Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1482: The Tower Spirit’s Shock

Chapter 1482: The Tower Spirit’s Shock

Chapter 1482: The Tower Spirit’s Shock

The world of the second floor was much more complete. Even though the ends of the floor also possessed the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt’s four swords, which were hovering in dark s.p.a.ce, the remaining world still possessed a few mountains and rivers. Jian Chen had even found a sea.

Without exception, the mountains were barren and the rivers were dry. Even the sea had been reduced to a relatively small basin.

Jian Chen had even come across cities. Each city was countless times larger than any capital city on the Tian Yuan Continent. The damaged city walls stood thousands of meters high, reaching toward the sky while the city itself was filled with humanoid skeletons. Some of the skeletons even bore a shred of presence from their former lives. Jian Chen immediately leaped in fright when he sensed them, but no matter how powerful their former owners were, the skeletons had been eroded by time, along with everything they had once possessed.

It was not that the items here could not withstand the erosion of time but that the Anatta Tower had been damaged. They suffered from its effects and all pa.s.sed away during the great battle.

When Jian Chen arrived in another giant city, the Azulet swords immediately perked up. Zi Ying’s voice rang out in his head.

“Found him, master. The spirit’s hiding in the city ahead.”

Just as Zi Ying spoke, the ground suddenly began to shake. The damaged city walls immediately collapsed, kicking dust into the air.

“Swords of Yin and Yang, you are far too wretched. I will suppress you!” An angry roar reverberated from the city ahead. A red-robed boy furiously flew from the city. A vicious glow was present in his eyes. He seemed fierce.

The boy had sensed that the sword spirits had found where he was. Even though he was very weak, Jian Chen would not be able to find him within the Anatta Tower if he hid properly. However, he could not hide from the sword spirits. His position had been revealed by the sword spirits on both the first and second floor, so his hatred for the sword spirits was growing deeper.

As the boy charged over, the power within the Anatta Tower immediately surged. This time, Jian Chen could clearly sense the boy’s strength. He was actually quite stronger than he was on the first floor.

However, Jian Chen felt no fear. He slashed out and imbued the attack with his comprehension of the Way of the Sword. A sliver of power from the ways surged toward the boy’s head.

“Freeze, world!” The boy yelled out. As soon as he finished speaking, the time in the world where Jian Chen stood seemed to stop. Even the air seemed to stop moving as well. Everything had frozen at that moment.

Jian Chen came to a halt. He had been frozen while swinging his sword, unable to move at all. The Azulet swords were unable to move either. The resplendent glow they gave off completely froze in place as well.

It was also freezing s.p.a.ce, but the red-robed boy’s abilities were incomparable to Saint Kings or Saint Emperors. Not only did the frozen s.p.a.ce trap Jian Chen, but it even managed to trap the sword Qi from the Azulet swords.

The four swords at the boundaries of the second layer gently trembled and the frozen s.p.a.ce around Jian Chen returned to how it had been. As soon as he regained his mobility, he saw a streak of red light descend from the sky, forming a cage around him and the Azulet swords.

A mysterious power permeated the cage, limiting the strength that Jian Chen could display, immediately making him feel like even just eighty percent of his full strength was impossible to achieve. The Chaotic Force within him circulated abnormally slow as well.

“Swords of Yin and Yang, I can’t kill you, but I can suppress you,” the red-robed boy roared out. Mysterious inscriptions hovered in front of his hands. He then sent them toward the Zi Ying Sword and Qing Suo Sword with lightning-like speed in an attempt to force the inscriptions into the swords.

The two swords grew brighter and resisted with their full might, but to Jian Chen’s surprise, he had lost control of the two swords. However, he used a finger to condense some sword Qi and stabbed at the boy.

“p.i.s.s off!” The boy was busy with suppressing the Azulet swords, so he did not want to spend too much time dealing with Jian Chen. Faced with Jian Chen’s attack, he did not try to avoid it at all. He just raised his right fist and hurled it at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s sword Qi was dispersed by the boy’s punch. Even though the sword Qi was dispersed, the fist did not slow down at all. It landed on Jian Chen’s chest, and with a thud, Jian Chen was blown out of the boundary of the cage of light. The boy’s entire right hand disappeared as well.

The next moment, a new arm grew out of the boy’s body. The boy clearly dimmed when the new arm appeared.

Jian Chen was immediately free oc the restrictions the moment he left the boundary of the red light. He condensed a strand of sword Qi with his fingers and attacked the cage of red light from outside. It constantly shook under his attack.

The red-robed child used all he had to suppress the Azulet swords within the cage of the red light. He said with a vicious face, “Swords of Yin and Yang, once I suppress you, I’ll throw you into the s.p.a.ce annihilated by those four swords from the Nirvanic b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I’d like to see how you return. Without your help, I won’t have to expend any effort to kill that ant. This is my territory after all. I reign supreme within my territory.”

“Tower spirit, you still can’t kill master with your current strength. This Anatta Tower will be of great help to master, and he’s come with the intention of taking it. The only way for you to survive is to yield to master,” persuaded Zi Ying. She was using everything she had to resist the boy’s suppression.

“Hahaha, swords of Yin and Yang, are you mad? You actually want me to yield to an ant,” the boy laughed aloud. His voice was filled with scorn and sarcasm.

“Tower spirit, Qing Suo and I were born in the cosmos and transformed from a strand of Yin and Yang Qi. You are also born from the cosmos and transformed from a way in the world. We don’t wish to see you die here either. Master may still be weak, but he’s not as simple as you have imagined him to be. Tower spirit, you have to know that no matter how powerful you become, even if you reach the peak of Grand Prime or Immortal Exalt, you still won’t be able to detect it. Only we spirits who are born from the universe can see it. Use that ability and take a look at our master. I believe you will be able to catch a glimpse of the future,” Zi Ying said sincerely.

“Hmph, an ant will be an ant. So what if he’s extraordinary? He’ll become a Grand Exalt of the Immortals’ World at most and look at what happened to the greatest expert of the Immortals’ World, that Nirvanic b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Didn’t he die in the end as well,” the boy sneered. He did not care about Jian Chen at all, but he was still tempted to glance at Jian Chen.

This glance was not just a single observation. He was using his unique abilities as a spirit to catch a glimpse of someone’s future.

The boy’s face drastically changed after that glance. His eyes widened drastically while shock and disbelief filled his face.

“No… impossible… this is impossible… this is forbidden. The world cannot allow this. This cannot happen…”