Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 209: Return to Wake City

Chapter 209: Return to Wake City

Chapter 209: Return to Wake City

Seeing the downed warbeast, every single Loyal Spirit Mercenary’s face instantly grew lifeless. At this moment, every single movement had stopped as if everyone had frozen. Their eyes were stuck on the warbeast whose head was bleeding profusely with looks of extreme disbelief.

The Cla.s.s 4 Warbeast in front of them had a defense stronger than what any one of them could imagine. Even a Great Saint Master would be hard pressed to damage a warbeast and an Earth Saint Master with a battle skill would still need to use an astounding amount of effort to kill it. To see this unbelievably tenacious warbeast killed by a youth not even over the age of 20, everyone was incredibly shocked. No one had expected this type of power from a person they picked up on the way to Wake City.

At that moment, every Loyal Spirit Mercenary realized that this low profile man traveling with them was actually a high leveled expert!

Jian Chen didn’t take notice of the shock of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries. At this moment, his mind was reeling from shock. He was surprised to learn that the violet and azure colored Sword Spirit’s power would be so strong. Despite his foreknowledge of it, Jian Chen still couldn’t help, but be shocked by the extent of the power.

By Jian Chen’s approximations, the defenses of the warbeast would be incredibly difficult for him to make even a substantial amount of damage. If he really wanted to injure the warbeast, he would need at least the strength of an Earth Saint Master and yet with the power of the Sword Spirits, the warbeast’s defenses were like tofu. They allowed for the Light Wind Sword to pierce through the skull without the slightest bit of resistance.

Now was also the time that Jian Chen understood how terrifying the violet and azure Sword Spirits were. Although the Sword Qi was an extension of the Sword Spirits who were in a very weakened state, their power was still overwhelming.

With this, Jian Chen realized that he had the fighting strength of an Earth Saint Master.

“The warbeast is dead…”

“Oh heavens! A warbeast was killed, and this warbeast was even at the Cla.s.s 4 level in strength….”

Everyone had already returned to where the caravans were. One by one they expressed their feelings as everyone looked at Jian Chen with a expressions of shock while a few others had expressions of wors.h.i.+p.

The Loyal Spirit Mercenaries leader, Hudolf let out a breath of air as he examined the ground where the dead warbeast lay. With a slight shake of his head he looked at Jian Chen who was closeby. After a moment of hesitation, he walked over to him.

“Jian Chen, I didn’t think you’d be an expert of such profound strength! Ai, it is truly inconceivable that with your current age you are able to kill a warbeast of this level. However, I as the representative of every member of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries must give you my thanks. You have solved a major problem for us.” Hudolf spoke honestly and respectfully.

Jian Chen’s excitement began to decrease back to a normal level before smiling, “This was no effort at all, so the captain needs not be so polite. Besides, we are sharing the road; if one of us comes across a problem, then it is natural that I provide a.s.sistance.”

Jian Chen and Hudolf began to talk among themselves politely for a while before the other mercenaries busied themselves with other matters. The Loyal Spirit Mercenaries were split into two groups, one was responsible for repairing the caravans and loading up the goods, and the other group was responsible for dealing with the warbeast’s body.

The body of a warbeast was something the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries wanted to sell, but because the body was far too strong and extremely heavy, they wouldn’t be able to move it. So they could only bitterly bite their tongues and abandon it after Jian Chen extracted the monster core from within it.

In a flash the caravans were repaired, everyone resumed their travel to Wake City once more. Now, Jian Chen was sitting at the front of the very best caravan they had to offer where the owner of the goods, Hari, sat with a friendly smile.

Suddenly a thought flashed through Hudolf’s head. Turning to Jian Chen, he asked, “Ah, Jian Chen, seeing how young you are, you’ve only just started to travel within the Tian Yuan Continent, correct?”

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Ah, yes, I’ve only been travelling for two or three years now.”

“Then would you consider joining our Loyal Spirit Mercenaries? While we aren’t extremely strong, every member here is very close. We’re a tightly knit group. After traveling the Tian Yuan Continent for many years, our experience is quite abundant. Plus, if you travel with us, you will be familiarized with the continent quickly and learn of the many dangers. Even the strongest of mercenaries will lose out on many things if they are not experienced with the continent.” Hudolf spoke with an anxious look of antic.i.p.ation as he tried to rope Jian Chen into his group.

Giving an apologetic smile, Jian Chen replied, “This one thanks Captain Hudolf for his offer, but I’ve already joined a mercenary group.”

“Ah, what a great shame then.” Hudolf said disappointedly. He then looked at Jian Chen once more and spoke again, “For a mercenary group to have a person like you, then that must mean that mercenary group is quite strong.”

Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile, “Right now aside from me, there is only one other person in it. I am the captain.”

Hudolf looked at Jian Chen with astonishment but no words came out from his mouth. The man was thinking about something inside his head.

Afterward the group continued to travel toward Wake City slowly. On the road, Jian Chen’s position within the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries had took a drastic change. Everyone was very respectful to him to the point of far surpa.s.sing that of their captain Hudolf. Even Captain Hudolf himself had taken on a warm and affectionate tone with him.

The road was relatively peaceful after that. Another three days went by before the caravan finally reached the territory of Wake City. At this, Jian Chen could already make out the Magical Beast Mountain range twenty kilometers from Wake City.

In front of them, the tall city walls of Wake City greeted everyone’s eyes. Even after one year had pa.s.sed, the city walls hadn’t changed at all. The only difference was that the amount of soldiers on top of the city walls had multiplied. Even the amount of guards at the gates had reached a larger number than Jian Chen had remembered.

Seeing the familiar walls once more in a state like he had remembered. Jian Chen couldn’t help but remember when the Tianxiong Clan had chased him out of the city and forced him to make a miserable escape.

“Tianxiong Clan. I, Jian Chen, have returned!”