Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1618: Helplessness

Chapter 1618: Helplessness

Chapter 1618: Helplessness

The evil spirit possessed an extraordinary ability to devour. It had the innate ability to devour the energy of all things in the world. All the rivers and mountains lost their signs of life under the terrifying force of devouring. Large regions grayed, and in just a short moment, a radius of several hundred thousand kilometers descended into a deathly silence.

There were many kingdoms of various sizes and countless cities in that range, but everything instantly went quiet, including all the bustling streets throughout the cities and kingdoms. Countless mercenaries and merchants collapsed at the same time. All the life force and vital energies from their bodies had been drained, reducing them to cold corpses.

These people had completely died soundlessly. They could not put up any resistance with their puny strength, and they were reduced to corpses in a single moment. They could not even react. Their faces even remained the same as before their deaths.

Although Earth Saint Masters managed to last a little longer, they still could not avoid dying under the terrifying suction force. In just a few seconds, the force had drained away all the life in them.

The evil spirit’s range expanded and the devouring power became weaker as a result. It was able to instantaneously devour the lives of over a hundred Saint Emperors because they were extremely close to him. However, now that it had expanded its range to hundreds of thousand kilometers away, its devouring force had obviously weakened drastically, allowing even Earth Saint Masters to last a few seconds.

With that, the strands of vital energies and life force gathered from all directions before turning into a huge whirlpool completely composed of life force and vital essence. All of this fused into the evil spirit, so its presence gradually strengthened.

Although the people it had devoured were very weak, it had devoured a vast quant.i.ty, completely reaching into the hundred millions, so it had reached the point where it was impossible to measure. It would be terrifying if the life force of so many gathered together. If it had enough time, the evil spirit would be able to recover a lot, even if it could not return to its peak condition.

“Everyone attack. We have to stop it!” Shangguan Mu’er cried out. She was stern and began playing her zither with as much effort as she could. With her peak mid Reciprocity strength, she could not achieve much by fighting the evil spirit alone. She could only use her specialty and attack the evil spirit’s soul using her music to achieve greater results.

Attacks to the soul were profound and wondrous. They were extremely difficult to block. Experts from both worlds would be extremely pained when faced against soul attacks. They could only endure it forcefully, with no other alternative. The evil spirit was the same. Under Shangguan Mu’er’s disturbance, its misty whirlpool immediately began to tremble. Although Shangguan Mu’er would not be able to injure the evil spirit’s consciousness even with her full strength, she could slow down the evil spirit’s rate of absorption with her music.

The Origin realm experts from the two worlds headed over as quickly as they could. However, a violet streak of light suddenly ripped through s.p.a.ce and shot towards the evil spirit at a speed several times faster than them, surpa.s.sing them in an instant.

Jian Chen had hurried back as quickly as he could from outer s.p.a.ce. He stared at the evil spirit coldly as the twin swords hovered above his head. He held a strand of the Primordial G.o.dsilk in each hand, attempting to agitate the power hidden inside with all that he could muster. Immediately, the Primordial G.o.dsilk shone with golden light, except it was much dimmer than before.


The strand of silk in Jian Chen’s left hand shot out with lightning speed. It formed a ma.s.sive golden net in the air and trapped the evil spirit, using its power to suppress the evil spirit’s devouring ability. Meanwhile, the strand in Jian Chen’s left hand became sharp like a sword and directly stabbed into the evil spirit’s whirlpool.

First, the evil spirit was enveloped by the golden net, causing its process of devouring to come to a halt. However, the Primordial G.o.dsilk was unable to suppress the evil spirit completely this time, so it only caused its devouring process to slow down.

As the second strand of silk stabbed into the evil spirit like a sword, the whirlpool only shook a few times before returning to its previous state.

Jian Chen’s heart sank at the sight of this. Clearly, the snapped silk was no longer enough to deal with the evil spirit even though some of its power still remained. Even with the evil spirit weakened so much, the threat that the Primordial G.o.dsilk posed was nowhere near the same as before.

“Dahahaha, I was right. Now that the thing that suppresses me is broken, it won’t be able to harm me much at all. There’s no need for me to fear it anymore. Sustenance, I’d like to see just how much longer you want to struggle. You will all be devoured by me,” the evil spirit emitted a mental pulse.

Jian Chen snorted coldly, “Although the Primordial G.o.dsilk doesn’t post a great threat to you anymore, do not forget that there’s me. As long as I exist, you won’t be able to recover any strength at all.” With that, the twin swords shot through the evil spirit as two streaks of light, causing the evil spirit’s presence to weaken.

“Dahahaha, I am an indestructible existence. Food will never be able to kill me unless there’s something that specially suppresses me. Even if I am rapidly weakening, I can recover just by devouring the essence in s.p.a.ce. My powers are endless, while yours will only be consumed. Once you run out of energy, you will live up to your fate of being food,” the evil spirit laughed aloud. Then it turned into a red mist, escaped from the net, and shot off into the distance. As it moved, the surrounding essence of the world rapidly gathered towards it.

Jian Chen’s face became ugly. Now that the Primordial G.o.dsilk had broken, its powers had weakened and had almost run out. It was nowhere near enough to keep the evil spirit completely trapped. Once the evil spirit recovered some strength, dealing with it would be extremely difficult.

“Don’t you dare try recovering,” Jian Chen said coldly before pursuing it immediately. Since a strand of Primordial G.o.dsilk was unable to keep it trapped, he used the two strands together. Under his control, the two strands fell onto the evil spirit as a huge net.

Although the Primordial G.o.dsilk was unable to keep the evil spirit trapped, the evil spirit was unable to dodge it either, so it became wrapped up once again.

The two strands wove together and immediately became even greater than before, but it was still not enough to keep the evil spirit trapped. It was only able to suppress the evil spirit’s powers and only to a certain degree.

The evil spirit let loose a strange laughter. It did not bother fighting Jian Chen and fled as mist once again. It was just too weak right now, so it was unable to kill Jian Chen if they fought. At the same time, it would become even weaker if it took on attacks from Jian Chen. It only wanted to devour plenty of lives right now. Once it recovered some strength, it would be able to kill Jian Chen.