the meanwhile.” Jian Chen ordered.

“Yes, captain!” Everyone replied with respect. With Jian Chen being willing to execute Yun Li for his murder of Duo Kang, everyone within the Flame Mercenaries felt moved. Jian Chen won their love and respect once more.

Four hours later in a First Cla.s.s city called “Tianlong City,” the lord of the city was reading book when a guard came running in with a letter in his hands. Handing it over, the guard retreated.

Taking the letter and opening it, the lord of Tianlong City began to read. As he read, his face grew darker and darker before slamming the table and standing up in anger. “Ridiculous! How utterly absurd this is! A tiny mercenary group has imprisoned the lord of a city? Where is their common sense? It is truly ridiculous! Men! Call out Katata, Katafei, and Yun Long to me!”

Soon enough, Katata, Katafei, and Yun Long arrived in the study room. Each one of them looked to be around forty years old in age. Cupping his hands together, Katata spoke, “My lord, for you to call us brothers together in such a hurry, what seems to be the matter?”

“It is a ridiculous tale. A small mercenary group has kidnapped the lord of a city; they are taking the officials of the Blue Wind Kingdom to be gnats in their eyes. The three of you will lead a detachment to Wake City with due haste.” The lord spoke with a grim expression. Having a group of mercenaries kidnap and tie up a city lord was utterly intolerable.

“Yes, my lord!” All three of them replied before setting off.

Within the Kai family compound, Jian Chen and Ming Dong had already retired to their rooms to rest. They handed over the rest of the matters to Kai Er and the others to deal with.

“Jian Chen, Yun Li is still a city lord, are you really going to kill him? This is the Blue Wind Kingdom, not the Gesun Kingdom.” Tie Ta asked in concern. Although he knew Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master, becoming an enemy of the entire Blue Wind Kingdom was something that was very deadly in the eyes of Tie Ta. With his own strength, there was no way he would be able to defend himself.

Jian Chen chuckled, “Tie Ta, what I’m doing is well within what is acceptable. The Blue Wind Kingdom is nothing to fear. You just need to focus on if we ever lose our path of development!”

“Tie Ta, you need some courage in you! Feel free to watch from the side. Look at us. See how none of us are concerned, so why should you be? You only just started your travels on the Tian Yuan Continent, there’s still plenty for you to learn.” Ming Dong added.

Seeing how relaxed everyone was, Tie Ta couldn’t help but feel slightly less worried, “Oh, fine then. I’ll follow you without a word.”

The next day outside of Wake City, a single group of armored soldiers could be seen flying down the roads at high speeds on their Magical Beast mounts. After being welcomed in by Duo Li and his soldiers, the group began to talk to one another.

After the negotiations were over, the detachment of soldiers immediately moved into Wake City and headed toward the home of the Kai family.

Almost a cup of tea’s worth of time later, Kai Er came walking into Jian Chen’s room with a grim expression, “Captain, men from Tianlong City have arrived.”

“I know. You may leave.” Jian Chen’s voice could be heard from inside.