Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1525: Xiong Zhong of the Returnance Realm

Chapter 1525: Xiong Zhong of the Returnance Realm

Chapter 1525: Xiong Zhong of the Returnance Realm

A huge hand rapidly expanded as a tremendous pressure was unleashed in the depths of the tunnel. The hand flew over the heads of the Saint Emperors and grabbed the powerful attacks that had come from the ancestral weapons.

The hand was condensed from energy and gave off a pressure that filled the tunnel. Wherever the hand pa.s.sed, the tunnel would tremble violently.

The hand was just far too terrifying. It had exceeded a Receival expert in terms of strength, causing the tunnel to react. It was approaching the limits of what the tunnel could bear.

As soon as the seven attacks at the level of a Receival expert came in contact with the huge hand, they dispersed. The hand had slightly dulled, but it did not slow down at all. It continued toward the entrance of the Tian Yuan Continent, headed toward the forty-nine Saint Emperors.

The Saint Emperors revealed drastically different expressions. They knew that this opponent was beyond what they could handle, so without any hesitation, they retreated as quickly as they could. If it were not for the fact that the hand had to move through the tunnel, which slowed it, then they would not have been able to avoid the attack with their strength.

The most powerful experts on the Tian Yuan Continent narrowed their eyes as the hand reached the exit of the tunnel. The next moment, there was a flash of resplendent violet light. Coupled with a gentle thrum of the sword, the Zi Ying Sword on Jian Chen’s back shot into the tunnel. It approached the great hand with a seemingly-unstoppable motion.

The energy hand seemed to understand the power of the Zi Ying Sword. It suddenly began to shrink, turning into a finger that was only a meter long. Even though it was much smaller now, the energy in it was much more condensed. In the end, the power of the finger far exceeded the power of the hand.

The Zi Ying Sword collided with the finger and immediately erupted with a boom. Terrifying ripples of energy, along with slivers of sword Qi, wreaked havoc in the tunnel, causing it to violently shake. If the tunnel had not become much tougher over the past few years, just this clash would have been enough to shatter it.

After all, this was a clash among Returnance experts. The level of intensity that came from this interaction could not be compared to a clash among Receival experts.

The energy finger dispersed into a storm of violent energy that caused destruction in the tunnel. The Zi Ying Sword hovered, releasing a bright, violet light. Even though it seemed like a tiny boat in a stormy sea, it hovered there as if it was unmoveable. No matter how ferocious the storms of energy were, they were unable to break through the region of light. That place seemed to be a whole different domain all together.


Suddenly, the Zi Ying Sword turned into a violet streak of light and tore through the region where the energy was running amuck. It flew toward the depths of the tunnel while releasing powerful sword Qi, arriving before the Saint Emperors of the World of Forsaken Saints in the blink of an eye. It pierced through their bodies at an unbelievable speed and deposited a strand of powerful sword Qi in all the Saint Emperors it pierced. The sword Qi would surge toward the Saint Emperors souls and grind them to dust.

Even though it was a tiny sliver of sword Qi, the Saint Emperors could not fend it off. No matter where the Saint Emperors were wounded, they were unable to avoid death once they were pierced by the Zi Ying Sword.

In a short moment, over twenty Saint Emperors were slain by the Zi Ying Sword.

The other Saint Emperors all revealed drastically different expressions at this sight. They all began to s.h.i.+ver and stopped their advance together. However, they showed no fear on their faces because they understood the strength of the world they were attacking. Their World of Forsaken Saints was not without Returnance experts either, and they had far more than one. The eight elders of the Sacred Spirit Hall had all reached the Returnance realm.

The Returnance experts of the foreign world would never sit back and watch the Zi Ying Sword slaughter their Saint Emperors. When the Zi Ying Sword killed over twenty people, a black streak of light shot over from the depths of the tunnel, colliding with the sword.

With a boom, the Zi Ying Sword was knocked several hundred meters away. The glow of the sword dulled. However, the black streak of light had also been knocked several hundred meters back and had also dulled. Only now was it visible. It was actually a metal mace, s.h.i.+ning with a dark light.

The shaking of the tunnel became even more violent. The collision between the two weapons had caused an even more powerful storm of energy to erupt. However, due to the presences of the Zi Ying Sword and the metal mace, the storm was unable to expand throughout the tunnel. It was forcefully trapped between the two of them. It formed a great whirlpool, which rapidly revolved.

A huge figure walked through the group of Saint Emperors. He was a burly man, four meters tall. His chest was bare and so were his feet. He stepped through the tunnel, and with each step, the tunnel would shake and form tiny cracks. It seemed like the s.p.a.ce under his foot was about to collapse.

The man was middle-aged. He possessed short hair and a sharp pair of eyes. He was ugly and radiated with killing intent, as if he was a fiend.

The Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints all bowed to the man and politely said, “Greetings to elder Xiong!”

The man referred to as elder Xiong paid no attention to the bowing Saint Emperors behind him. He stared at the Zi Ying Sword for a while before snoring. “He really has comprehended the Way of the Sword, just like the Spiritking. I sense a similar presence of sharpness. However, it’s much weaker.” With a wave of his hand, the metal mace immediately returned to it. Xiong Zhong took a step and shot forward like a loose arrow. He collided with the whirlpool of energy, causing it to dissipate. However, he did not slow down at all, arriving before the Zi Ying Sword in a single moment. He used his mace to smash at the sword.

The power in his swing was extremely great. It was enough to shatter the Tian Yuan Continent. As the mace fell, the tunnel trembled even more violently. Wherever the weapon pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce around it would distort severely, as if it was about to rip open.

The Zi Ying Sword showed no signs of weakness. It immediately erupted with a bright light, which poured into the surroundings. It dyed this section of the tunnel a beautiful violet. The light also contained powerful sword Qi.

Behind the Zi Ying Sword, the Qing Suo Sword shot over as a long streak of light. It weaved together with the Zi Ying Sword, and the two swords began to revolve like a yin and yang diagram. They collided with Xiong Zhong’s attack.