Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 291: Approaching the Destination

Chapter 291: Approaching the Destination

Chapter 291: Approaching the Destination

The two men continued to walk through the mountain range, on the road, they came across the dead corpses of several magical beasts. Occasionally, they would see the corpse of one of the partic.i.p.ants, both were killed by men, and their bodies were stripped of anything of value.


Suddenly, the sound of an enraged roar could be heard. By the sounds of it, it was currently fighting with several men as it roared at them.

Looking toward the origins of the sound, Jian Che said, “There’s someone fighting against a magical beast over there. It seems to be quite far, I estimate the distance to be at least ten kilometers.” With a small moment of hesitation, Jian Chen said, “We would do best to be on our way. There is a year until the compet.i.tion ends, that is plenty of time. Right now, collecting tokens is quite strenuous, so let’s wait for the tokens to be collected in large amount by a small number of people. Then, we can just loot it from them and may potentially earn several tokens at once.”

Ming Dong had no objections to Jian Chen’s proposal. Afterward, the two continued on their way without wanting to find any more trouble. After walking in the evil forest for another two days, they had finally reached the end of the forest. In that time, the two had came across several partic.i.p.ants. When each one of them saw how young Jian Chen and Ming Dong were, they looked at them with contempt. However, the moment when they realized that the two were still compet.i.tors, they had immediately tried to rob their tokens, but in the end, they had their tokens stolen instead.

For those people, Jian Chen had killed half of them and let the other half go. For those who had tried to kill Jian Chen and Ming Dong, Jian Chen had mercilessly killed them. For those who had tried to just take the tokens, Jian Chen allowed them to leave with their lives still intact. Because of Jian Chen’s kindness, he hadn’t embarra.s.sed those he spared by just taking the token from them. As a result, the amount of tokens Jian Chen had went from two to over twenty. This was quite the decent gain.

After reaching the edge of the forest, there was an even field that expanded as far as the eye could see. The horizon could be seen off in the distance as Jian Chen took in the sight with a calm look.

Ming Dong let out a breath of air as he tried to look off into the distance, “We’ve finally made it out of that demonic area. I was starting to think that this entire place was covered by forest.”

After walking through the demonic forest for two entire days, Jian Chen and Ming Dong’s faces were filled with dirt and grime. Their faces had been covered by the dirt and their clothes ripped apart by the tree branches so that they no longer covered their bodies.

There was no river in sight however, nor any other sources of water. Jian Chen took out two bottles of water from his s.p.a.ce Belt and handed one to Ming Dong so they could wash themselves. With a new change of clothes, they began to travel once more.

As the two headed toward the east for four hours, three figures could be seen running toward Jian Chen and Ming Dong.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong paid no attention to them and continued to go about their way. After Ming Dong had found out that Jian Chen was an Earth Saint Master, he no longer felt extremely wary whenever someone approached them.

The three men immediately flew past the two, and the very moment they did, they suddenly stopped right in front of them.

Two of the three men looked to be around forty years old while the other looked to be thirty years old youth. Each one of them sent a cold glare toward Jian Chen.

“Fellow brothers, what may I do for you?” Jian Chen asked.

Seeing how Jian Chen and Ming Dong were both young but had calm look on their faces as if they knew something, the three men instantly guessed that Jian Chen was no ordinary man and didn’t strike at them just yet.

The three of them looked at each other in the eye before the thirty year old youth cupped his hands together with a smile, “I can tell fellow brothers are not ordinary people, but in the end, you are only two people. In the case that a major group attacks you, it will be hard to retaliate; in that case, you two should join with us. We will be able to unite and increase the chances of survival drastically. Furthermore, whenever we collect tokens, we’ll be able to split them among ourselves in accordance to strength, are you two interested?”

“Not interested at all!” Jian Chen replied immediately before walking past them.

At that response, the three men instantly flew at Jian Chen and Ming Dong to slash at the two without hesitation.

With a snort, Jian Chen brought out his Saint Weapon with a s.h.i.+ning silver light. Just as the three Saint Weapons were about to make contact, the heads of their owners immediately flew through the air. Jian Chen’s sword was far too fast for the three to take notice.

Three pillars of blood flew into the air as the bodies of the beheaded fell to the floor in a rigid manner. As the heads fell, their eyes were opened wide in shock that would never go away in due to their death.

Picking up their s.p.a.ce Belt with enthusiasm, Ming Dong picked out the tokens as well as three Cla.s.s 4 Monster Cores.

After killing the three, Jian Chen and Ming Dong continued on their way unhindered.

Half a day later, a fierce roar entered the eardrums of Jian Chen and Ming Dong. The both of them could see around fifty men battling each other from two sides. Within the battleground, a purple robed middle aged man could be seen standing at the front.

The battlefield was a ma.s.sacre, but while there were fifty people in total, the proportions were not equal; over thirty men were fighting a dozen men. The differences in their strengths were extremely apparent, so in a flash, the battle was over with the dozen men all completely dead.

Immediately, the survivors took off the s.p.a.ce Belts and began to take out the numerous tokens before handing them respectfully to the purple robed man.

“I present these tokens to the leader!” The men cried out respectfully.

The man took the twenty or so black tokens and placed them within his own s.p.a.ce Belt. “Quant.i.ty is a quality in it’s own right. Be at rest, if you travel with me, then I will guarantee everyone a good profit.” With that, the middle aged man turned to look at Jian Chen and Ming Dong.

“Go and slaughter those two over there.” The man pointed as he ordered all of the men after them.

Without hesitation, the thirty men immediately took out their Saint Weapons and chased after Jian Chen.

Seeing how the group was running at them, Jian Chen knew a fight was inevitable. “Ming Dong, take a few steps back.”

“Be careful then!” Ming Dong didn’t bother to try to sound brave and walked back twenty meters.

As the thirty men within fifty meters of Jian Chen, he brought out his Saint Weapon and charged at the three without fear.

To these people, Jian Chen was a tiger in a flock of sheep. His Light Wind Sword struck out at their necks and instantly claimed their lives within seconds. Within a few seconds, the thirty previously alive and savage Great Saint Masters had all been slaughtered with a single thrust to the neck which blood leaked from.

The purple robed man gave a small gasp in shock. In an instant, a purple colored streak of light could be seen darting forward before reappearing twenty meters away from Jian Chen. With a look of astonishment, he looked at Jian Chen curiously as if not caring about how he had just killed thirty men.

After a while, the man’s shocked eyes grew larger and larger. He wasn’t able to see how strong Jian Chen was, it was almost as if Jian Chen was covered by a black fog of smoke and couldn’t be penetrated. What shocked the man even more was just how young Jian Chen was.

“Little brother, for you to have such strength at such a young age, you are definitely a genius.” The man smiled without a single hint of hostility.

“Killing a mob is nothing.” Jian Chen replied with a smile.

“What a joke you are saying. In such a short amount of time, only an Earth Saint Master can kill thirty Great Saint Masters with a single strike. For someone to reach that level at such a young age, how rare it is! Why don’t you and I join forces. If we can do so, then this isolated world will be ours to rule.” The man’s face was quite kind as he smiled at Jian Chen.

“My apologies!” Jian Chen replied instantly.

“Ai!” With a sigh, the man disappeared in a streak of purple light after looking at Jian Chen with a sad look.

Jian Chen didn’t bother to chase after him since he had no intentions of getting the tokens at all.

“Jian Chen, that guy just now looks pretty strong. Isn’t he an Earth Saint Master?” Ming Dong said as he watched the man run.

Nodding his head, Jian Chen said, “Correct. He is an Earth Saint Master. It seems that he didn’t feel confident and decided to flee. Well then, let’s continue on our way.”

Countless battles were occurring throughout the plains each battle contained various sizes of men and magnitude. By now, the compet.i.tion had plenty of people uniting together seeking solo targets.

In the next three days, Jian Chen and Ming Dong walked through the plains slowly. The two of them tried to hasten their way toward the direction of whatever was calling Ming Dong. Never once did they try to initiate a fight, but often times Jian Chen had killed several of the compet.i.tors while simultaneously taking their daily harvests of tokens. By this point, the amount of tokens Jian Chen had numbered over the hundreds.

After crossing the plains, Jian Chen and Ming Dong found a sinister feeling mountain range. The mountains were desolate and barren without a single blade of gra.s.s living there. The entire place was filled with a faint pink vapor that concealed the entire mountain and seemed to carry a toxic nature within it that prevented anyone from entering.