Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 429: Contest With a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 429: Contest With a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 429: Contest With a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Jian Chen grabbed at empty sky and sent the flame sword at the Sword Qi coming at him. Upon contact, a shock wave was formed as the flame sword and Sword Qi canceled each other out with an explosive explosion that scattered even the clouds overhead.

The buildings within the Yangji Sect were comprised mainly of wood, so they were susceptible to fire. The explosion sent fire everywhere and the buildings easily caught fire.

In an instant, the buildings began to light up with fire as many disciples hurriedly tried to salvage the more precious items from the burning wreckage. Many others were desperately trying to combat the flames with water and slow down the spread. In an instant, Jian Chen had caused the entire sect to go crazy.

The mother and son looked at the battle with stunned expressions and gaping mouths from how the Yangji Sect had reacted. Despite their shock, they couldn’t help but feel some happiness at the panic the Yangji Sect were feeling. At the same time, they couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive. Because of their inability to take revenge, Jian Chen had offended the entire Yangji Sect for them. This made them both worried that Jian Chen would come across trouble because of them.

“Mother, the lord is extremely strong, just who is he?” Sans spoke with awe and a little fear.

The mother could only shake her head with a blank expression, “Your mother doesn’t know either. However, our benefactor knows your father, and if he is willing to help us this much their relations.h.i.+p must be a good one.”

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed brightly as he began to fly up several dozen meters. At the same time, two white robed elders were quickly closing in before finally stopping fifty meters away.

The elder patriarch of the Yangji Sect looked at the burning buildings behind him with a dark expression before glaring sharply at Jian Chen, “Sire, just who are you, state your name.”

Jian Chen returned the glare at the elder patriarch before turning to look at the grand elder with a spike of killing intent. “I didn’t think that I would see you here. Hmph, you didn’t run away far enough. A few days ago, I didn’t lay claim to your life, but let’s see you run away from this calamity now.”

Seeing how Jian Chen just blatantly ignored him, the elder patriarch of the Yangji Sect looked murderous.

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, the Yangji Sect’s grand elder grew dark for a moment, “Sire, I know all of the Heaven Saint Masters within this area by name or by face, but I have never seen or heard a person of your stature before. Just who are you, and why must you interfere with our war with the Gesun Kingdom?”

Jian Chen let out a sneer, “I am a member of the Gesun Kingdom, but the war is not why I am here. Your Yangji Sect has destroyed the Saint Weapon of the son of my dear friend, rendering him a cripple. I would not be able to rest easily if revenge was not served. So the blood of the Yangji Sect will serve as atonement.” Jian Chen spoke before quickly shooting the two flame swords back at the two elders.

Scattering the attacks with their own Sword Qi, the two elders watched as the flames moved to burn even more buildings instead of fading away.

With a furious yell, the grand elder began to gather the water elements in the world and formed a giant sphere of water. Making a fist with his hand, the sphere instantly burst into a giant downpour that extinguished the fire.

The water and fire canceled each other out with a crackling sound. The fire evaporated the water and transformed the water into steam that spread through the sky and covered everyone’s vision.

Jian Chen let out a cold smile as he spoke, “It seems that even your water could only be evaporated by the fire.” Fire began to swarm around Jian Chen once more as he continued to refuel the flames with an even stronger concentration.

A bright pink ball ten meters in diameter began to appear before growing progressively hotter and hotter. As if being roasted by the ball of flame, the temperature around it started to heat up as well.

At Jian Chen’s actions, the Yangji Sect instantly knew what he was doing and grew panicked.

Without any hesitation, the elder patriarch formed a blade made from his earth attributed Saint Force and charged straight for Jian Chen in order to stop him.

Jian Chen smiled before causing the ball of fire to suddenly explode with a single thought, sending a tremendous heat wave over the Yangji Sect. At the same time, he formed the Origin energy in his right hand and struck at the elder patriarch’s Saint Weapon with it.

As the two weapons clashed, the elder patriarch suddenly spat out blood and hastily retreated. Looking at his own Saint Weapon, there was a large gap in it.

Seeing the hole in his Saint Weapon, the elder patriarch was terrified. Looking at Jian Chen, he sputtered, “Y-you! Just… just how!” His eyes grew wide as if his heart had just been attacked. For opponents on the same level of strength, no matter how strong they were, they would never be able to destroy the other’s Saint Weapon with such ease.

By this point, the flames that came from the ball of fire covered the entire Yangji Sect. Countless buildings caught fire, turning the place into an inferno. Plenty of disciples from the sect rolled on the ground in an attempt to extinguish the fire on them with howls of misery before quickly succ.u.mbing to them. This was no ordinary fire; it was fire that was made with the elements of the world, so those without enough strength would not be able to endure it for long.

Those fortunate disciples that didn’t get burned scattered throughout the area in an attempt to escape with their lives. Right now there was a clear danger to their lives where even stronger disciples had lost their lives. A danger like this meant that every disciple should try their best to run away from the ocean of fire.

A Heaven Saint Master was terrifying in their capability to fight. Even the energy waves from their attacks could cause damage that even an Earth Saint Master would be shocked by.

“Hua!” Before the fire could spread any farther through the sect, a large raincloud began to rain on the fire. Sizzling sounds could be heard as the rain began to evaporate in an attempt to put out the flames. The grand elder floated above the air and continued to bring even more water down to combat the flames.

The mother and son had long since retreated several meters. They were afraid of getting too close to the intense, scorching hot flames. Right now, they could only watch in utter shock at the sight in front of them. Was this really the invulnerable Yangji Sect right in front of them?

Seeing the rain get heavier and heavier, Jian Chen’s eyes glinted darkly before moving away from the elder patriarch to fight the grand elder instead.

Seeing Jian Chen charge toward the grand elder, the elder patriarch hurriedly cried out a warning, “Be careful, his sword has a strange energy to it, don’t let it touch your Saint Weapon!”

Hearing the elder patriarch’s warning, the grand elder’s face s.h.i.+fted uncomfortably as he gathered the water elements in the world once more. A blue sword appeared in his hands. Trying to dodge the strike of Origin energy, the elder stabbed at Jian Chen’s chest with the water sword.

Jian Chen’s Origin energy formed sword continued to clash with the water sword the elder had made. Within three exchanges, Jian Chen managed to strike the elder’s Saint Weapon, causing him to cough out blood from the damage to his Saint Weapon.

Just as Jian Chen was about to take the opportunity to end the elder’s life, an overwhelming amount of power suddenly descended from the sky and locked onto Jian Chen’s body. Jian Chen could feel his entire body seemingly freeze in place, making mobility extremely difficult like he was stuck in a quagmire.

An intense amount of energy began to pour out from the elder patriarch from his perch in the sky. At this moment, the elder patriarch was like a war G.o.d that was descending from the heavens with his hair and clothes flying everywhere. His longsword was pointing straight up with an unbelievable amount of energy gathering at the tip, distorting the s.p.a.ce around it.

The sky began to darken as the winds began to pick up with a screeching wail. In an instant, the flames that were licking away at the buildings were blown out and the mist on top of the mountains disappeared without a trace.

“This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill!” Jian Chen looked at the elder patriarch astonished. He hadn’t thought that there would be a Heaven Tier Battle Skill here. Even after seeing so many Heaven Saint Masters, not a single one of them had had a Heaven Tier Battle Skill aside from Xiao Tian and Ming Dong.

Jian Chen’s face grew grim. Even a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something he had to be careful of. Although he could easily kill a Heaven Saint Master, that was reliant on his Origin energy. If he couldn’t use it, killing a Heaven Saint Master would require a large sum of energy.

“A Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Elder Yang, you really did have one!” The grand elder looked at the elder patriarch in utter shock.