Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1265: Countermeasures

Chapter 1265: Countermeasures

Chapter 1265: Countermeasures

Several hundred Saint Kings currently hovered above Mercenarcy City. Every single one of them had their eyebrows furrowed tightly with extremely stern expressions. After they learned that a tunnel to another world was truly sealed beneath the city, they all contacted every Saint King they knew, leading to even more hurrying over. In the end, the Saint Kings gathered at Mercenary City only increased.

This was because all of them could feel that this was something significant, directly tied to the safety of the continent. It was far more severe than the invasion of the Beast G.o.d Continent before. Every single one of them was responsible for protecting the continent, even if many of them were independent.

“Great elder, what should we do now? And can that seal block the attacks from the experts of the World of Forsaken Saints or not?” A great elder of a protector clan asked in worry. With so many people, all they could do was gather there. They did not even possess the strength to take any action, let alone know about the situation of the seal.

“I don’t know about the situation underground either. Even if this land has lost the protection of the barrier’s strength, it’s still not a place we can just barge into. We can only ask the spirit of the barrier to gain a detailed understanding,” replied Tian Jian with a heavy voice.

“Does the barrier spirit still exist now that the barrier of the city is gone?” A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King asked in surprise. He was also a great elder of a protector clan.

No one else knew the true ident.i.ty of the barrier spirit on the present continent other than Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress. Even Tian Jian did not know. All of them believed that the barrier spirit was a spirit that had been born from the barrier and was dependent on the barrier.

“With so many years, the barrier spirit has always guarded the seal beneath Mercenary City. The barrier is gone now, but I am almost certain that the barrier spirit still exists. I just don’t know how to contact it,” said Tian Jian.

But, just as he finished speaking, a girl’s cries of sorrow suddenly rang out. Her cries were extremely sorrowful, and when all the Saint Kings heard her sobs, their expressions all changed, because they could not find the source despite hearing them clearly. It seemed to have originated from nowhere.

“Have the experts of the World of Forsaken Saints come?” The ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire heavily asked. His expression became extremely horrible. He could sense the person’s strength just from the sobs.

“No. It’s the barrier spirit!” Tian Jian cried out as he beamed.

As expected, a girl who seemed to be twelve or thirteen years old slowly appeared in the air as soon as Tian Jian finished speaking. When she first appeared, she was just a faint image, but her figure started to rapidly consolidate at a visible rate. Within just a few seconds, she had become completely tangible. She seemed fleshy, far more realistic than any time Jian Chen had seen her.

This time, Xiao Ling did not hide her existence. Her figure was completely revealed, allowing everyone to see her clearly as she constantly rubbed away her tears.

Everyone turned their gazes toward her and became filled with curiosity and shock. Including Tian Jian, this was the first time anyone here had seen Xiao Ling. What had taken a lot of them by surprise was that the barrier spirit was actually such a cute girl.

“Barrier spirit, what’s the situation underground? Is the seal still whole?” Tian Jian nervously inquired.

“It’s broken, it’s broken. The seal’s been broken by the bad people on the other side. Boohoo, master’s seal has been destroyed. Oh no, what do I do?” Xiao Ling sobbed. She was filled with a sense of helplessness.

The complexions of all the people present became extremely horrible, and some of them even paled slightly.

“Barrier spirit, what’s the strength of the World of Forsaken Saints?” A great elder from a protector clan asked a heavy question.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, but the person who broke the seal is so strong. He’s at least at Reciprocity. I can’t beat him.” Xiao Ling became terrified as soon as they mentioned the Spiritking.

“Reciprocity? Is that a realm beyond Saint Emperor?” An independent Saint King mumbled. Even the ten protector clans, which had existed for many years, did not have too great of an understanding regarding the cultivation realms beyond Saint Emperor.

“Master said that above Sainthood is the Origin realm. The Origin realm has three smaller levels, which are Receival, Returnance, and Reciprocity. The person who broke the seal is at Reciprocity at the very least, but I’m only at Returnance, so how can I beat him? Don’t look down on the strength between Returnance and Reciprocity. Master said that the difference between the two is like Saint King and Saint Emperor,” Xiao Ling explained.

All the people present immediately gasped. All of them understood exactly how vast the difference between Saint King and Saint Emperor was. The difference was as immense as the earth and the sky. They could not be compared.

“What!? How is the World of Forsaken Saints so powerful? If we compare those who have just surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor to Saint Rulers, doesn’t that mean that Saint Emperors are just Heaven Saint Masters? And we Saint Kings would only be equivalent to Earth Saint Masters. Using several hundred Earth Saint Masters to fight against a Saint Emperor? What is this joke?” An independent Saint Kings cried out in disbelief. The disparity was just far too great, so great that it was unimaginable.

Xiao Ling worriedly said, “The tunnel has already been opened, and without much longer, there will be people from the other side who will come over. Master once said that he entered that world all by himself and killed a lot of experts. I don’t know if those people hold a grudge for master. If they do, they’ll definitely come to kill us once they come over. We better find something to do quick.”

Everyone was speechless and moaned inside. The World of Forsaken Saints even had experts who stood at the apex of the Origin realm, so no one was certain whether they had others at Receival and Returnance. Even in ancient times when the Tian Yuan Continent was most prosperous, they would not be their opponents, let alone now.

“The city lord left behind an extremely tough divine hall in Mercenary City back then. I wonder if it’ll be useful,” Tian Jian said with a deep voice. The divine hall’s power was evident. It could even kill Saint Emperors, but Tian Jian was not confident about experts of the Origin realm because the divine hall had never been used against them before, so it was obviously impossible for him to know whether it could block their attacks or not.

Xiao Ling’s eyes immediately lit up. She excitedly responded, “Oh yeah, we still have the divine hall that master left us. The divine hall is very tough. Probably even I can’t break through it. I just don’t know if it can block attacks from experts at Reciprocity, but there’s no other choice now. Quickly move master’s divine hall to guard the entrance.”

“Okay, I’ll go refine the divine hall immediately.” Tian Jian left with that. He knew that time was very tight, and he needed to refine the divine hall in the shortest amount of time possible.

“There’s also fairy Hao Yue’s Bright Moon Divine Hall. The divine hall is extraordinarily tough. Even Saint Emperors cannot destroy it. We can borrow the divine hall to guard the tunnel. Although I don’t know if it can stop them, but it’ll be better than nothing,” said a great elder of a protector clan.