Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 318: Killing Three Experts

Chapter 318: Killing Three Experts

Chapter 318: Killing Three Experts

s.h.i.+ Xiangran, Jiede Wukang and Dugu Feng all struck out at the same time toward Jian Chen, much to his shock. The thing that made Jian Chen extremely serious was that all three of them had barriers and so it would be incredibly hard for him to injure them. Furthermore, the three of them had a Ruler Armament each. If he was. .h.i.t by one, then it would do an incredible amount of damage that he wouldn’t be able to endure and could even die from. Even if he were to be injured, s.h.i.+ Xiangran and the other two would never let him go or even let him out of the cave.

Jian Chen’s eyes gained a berserk gleam to it. Right now, he could only use his final trump card to go all out.

An azure and violet glow could be seen on Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword as he walked toward s.h.i.+ Xiangran without fear and stabbed his sword straight at the barrier protecting him.

Right now, Jian Chen could only place all his hopes on the azure and violet Sword Qi. Success or failure, it was all reliant on the Sword Qi since it was the strongest attack he could use.

Seeing Jian Chen take the initiative to charge, s.h.i.+ Xiangran revealed a happy smile on his face. With the defensive power of his barrier that even a Ruler Armament couldn’t break, meant that Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to either. Jian Chen’s attack wasn’t something that s.h.i.+ Xiangran even cared about, so the pieces of paper within Jian Chen’s hand were something that he felt were as good as his. Grabbing onto the Seal of Treasure Mountain tightly, s.h.i.+ Xiangran waited until he grew closer and immediately treated it like a stone as he used it to smash into Jian Chen’s head.

As the Light Wind Sword made contact with s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s barrier, under the expecting eyes of Jian Chen, the barrier began to melt away without a sound, allowing the sword entrance.

At this, Jian Chen revealed a look of joy. Without another moment of hesitation, the Light Wind Sword immediately reached further inside and stabbed into s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s throat.

s.h.i.+ Xiangran instantly went rigid as his movements came to a grinding halt. Staring down at the spot where the sword had pierced through his barrier and into his throat, he then looked back at Jian Chen with a look of utter disbelief. Even the Seal of Treasure Mountain that had left his hand to strike at Jian Chen stopped in mid air as well.

“N-no….that…that ca-can’t be…” s.h.i.+ Xiangran spoke in shock as he spat out some blood and stammered. His eyes slowly opened wide in disbelief.

Dugu Feng and Jiede Wukang, who were initially running at Jian Chen, immediately stopped. They watched the barrier of s.h.i.+ Xiangran get pierced by Jian Chen’s silver blade before it stabbed s.h.i.+ Xiangran in the throat. They both understood the durability of the barrier and how even a Ruler Armament was useless. Even a Heaven Saint Master would need to use all of their strength in order to break apart the barrier. But right in front of their eyes, the barrier that had been protecting s.h.i.+ Xiangran was penetrated by Jian Chen’s sword with ease or with no resistance almost as if it were tofu. This was something that was completely unimaginable to them both.

On the other side, Qin Ji and Tianmu Ling both stared in disbelief as shock filled their hearts. Tianmu Ling’s mouth dropped open in shock as she stared at Jian Chen and s.h.i.+ Xiangran as motionless as a stone statue.

At that moment, the yellow clothed girl had entered the cave as well just in time to see Jian Chen’s sword stab into s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s throat. In mute shock, her eyes began to widen as she stared at the sight with disbelief.

“He…he broke through s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s barrier?” The girl felt her heart surge in shock. At this moment, she didn’t know what feeling was stronger, the joy from the death of s.h.i.+ Xiangran or the excitement from seeing the sudden revelation of Jian Chen’s superior battle strength.

Jian Chen looked at his sword that had broken through s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s barrier with excitement. It was almost as if a heavy burden was released from his heart. After the Sword Spirits had awoken, they had consistently helped him increase his attacking power. Even as a Great Saint Master, he had been able to kill Earth Saint Masters, and up until now, the Sword Spirits had never disappointed him. They had even destroyed the barrier something that a Ruler Armament couldn’t accomplish. With this, even those with a barrier wouldn’t be as big of a threat as before.

Although a Ruler Armament was extremely powerful, it was only capable of emitting an extremely strong strike. As long as one made sure the Ruler Armament didn’t make contact or clash with one, then the Ruler Armament was no different than an ordinary Saint Weapon.

s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s life quickly bled away as he continued to stare at Jian Chen with a quivering look. Slowly losing his strength, the barrier began to quickly dissipate before disappearing entirely.

With a twist of his wrist, Jian Chen’s sword cut through s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s throat in a b.l.o.o.d.y manner before pulling out. At the same time, Jian Chen quickly pocketed s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s s.p.a.ce Ring and the Seal of Treasure Mountain for his own before turning toward Jiede Wukang to fight with him.

From the earlier moments, Jian Chen had recognized both Jiede Wukang and Dugu Feng as his enemies. For those who were his enemies, Jian Chen had no mercy. Even more so, Jian Chen desired the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages in their hands.

Seeing Jian Chen come flying over, Jiede Wukang’s face grew ugly. Back when he was contesting for the pages he hadn’t thought of Jian Chen as an opponent at all, but with Jian Chen easily breaking through s.h.i.+ Xiangran’s barrier, he couldn’t help but feel as if his heart had been dealt a serious blow. Right now, he couldn’t afford to naively think that his barrier would protect him from any harm anymore.

Jiede Wukang leaped back with an explosive amount of force as he brought his flame sword to swing at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen knew better than to go head on with a Ruler Armament. He easily dodged the swing and with an azure and violet glow of his sword, his Light Wind Sword stabbed at the barrier protecting Jiede Wukang.

Without any obstruction, the barrier quickly dissolved away to reveal a small hole where the sword had touched, allowing Jiede Wukang to be stabbed with no problems.

Seeing that his own barrier powerless to block even a single strike, a pool of sweat began to appear on Jiede Wukang’s forehead as he went pale. With a single leap, he flew back and brought his weapon up to guard against the sword stab.


Stabbed against the Ruler Armament, the azure and violet Sword Qi wasn’t able to break past it. Since the Ruler Armaments were far too strong for the currently recovering azure and violet Sword Qi. They could not be damaged by the glows.

At that moment, the Ruler Armament billowed outward with a great flame that shot at Jian Chen like a bullet. Jian Chen couldn’t help but start slightly as he jumped back with his blood boiling with emotions.

Jian Chen knew that Ruler Armaments were the remnants of a Saint Ruler’s Saint Weapon so they contained an unbelievable amount of power. Just a single strike of one would be enough for him to find it difficult to endure.

“Go die!” Jiede Wukang capitalized on Jian Chen’s backward leap and instantly stabbed toward Jian Chen.

Disappearing from view, Jian Chen dodged Jiede Wukang’s sword nimbly before stabbing at him with his own sword. The entire area began to be consumed with mirror images of Jian Chen’s sword as he entrapped Jiede Wukang within.

In an instant, Jiede Wukang was fl.u.s.tered by Jian Chen’s movements. Immediately bringing his own Ruler Armament to protect himself, he attempted to find out which sword was the real one before exploiting the large energy within his Ruler Armament to strike Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword.

Just as Jiede Wukang was about to go through the motions of his strike, he immediately came to a stop midway through his dance only to see that Jian Chen had somehow made his way behind him. His Light Wind Sword had inexplicably split his barrier once more and stabbed through his throat from the back.

Once more, this caused everyone to stare wide eyed in amazement. No one could have imagined that Jian Chen would be able to kill s.h.i.+ Xiangran in a single moment even with his barrier, and then going on to kill Jiede Wukang in the next moment.

Dugu Feng’s face had already turned unsightly at this. He quickly moved to run toward the entrance of the cave with the speed of a bullet. He knew that he had offended Jian Chen already and wanted to escape from a difficult battle at all costs. With the superior strength that Jian Chen had just revealed, he knew he had no chance of winning.

Jian Chen quickly stored away Jiede Wukang’s Ruler Armament into his s.p.a.ce Ring before taking the s.p.a.ce Ring as well and chasing after Dugu Feng with all the speed he could muster.

If Dugu Feng were to escape, then Jian Chen would lose all chances of being able to learn the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Sensing that Jian Chen was chasing after him, the escaping Dugu Feng cried out, “Help me block him!”

Immediately, four men came up to obstruct Jian Chen’s path with an incredible amount of aura leaking out of them. Included among the group was the purple robed man.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a large killing intent as he slashed at the four men with his azure and violet Sword Qi enhanced sword.

The four men didn’t know how strong the azure and violet Sword Qi was, so they brought up their swords to block it.

“Ding ding ding ding!”

Following the sounds of metal hitting metal, the Light Wind Sword immediately smashed against their swords before each one of them suddenly gained a new finger sized chip on their blades.

With their Saint Weapons damaged, each one of the four men immediately felt the pain and cried out before turning pale.

Taking advantage of their pain, Jian Chen went after their lives. Jian Chen was impatient to chase after Dugu Feng so he acted quickly and full heartedly. A First Cycle Earth Saint Master was easily manageable for him to kill. With a flash of silver, the Light Wind Sword stabbed out four times.

Three of the four were too slow to dodge and instantly had their throats stabbed. Only the purple robed man was able to use his Saint Weapon to block the strike at the last moment, causing his sword to earn another jagged mark.

Now that his Saint Weapon had been struck twice, the middle aged man began to spit out some blood as he looked at Jian Chen in shock.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword struck out in succession as he fully suppressed the man’s movements. Against his attacks, the man was unable to do anything but dodge, since he knew that Jian Chen was capable of striking and damaging his Saint Weapon. Even as he dodged, he was still hit by Jian Chen’s sword several times and was nearly stabbed straight through by the sword. In the end, he too was killed which allowed Jian Chen to continue chasing after Dugu Feng without hesitation.