Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1508: Thinking Things Through

Chapter 1508: Thinking Things Through

Chapter 1508: Thinking Things Through

Jian Chen seemed to have crossed the Heavenly Enchantress’ bottom line when he mentioned the final matter. The Heavenly Enchantress’ presence immediately changed, and she stopped playing the zither.

At that moment, Jian Chen could clearly feel an iciness emanating from the Heavenly Enchantress. Her presence affected the surroundings, causing the temperature at the peak of Three Saint Mountain to plummet. It felt like winter was coming.

“Mind your own business,” the Heavenly Enchantress coldly said. She was expressionless but her eyes were frigid.

Jian Chen knew that the Heavenly Enchantress still resented Hao Wu. She did not have a good impression of Zaar Caiyun either, so Jian Chen immediately felt pained.

“Mu’er, did you know that when I was young, I was known as the prodigy of my clan. My father, my mother, and the caretaker, uncle Chang, as well as many other people in the clan held extremely high hopes for me. This was because I could learn anything and learn it quickly. You could even say that I had photographic memory, so I was better than anyone the same age as me. At that time, both my mother and father cared for me very much, treating me like a treasure in their hands. Until a few years later, when I took part in a test for Saint Force, the test revealed that I possess no talent for Saint Force due to an accident, so I became labeled as a cripple. I was unable to gather Saint Force within me and condense a Saint Weapon. This piece of news spread across the entire clan very quickly, revealing that the talented young master was actually a cripple. I fell from heaven to h.e.l.l in a single stroke. My father Changyang Ba rarely visited me after that. In fact, I could count the number of times I saw him with my fingers during those years. Only my mother, sister, second aunt, and uncle Chang still cared for me like before.

“Although I was a young master of the Changyang clan, son of the current patriarch Changyang Ba, there were people who would come and bully me in the clan. They would make fun of me and harra.s.s me, and my father never helped me at all, maybe because he forgot that he had me as a son. However, even though that happened, I do not resent my father, nor do I blame him because he is my father by blood. He gave me my life.

“In other words, it was me who valued this connection of family very much, because I had parents. Even though my father owed me a lot, I still found happiness because their existence is my happiness. On the Tian Yuan Continent, there are many orphans, where some of their parents even pa.s.s away as soon as their born due to certain circ.u.mstance. They never enjoy love or care when they were young. They might not even know what their parents look like. I understand their pain and know we are all better off compared to those people. At the very least, we have our seniors and family.

“Mu’er, I heard about your past from your father. I know you resent your father and a major part of that comes from your mother. Your father actually regrets the past very much as well, except it’s already happened. There’s nothing he can do by regretting it. He can’t go back in time. No one can change the past. At the same time, there are just some things you can never regain after you lose them. He’s still your father by blood. He’s your closest family in the world.”

Jian Chen deeply sighed. He gazed at the vast ocean and suddenly became rather stern. He continued, “At the same time, the next invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints is growing closer and closer. I know their strength, and so do you. The disparity is just far too great. It’s like heaven and earth. We are at a disadvantage in overall battle prowess and peak strength. There might not even be any hope of emerging victorious during the next battle. The only hope for us is for a divine hall to block the entrance of the tunnel, but I still don’t know when the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City will be completely refined and whether or not we can successfully block the entrance at all.

“If we can’t stop the foreign world from invading, it will be our end. There will only be death. Even I am not confident I will surviving, but I know my friends and family will all die in that battle. The entire human race may end up dead due to that battle, including your father, Hao Wu.”

What Jian Chen said near the end was like a bolt from the blue for the Heavenly Enchantress. It caused her to quiver and pale slightly. A deep rumble came from her zither as well. Three strings had snapped.

Jian Chen looked at the Heavenly Enchantress, “What I just said is the worst case scenario. Maybe I can survive the next battle, but many experts will definitely die on the continent. You might not be able to see your father ever again after that battle. During this limited period of peace, maybe you should spend these final moments with your family.

“You don’t know how valuable some things are when they are there. You only realize how important they are to you once you have lost them. When that happens, it will be too late…”

Jian Chen spoke very softly and very nonchalantly. However, the Heavenly Enchantress’ heart churned when she heard his words. She began to quiver even more intensely. She was caught in a struggle.

A while later, the Heavenly Enchantress slowly calmed down. She lowered her head and looked at the broken strings. Her eyes were filled with mixed emotions, confusion and sorrow. She slowly raised her right hand and gently rubbed the broken strings. In just a few seconds, the strings were fixed and reattached.

The Heavenly Enchantress slowly stood up. She gazed at the distant Tian Yuan Continent. The zither in her hands immediately turned into a blur and disappeared into her right hand as an extremely powerful energy. She left the island with her hands empty, flying toward the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen’s words had influenced. They had also made her understand that she might not be able to see her own father ever again after the next battle. As a result, she wanted to go to the Tian Yuan Continent to see him. She put her zither away because she did not want to visit him as the Heavenly Enchantress but as Shangguan Mu’er.

Jian Chen deeply sighed as he watched the Heavenly Enchantress grow further away. He smiled before sending a message to Shangguan Aojian, who currently lay on a boat. He then followed the Heavenly Enchantress.

The Heavenly Enchantress could build s.p.a.ce Gates, but she did not build ond this time. Instead, she flew, flying from Three Saint Island to the Tian Yuan Continent. Jian Chen stood on the Zi Ying Sword by her side.

Even though she was flying, she moved extremely fast, at a speed that completely surpa.s.sed what a Saint Emperor could reach.