Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1394: The Greatest City in the World (Three)

Chapter 1394: The Greatest City in the World (Three)

Chapter 1394: The Greatest City in the World (Three)

The Qing Suo Sword hovered in the air and blocked everyone’s path, immediately forcing them all to a stop. They all stood where they were, unwilling to take a step further.

All of them recognized the origins of the sword. Even though they were all Saint Kings, standing at the very top among their own races and clans both in power and status, they all lowered themselves before the Qing Suo Sword and behaved politely.

“Everyone, the people of my Flame Mercenaries are undergoing breakthroughs here. I hope you do not disturb them, in case you affect their cultivation,” Jian Chen’s voice rang through everyone’s head. In order to prevent any disturbances, he had communicated to all the people present through a technique.

“It’s the voice of sovereign Jian Chen!” A human expert exclaimed. His voice bore some excitement. Even though Jian Chen was only a junior in all their eyes and his age was nothing to them, in this world, where strength dominated, age was not important. At most, it could be used to measure someone’s talent.

“I never thought that the sovereign of the humans would be here. Let’s all back off,” muttered a foreign expert.

“No wonder there’s been such a great disturbance here. We had even thought that there was a shortcut to Saint King hidden here. Looks like it’s just the human sovereign using his great abilities and helping his subordinates break through.”

“The human sovereign is powerful enough to actually create several dozen Saint Kings. Just how has he achieved this? Can you learn some heaven-defying techniques once you surpa.s.s Saint Emperor and reach the legendary Origin realm?”

Many people discussed the information they had just obtained, but they all kept their voices to a bare minimum. After that, they all slowly backed off, no longer wanting to investigate what was going on inside.

In the end, all the Saint Kings backed off to the outskirts of the mountain range, but none of them left. They all remained there as they quietly stared into the depths. Some people had even found a place to sit down and began to cultivate.

The energy of the world here had reached an unbelievable density. They had never felt a place with such a dense and pure energy. It would be extremely beneficial to them if they cultivated in these conditions. Improving by leaps and bounds would be quite an appropriate description if they cultivated here.

Several days later, Little Fatty and the others all roused from their cultivation. The moment they opened their eyes, their gazes became filled with obvious excitement and joy.

A Saint King was a supreme realm of cultivation, unreachable to many of them. Some of them had even made the wish that they wanted to reach Saint King. After all, reaching that level of cultivation required both talent and time.

Yet now, they had actually all broken through to Saint King in just a few short days even though they had been Heaven Saint Masters before, which was dream-like to them. It did not seem realistic at all.

Yun Zheng, Senior An, and the several dozen elites were especially emotional.

“Everyone gather!” Suddenly, a loud voice rang through the entire mountain ranges. One of the leader of the elite mercenaries, Charles, had given the order, and immediately, the several dozen people, who were scattered around, all hurried over. In less than ten seconds, they had all gathered in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

They were still unable to control their powers since they had just broken through. They could not help but let their powers leak out, so a storm of energy immediately formed where they stood. The storm of energy caused the wind and clouds to churn while their surroundings became flooded with a suffocating pressure.

The joy from breaking through had already vanished after they had gathered together. They all suppressed their feelings, recovering their usual cool. They all stood there emotionlessly as their eyes burned brightly. They seemed like trained soldiers.

Little Fatty, w.a.n.g Yifeng, Yun Zheng, and Senior An did not stand with them. They all arrived behind Jian Chen. Similarly, great energy would surge from their bodies from time to time. Although their abrupt increase in strength did not come with any after effects, they clearly still needed some time to become familiar with the powers that they had suddenly obtained.

“Our Flame Mercenaries have gained several dozen Saint Kings now. This is just wonderful,” Bi Lian, You Yue, Ming Dong, and the others all hurried over from the city. They looked at the group of Saint Kings who stood like soldiers and all expressed their inner joy.

The various Saint Kings on the outskirts of the mountain range all saw this clearly as well and gasped. Not only had the Flame Mercenaries gained several dozen Saint Kings in a single stroke, the Saint Kings even behaved like soldiers. This had never happened before, not even in ancient times.

“The Saint Kings actually all belong to the same organization. Flame City is just far too powerful…”

“The Tian Yuan Continent has just survived a calamity. The four races have lost many Saint Kings, and there are not many left now. At such a time, Flame City has suddenly gained several dozen Saint Kings. This- this…”

“The Flame City has truly become the greatest city in the world. The Flame Mercenaries have become the greatest mercenary group and organization on the Tian Yuan Continent. Not only do they have many Saint Kings; they even have a sovereign…”

Many people emotionally sighed while standing on the outskirts of the mountains. The Flame Mercenaries were once renowned on the continent, but they did not possess much overall power at all. They had extremely few Saint Kings—none in fact. They had been supported by just Jian Chen and the three magical beasts.

But it was all different now. Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, You Yue, and Bi Hai had all become Saint Kings. The Flame Mercenaries had also gained another group of Saint Kings now. Without any exaggeration, the Flame Mercenaries possessed extremely great power overall. They could still stand supreme on the continent without Jian Chen.

Jian Chen walked through the air and arrived before the group of people who had followed him the earliest. His face was filled with pride. When the group of people before him had joined him at the very beginning, they had all been Saint Masters or Great Saint Masters, without a single Earth Saint Master. Yet now, under his lead, they had grown and changed step by step. They had finally attained their current achievements after exhausting a large amount of resources and great heavenly resources. This filled Jian Chen with great pride and satisfaction.

This was because he had personally raised this group of people. He had cultivated them from ordinary mercenaries to supreme experts.