Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1422: Legacy of the Beast God (One)

Chapter 1422: Legacy of the Beast God (One)

Chapter 1422: Legacy of the Beast G.o.d (One)

The Beast G.o.d Hall stood in the very center of the Beast G.o.d Continent. A majestic hall hung ten thousand meters in the air, radiating with a brilliant glow. The structure was extremely large, stretching ten thousand meters in length, width, and height. It seemed like a small city.

The divine hall was named the Beast G.o.d Hall. It possessed an irreplaceable position on the Beast G.o.d Continent because it had been created in the ancient times by the Winged Tiger G.o.d using the essence of the earth. It had become a holy land for all the magical beasts on the Beast G.o.d Continent as well as the place where the experts of the continent cultivated.

The divine hall possessed ninety-nine floors. Each floor was a hundred meters tall with a huge area. Aside from the ninety-ninth floor, where no one has ever set foot in, the other floors were occupied by the ninety-eight strongest people of the continent. The top three floors were where the three Cla.s.s 9 experts of the continent cultivated.

However, after the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, the Beast G.o.d Continent had suffered heavy losses. Many of the ninety-nine floors had become empty, over two-thirds of all the floors.

A person sat on the ninety-sixth, ninety-seventh, and ninety-eighth floors of the structure. They were the three Saint Emperors of the Beast G.o.d Continent, the tiger emperor, peng emperor, and Kaiser.

However, the three of them were all sickly pale. Their faces were haggard, bearing weakness. The three of them had been severely injured in the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints. Without the help of a Radiant Saint Master, it was impossible for them to recover in such a short amount of time even as Cla.s.s 9 Magical Beasts.

But, at this very moment, the three experts suddenly opened their eyes simultaneously. They stared in the same direction. Their gazes seemed to be able to pierce through the obstructions of the divine hall and clearly see the world outside.

At the same time, the calm s.p.a.ce a hundred kilometers from the divine hall suddenly began to ripple. A s.p.a.ce Gate rapidly formed and Nubis and Jian Chen emerged together, by each other’s sides.

The two of them hovered ten thousand meters in the air, allowing them to see far. Even though the continent was riddled with mountains, they could still see the grand divine hall in the distance a hundred kilometers away.

“Is this the Beast G.o.d Hall? Although I’m a magical beast, this is the first time I’ve seen the divine hall that holds a supreme status in the hearts of all magical beasts,” Nubis mumbled as he stared at the divine hall in the distance. He had come to the continent before, but since he feared the three Saint Emperors, he had chosen to not set foot here.

Jian Chen also examined the divine hall with his eyes. Each side of the Beast G.o.d Hall was the same length, like a cube. It was clearly different from all the other divine halls he had come across before.

However, Jian Chen could clearly sense the pulse of an extremely terrifying energy within the divine hall despite the special exterior. He felt shocked by how powerful it was.

“This Beast G.o.d Hall is definitely much more powerful than the sea G.o.ddess’ divine hall,” Jian Chen thought. At that moment, he could not help but compare the divine hall to the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City.

The Beast G.o.d Hall had been constructed by one of the four ancient champions, the Winged Tiger G.o.d, while the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City had been left behind by the greatest human expert, Mo Tianyun. The two divine halls both held an extraordinary significance to their respective continents. They were the greatest creations of the magical beasts and humans.

“I may have gone to the divine hall left behind by senior Mo Tianyun in the past, but I was too weak back then. Although I could sense how extraordinary he divine hall was, I was unable to see the exact details of the divine hall clearly,” Jian Chen thought. He could not help but imagine the floating divine hall he had met Tian Jian in.

Jian Chen and Nubis flew toward the Beast G.o.d Hall together, but before they could approach the structure, three figures simultaneously flew out of it. They glanced over the two of them.

The three of them were the greatest experts on the Beast G.o.d Continent. Aside from the Saint Emperor of the Peng clan, Cangqiong, who faintly smiled, Kaiser and Lankyros both revealed extremely sunken faces. They were quite a horrifying sight.

If Jian Chen had been the same as before, he would have been smashed to a pulp just because he was a human, regardless of his disagreements with the two Saint Emperors. However, strength had given Jian Chen the power to look down on the world. Even though they had once fallen out with Jian Chen, Kaiser and Lankyros could say nothing and only fume as they watched Jian Chen swagger toward the divine hall. They could not afford to take him on as an opponent.

“So it’s sovereign Jian Chen. I represent the Beast G.o.d Continent when I welcome sovereign Jian Chen. If there is anything we can a.s.sist you with, please tell us,” Cangqiong clasped his hands at Jian Chen with a smile. He was neither arrogant nor humble. He then glanced at Kaiser and Lankyros and seemed to take pleasure in their suffering.

Jian Chen possessed quite a good impression of the peng emperor and even felt some admiration for him, because he was the only Saint Emperor who had not become involved with Xiao Bai’s matters. He had not taken part in making things difficult for Jian Chen during the fight for the Saints’ Fruit in the Death Nest and was the only one who had put his life on the line and battled to the end when they had fended off the foreign world.

Jian Chen and Cangqiong greeted each other amicably. Afterward, Jian Chen turned his eyes to Kaiser and Lankyros and faintly smiled, “Looking at your reaction, the two of you don’t seem to welcome me very much.”

The two of them clenched their jaws as they stood there with dark faces. Even though they were utterly furious because of Jian Chen’s arrival and did not welcome him at all, they dared not to say anything. It was even more impossible for them to yield to Jian Chen because they were the supreme experts of their races. They possessed their pride.

Nubis immediately sneered when he saw them. He took a step forward and said, “Sirs, do you really not welcome the two of us? According to the rules of the Beast G.o.d Continent, do you want to chase us away?” As he said that, a tremendous presence radiated from Nubis. He had exposed his 9th Cla.s.s strength.

The three magical beasts all revealed different expressions and finally turned their gazes away from Jian Chen to Nubis. They had placed all their attention on Jian Chen before and unintentionally ignored Nubis’ existence. Only now did they discover in shock that Nubis was also a Cla.s.s 9 Magical Beast.

Kaiser and Lankryos looked at each other. They could see the helplessness and the grievances within each other’s eyes. They had both trampled over others in the past, but this had never happened to them before. Their greatest enemy had come to their lair, yet they dared not to say a single word, afraid of creating a disaster.

“There naturally is nothing that can obstruct your way, but you cannot enter the Beast G.o.d Hall,” Lankyros said reluctantly. His complexion was extremely unnatural.