Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1473: Saving Xiao Ling

Chapter 1473: Saving Xiao Ling

Chapter 1473: Saving Xiao Ling

Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, and the sea G.o.ddess all sighed in surprise. From today on, they needed to reevaluate Jian Chen’s strength.

“Sigh. When I first saw my great-grandson on Three Saint Island, he was only a Saint Ruler.” Yang Lie sighed emotionally inside. Not very much time had pa.s.sed, yet Jian Chen had already gone from a Saint Ruler to someone who could easily kill Receival experts. He was so strong that he could rival Yang Lie’s peak strength.

“The tunnel has collapsed completely. It should be quite a long journey from here to the World of Forsaken Saints, so the five Receival experts who fled won’t be able to make it back safety easily.” The sea G.o.ddess stared deep into the chaotic tunnel ahead.

“Let’s hope it’s like that. The World of Forsaken Saints may have many Origin realm experts, but losing six of them all of a sudden is still an extremely heavy loss. When they attack the Tian Yuan Continent next time, their power will be slightly less than it would have been,” Guihai Yidao said with a deep voice.

Jian Chen did not linger. Instead, he arrived before Xiao Ling. The giant eight trigrams diagram from the azure disc glowed with a bright azure light, trapping Xiao Ling. Countless inscriptions would dance through the light, radiating with an ancient and mysterious presence.

Xiao Ling had been immobilized within the eight trigrams diagram. She was unable to do anything even with her strength as a Returnance expert, unable to break free from the restraints of the disc. Her childish face was filled with terror. Tears rolled down her cheeks from her bright eyes.

“Brother, save me, please save me. I’m so sacred.” Xiao Ling turned to Jian Chen with some difficulty. Tears were pouring from her eyes as she sobbed. She was helpless.

Jian Chen felt oddly pained due to how pitiful Xiao Ling seemed. He comforted her. “Xiao Ling, don’t be scared. I’ll save you very soon.”

“Big brother, I can’t move. Will I be taken away by those baddies? I’m so scared. I’m so scared,” sobbed Xiao Ling in fear. She was panicking.

“Don’t be scared. With me here, no one can take you away. I’ve already chased away those baddies. They won’t come again.” Jian Chen informed her, using a soothing voice. He could not help but think back to the times when Xiao Ling had protected him.

“Xiao Ling, back when I was very weak, it was you who protected me. From today on, let me protect you. Once I possess strength that exceeds Returnance, no one will be able to harm or hurt you at all,” Jian Chen swore inside. He was not even a fraction of Xiao Ling’s age, but he had started to treat Xiao Ling as his own younger sister long ago.

“Do any of you have any methods to save Xiao Ling?” Jian Chen turned to the five people behind him.

The sea G.o.ddess and Tie Ta said nothing. This was the first time they had seen such a strange disc.

Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian gathered around the disc and examined it for a while. Feng Xiaotian said, “If you want to undo the disc, you need the secret technique to control it, but we don’t possess that either. As a result, it’s impossible to save Xiao Ling immediately. However, all formations or treasures require a source of energy to remain operational. Without it, they cease to function. As a result, the only method we can use is to constantly attack the disc and exhaust all its energy.”

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up. He said, “If that’s the case, let’s act immediately and save Xiao Ling as soon as possible, just in case something happens if we tarry.”

Jian Chen, Xiao Jin, Tie Ta, the sea G.o.ddess, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian all stayed behind. They first moved Xiao Ling into outer s.p.a.ce before attacking the azure disc with all they had.

The Saint Emperors that had come with Feng Xiaotian, Yang Lie, and Guihai Yidao were tasked with the heavy responsibility of guarding the tunnel, just in case some other changes occurred.

In the World of Forsaken Saints, the blood-red sun hung in the sky. It radiated with a demonic, red light, dying the entire world a blood-red. The world seemed ghastly.

At very top of the World Mountains in the center of the foreign world, the Spiritking stood with a dark sword on his back. His great figure seemed as steady as a mountain. As he stood there, he seemed like a pillar that was holding up the sky, acting like a spine that held up the world. He gave people a feeling that he was indomitable and immovable.

Eight Returnance experts formed a line behind him. They stood there silently, and behind them were thirty Receival experts.

Including the eight Returnance experts and the Spiritking, there are over forty Origin realm experts in the World of Forsaken Saints. Six of them had gone to the Tian Yuan Continent, which was why only thirty-nine Origin realm experts were present.

At this moment, all of them stared at the region before the Spiritking. The constantly-distorting tunnel received the eager gazes of quite a few people.

Suddenly, the tunnel violently pulsed and streams of wild energy surged into the blood-red world. At that moment, all the Origin realm experts gathered there could see the tunnel rapidly collapse.

“The tunnel has collapsed. An extremely intense battle must have occurred up ahead. I wonder if Ku Mu and the others have successfully claimed the entrance and made preparations for the next wave,” a Returnance expert said from behind the Spiritking.

“Ku Mu and the others are the strongest group of Receival experts our world possesses. They’ve even taken a secret treasure pa.s.sed down through the ages with them, which is strong enough to trap a Returnance expert. Without the threat of the Returnance expert, it would be too easy for the six of them to take the entrance on the other side with their strength,” said another Returnance expert. He did not attach any importance to the strength of the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Spiritking stood with his back to everyone. He stared fixedly at the tunnel before him and said nothing, but a gleam of light suddenly flashed through his eyes. He cried out, “Oh no!” The Spiritking charged into the tunnel with lightning-like speed, vanis.h.i.+ng before everyone.

The Origin realm experts behind him all became stunned. Soon after, they seemed to notice something and their faces immediately became extremely ugly.

The Spiritking had left quickly and returned quickly. In just a few seconds, he emerged from the tunnel with two people.

“It’s Anna and Swor!”

They immediately recognized the two people in the Spiritking’s hands and were immediately taken by surprise.

At this moment, the two of them were a mess. They were disheveled and no longer appeared as glorious as before. However, there was joy from surviving in their eyes.

“Thank you for saving us, Spiritking.” Anna and Swor dropped to one knee. They spoke with grat.i.tude evident in their voices.

The Spiritking turned around and revealed his ordinary appearance. He stared at the two of them in interest and asked in a plain voice, “What’s happened? Why have only the two of you returned? Where are the others?”