Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 131: Death Siege (One)

Chapter 131: Death Siege (One)

Chapter 131: Death Siege (One)

Hearing Jian Chen’s haughty words, the young master of the Tianxiong clan couldn’t help but laugh. He stared at Jian Chen like he was stupid before sneering in disdain, “Just you alone? Hmph, fine then. I’ll see for myself if you can escape from this entrapment. Show me how many casualties you can inflict on these Tianxiong clan mercenaries with your abilities.” The young master had brought over 100 mercenaries with at least half of them being of the Great Saint level. There were also around a dozen Saint Masters, so he did not believe that this guy would be able to run away from them at all.

Without wanting to waste any more breath on such superfluous talk with Jian Chen, the young master waved his hand and commanded, “Charge! I want this arrogant brat to be taught a good lesson.”

The few mercenaries by the young master’s side looked at each other. One person sneered, “It’s merely a brat, there’s no need for all of us to make a move.” Turning toward one of the Tianxiong representative mercenary troops, he commanded, “You guys go bring that brat over.”


Following the man’s orders without any hesitation, the group immediately walked 10 meters forward to where Jian Chen was. With a cold glare, one of the mercenaries growled, “Kid, it’d be best if you just obediently let yourself be captured and return with us to the Tianxiong clan. This way you’ll suffer less; otherwise, I can guarantee you’ll be in for a lot of pain.”

Jian Chen held his head up high and stood at his original position defiantly. This was a time where he could show off his ability, and the silver Light Wind Sword gradually materialized in his hand. In that instant, the aura around Jian Chen completely changed.

Everyone from the Tianxiong clan could tell what Jian Chen was planning on doing based on his action.


The man who spoke previously cried out, causing the group of mercenaries to call out their Saint Weapons as they charged toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had a look of disdain on his face. To Jian Chen, who could even kill experts of the Saint Master level, these mere Saint users weren’t worth even looking at.

The moment the several people neared Jian Chen, the Light Wind Sword suddenly turned into a blurry mirage, and quickly pierced out in the form of multiple phantom swords.

At the same time, the a.s.saulters came to a screeching halt as trickles of blood began to pour from their throats. Then, faint traces of blood gradually appeared, and finally, dyed their clothes a b.l.o.o.d.y red as it suddenly burst out from their throats. In the end, all the men collapsed at the same time.

The expressions of the few mercenaries standing by the young master simultaneously changed, and they exchanged glances. They could tell from the gaze in their opponent’s eyes that he was extremely serious. The men that had died were Saint level cannon fodder who were used to scout out Jian Chen’s strength. No one really felt their deaths a shame.

However, when they saw the technique Jian Chen had used to kill the people, their hearts sank. In that moment, they could only see the faint image of his sword. Jian Chen’s was so fast that they could barely see it with their vision.

In a flash, Jian Chen had killed a group of mercenaries from the Tianxiong clan, immediately dominating over everyone present. Although the restaurant was overflowing with people, it was engulfed in a pin-drop silence. Tianxiong clan’s group of mercenaries all looked at Jian Chen in a daze. They hadn’t thought that someone as young as Jian Chen could fight against so many people from their clan with ease. He had even dared to kill the hired mercenaries right in front of the Tianxiong clan. This was truly shocking and unexpected. .

The Tianxiong clan had dominated Wake City for over a dozen years. Although they had clashed with many different mercenaries, they had never fought against someone of Jian Chen’s age who had dared to fight by himself. This was a first in the entire history of Wake City.

After a small amount of hesitation, the white robed man next to the young master said in a low voice, “Dear fellow, I don’t know where you came from or what teacher you are taught under, but why must you oppose the Tianxiong clan?”

Jian Chen’s display of strength at such a young age had revealed him to be a high leveled expert, and the experts of the Tianxiong clan couldn’t even make a guess on who was backing him up. They were all afraid that Jian Chen had the support of someone they couldn’t afford to offend. If they did, then it would perhaps bring a great amount of trouble for the Tianxiong clan. It was possible that the Tianxiong clan that had dominated Wake City for so long would be eliminated, just like that. This wasn’t a result that any of them were willing to see.

Although these mercenaries were employed by the Tianxiong clan and were not really affiliated with them, they weren’t treated all that badly. After being employed by the clan for so long, the mercenaries had developed a few feelings for the clan, and none of them had any desire to see it be condemned to extinction over such a small matter.

Jian Chen sneered. Thanks to his experience as a traveler in his previous world, he had immediately guessed what the man was trying to get at.

“I am a lone traveler, where I come from is no importance to you all. As for who my teacher is, I’m sorry, but up until this day, I have never had a teacher. Lastly, it was your Tianxiong clan that provoked me first, since when did it change to me being the one who made conflict?” Jian Chen laughed coldly.

Hearing that, the few middle aged men immediately let loose a breath. Afterwards, the man that had previously talked continued, “Then you’d best come back to the Tianxiong clan with us. Otherwise, we won’t show the smallest amount of mercy toward you. If you come out of this missing an arm or leg, it would be bad.”

After seeing Jian Chen dispatch the group of mercenaries without any effort, these men didn’t have any strong desires to fight against him. Although they had confidence that they could capture Jian Chen, the lightning-like speed of his sword was something they was afraid of. If they were to get hurt, there was no way their profits would surpa.s.s their gains. If they could capture Jian Chen without much effort, they would be extremely happy.

“In your dreams!” Jian Chen sneered. His right arm shook as the Light Wind Sword quickly danced in the air, its tip flying toward the group of people. A large amount of Sword Qi enveloped the sword once more as Jian Chen said, “Speak less bulls.h.i.+t, if you want to do something, then hurry up.”

Jian Chen’s provocation infuriated the entire Tianxiong clan. The young master had long since lost his patience. He immediately waved his hand as he roared, “Why are you guys just standing there? Hurry up and capture him!”

Although this group of people standing next to the young master did not have low status or positions, it was obvious that their backbone was still the young master of the Tianxiong clan. The moment the words left his mouth, this group of people began to charge forward.