Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1676: Shen Jian Steps into Godhood

Chapter 1676: Shen Jian Steps into Godhood

Chapter 1676: Shen Jian Steps into G.o.dhood

The ancestor of the Lu family stared at the jade bottle for quite some time before he opened it in a pained manner. He poured out a white pill the size of an eye. The entire room immediately became filled with a heavy fragrance with its appearance. Just a whiff of it was enough for people to clear their minds and feel at ease, filling them with a comfortable feeling all over.

Clearly, the pill was of a very high grade. Just the fragrance it gave off demonstrated some recovery effects. The effects would be even more evident if it was consumed.

The ancestor of the Lu family looked at the white pill in his hand reluctantly before closing his eyes and consuming it without any more hesitation. When he consumed it, his heart throbbed. He had always treated the pill as something that he could use to save his own life because the pill was of an extremely high grade. It would even possess the effects to bring him, a G.o.d, back from near death. It was equivalent to a second life, so he did not want to waste it like this.

The government of the Dong’an province reigned over the surrounding hundred million kilometers. They possessed an extremely high status and all the clans in their territory had to offer up items periodically.

There was a tremendous city erected on a vast expanse of flat land in the very centre of the Dong’an province. The city was immensely majestic, where its city walls stood several hundred meters tall. From afar, it seemed like a screen that was connected to the sky, while the wall stretched as far as the eyes could see.

This city was the provincial city of the Dong’an province, and it was also called Dong’an. The seven capital cities on the Tian Yuan Continent were ants in comparison to the city. They were on two completely different levels.

The provincial city was representative of the Dong’an province. Basically, most of the clans that possessed a certain amount of power resided in the city, leading to quite some complicated politics between the clans. No one knew just how many clans were in the city.

At this moment, a middle-aged man with a dignified appearance dressed in luxurious clothes sat within a grand hall. He drank tea at ease within a huge manor in the city. He was being served politely by two female servants.

“Zhan Yi greets the patriarch!” At this moment, a black-clothed man appeared silently before the middle-aged man and said politely.

A gleam of light flashed through the middle-aged man’s eyes with Zhan Yi’s appearance. Even with his mental fort.i.tude, he could not help but waver inside. A sliver of eagerness and antic.i.p.ation appeared in his eyes. He dismissed the two female servants before he cautiously cast down a barrier around them. Only then did he say, “Zhan Yi, have you obtained it? Have you dealt with Lu Fei?”

“Patriarch, I’ve remained at the agreed location for several days, and I haven’t seen Lu Fei at all,” Zhan Yi replied politely.

“What!” The middle-aged man’s face sank and his gaze sharpened in that instance. He said heavily, “Have you heard anything from the Lu family?”

“Patriarch, the matter of Lu Fei’s betrayal has been broadcasted from the Lu family, but Lu Fei didn’t seem to escape. He seemed to have been killed by the ancestor of the Lu family,” replied Zhan Yi.

“Lu Fei is useless. I gave him the formation disc that was enough to keep an early G.o.d trapped for two days. It was more than enough for him to escape to where we would meet up. Lu Tian still caught him in the end. Not only have I wasted such a valuable formation disc, but the Lu family js cautious now as well. It has become even more difficult to obtain that thing from the Lu family now,” the middle-aged man was fl.u.s.tered. Originally as the patriarch, it was impossible for him to lose his composure. However, Lu Fei’s matter was just too important to him, so he struggled to remain calm.

After a moment of hesitance, Zhan Yi continued, “Patriarch, I’ve also discovered another matter. Recently, the Lu family has sent out a large number of people to look for two unknown people secretly.” Zhan Yi pa.s.sed a drawing to the middle-aged man and said, “I obtained this from killing a clansman of the Lu family.”

The middle-aged man unfurled the drawing and had a look. It depicted Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

After a moment of silence, the middle-aged man ordered Zhan Yi, “Go find out why the Lu family is looking for these two people. Additionally, arrange people to pay attention to all movements from the Lu family. Remember to move secretly. We can’t afford other organisations in the Dong’an province to discover what we’re doing.”

“This one understands. What about the Mo clan and the Ando clan?” Zhan Yi asked.

“We’ve even failed with the Lu family, which we had the greatest confidence in. If we move against the Mo clan and the Ando clan, our chances of success will be even lower. It’s fine that we failed though. I am only worried that it’ll raise the attention of other organisations in the Dong’an province once we cause too much activity. It’ll be awful for us, so there’s no need to hurry about the Mo clan and Ando clan…”

Shen Jian currently sat on the stone bed in the servants’ quarters. Meanwhile, Jian Chen sat beside him as he went through Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring.

There was quite a lot of things in Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring, but most of them were cheap items useless to Jian Chen. After fairy Hao Yue inspected a few of the items, they were all regarded as low quality or just subpar materials. They were not worth a single dime.

However, Jian Chen did find some useful things. He took away all the medicinal pills of lower grades from Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring; he also found some Truth Tier cultivation methods and battle skills, as well as Lu Fei’s personal notes for cultivation.

Jian Chen only glanced through Lu Fei’s notes before deeming them as trash. He threw them away. The Truth Tier cultivation methods and battle skills were useless to Jian Chen as well, as they were only of the first grade. That was the lowest grade among the Truth Tier.

“Jian Chen, you can’t go without divine crystals in the Saints’ World. Divine crystals are condensed from the purest origin energy. Not only can they be used for cultivation, but they’re also a form of currency in the Saints’ World. You can use these useless cultivation methods and battle skills to exchange for some divine crystals,” fairy Hao Yue’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

“Divine crystals?” Jian Chen’s interest was piqued when he heard that. He immediately threw the cultivation methods aside and with a flip of his hand, he removed a thumb-sized crystal from Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring. The crystal glimmered with light as it hid some pure origin energy.

“Is this the divine crystals you’re speaking of?” Jian Chen asked.

“Correct, that’s a divine crystal. Divine crystals are split into supreme grade, high grade, mid grade, and low grade. The one in your hand is only a low grade divine crystal,” said fairy Hao Yue.

Jian Chen looked through Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring carefully and discovered a thousand low grade divine crystals. There was not a single mid grade divine crystal.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s face changed. He removed a square box from Lu Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring and scrutinized it.

He had no idea what the box's material was. It was extremely tough, and it was covered with formations, radiating with powerful pulses of energy. The box was so tough that even G.o.ds would struggle to break through its defences.

“What’s inside this box? Is it the treasure of the Lu family?” Jian Chen said as he examined the box.

However, at this very moment, a powerful pulse of energy suddenly appeared from beside him. With it was a presence that surged.

Joy flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He shoved the box back into his s.p.a.ce Ring casually and exited the room instantly with a flash.

Soon after Jian Chen left the room, a layer of formations appeared around the servants’ quarters. They were ordinary formations, cast down to protect the structure there. They possessed a certain level of toughness, where even late Reciprocity experts were unable to smash through them.

However, just when the formations appeared, they immediately began to collapse and shatter. Afterwards, the quarters where Jian Chen stayed in was reduced to dust from a powerful pulse of energy, revealing Shen Jian who sat on the stone bed.

Shen Jian had finally begun to break through to G.o.dhood after healing.