Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1178: Descent on Lore City (Three)

Chapter 1178: Descent on Lore City (Three)

Chapter 1178: Descent on Lore City (Three)

Fairy Hao Yue stopped You Yue and an invisible force surged from the divine hall. It wrapped around You Yue and pulled her back into the divine hall. The door then slammed shut again.

The control over the divine hall remained in fairy Hao Yue’s possession. You Yue had only obtained partial control after obtaining special permission from fairy Hao Yue, so she did not possess absolute power over the structure.

Up ahead, the Emperor Armament had already threateningly stabbed toward the divine hall with a soaring presence under the control of the five great elders. The s.p.a.ce outside was not as tough as inside the clan, so it was ripped apart like paper wherever the Emperor Armament pa.s.sed, causing a huge, black gash to appear in the air.

At this moment, a golden sword Qi that was over ten meters long shot over from behind. The sword Qi glowed with a glimmering golden light, dying the night sky a golden hue.

A huge phoenix completely condensed of white flames hovered beside the golden sword Qi. Coupled with a clear phoenix’s cry, it flew over with lightning-like speed beside the sword Qi, heading toward the Emperor Armament.


The sword Qi and phoenix violently collided with the Emperor Armament and an extremely powerful ripple of energy erupted. It caused the s.p.a.ce in a radius of a hundred meters to collapse, reducing it to utter darkness. Violent energy splayed down, collapsing countless mountains and causing the ground to shake. Huge cracks extended to a thousand kilometers away.

Fortunately, the ancient mountain range where the Changyang clan resided was desolate. Only a few magical beasts lived there and rarely did anyone set foot there. Otherwise, just the ripples of the clash would have wiped out a large-scale city and turned it into a living h.e.l.l.

Powerful ripples of energy rammed into the Emperor Armament and the five great elders in the form of storms after being blocked. It stopped them from advancing and forcefully pushed them back.

The golden sword Qi and the phoenix dispersed, and what replaced them was a glimmering sword and an exquisite, fire-red hairpin.

“The presence of origin energy. These are origin energy weapons,” the five great elders changed in expression slightly, and they also began to frown.

“It’s the three powerful magical beasts. I never thought that they’d actually hurry over at this crucial moment,” Changyang Qing Yunfeng growled. His complexion was extremely horrible. The five of them feared the magical beast trio very much since they were existences that even Saint Emperors could do nothing to.

Two streaks, one golden and one red, broke through the pitch-black sky. They hurried over from afar extremely quickly; one moment, they were still near the horizon, far away, yet they had already arrived above the Bright Moon Divine Hall in the next. They faced against the five great elders.

They were Rui Jin and Hong Lian.

“The protector clans’ miniature worlds sure are wondrous. They can actually isolate all presences from being sensed. Even my secret techniques of the Dragon clan couldn’t find Jian Chen. If it weren’t for the fact that the battle that had erupted earlier alerted us, we probably wouldn’t have been able to find this place,” Rui Jin stared coldly and emotionlessly at the five people as he held the Sacred Dragon’s Sword.

The Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin had returned to Hong Lian as well. She played around with the origin energy weapon in her hand and glanced out at the Bright Moon Divine Hall behind. She said, “The temptation of the Saints’ Fruit really is enough to drive people mad. Looks like they’ve chosen to become Jian Chen’s enemies for the fruit.”

“This is an internal matter of our protector clan. I hope you don’t interfere. You may be in possession of origin energy weapons, but we have the Emperor Armament left behind by our founding ancestor. The strength of it is not something you can imagine,” Changyang Qing Yun gave a heavy warning. He did not want to provoke Rui Jin and the others so easily.

Rui Jin began to sneer, “Then I wonder if the Emperor Armament of your protector clan is more powerful or if the treasure of the Dragon clan, the Sacred Dragon’s Sword, is.”

“And what about the legacy treasure of my Phoenix clan, the Scorching G.o.dfire Hairpin,” Hong Lian added as well. The two of them showed no fear at all against the Emperor Armament.

“Do the two of you really want to stick your noses into the business here?” Changyang Qing Yun was pale-white. The Emperor Armament was very powerful, but controlling it was just far too difficult. They would be fine if it was only temporary, but once they controlled it for a long period of time, they would receive a backlash from the Emperor Armament’s power. The price they would end up paying would be far too great.

At this moment, another black figure flew over from the distance. He arrived beside Rui Jin and Hong Lian and stood with them. It was the black-robed Hei Yu.

Hei Yu’s condition seemed horrible. Blood constantly flowed from the corner of his lips, dribbling all over his chest. His skin had become black as well. He was even more heavily poisoned than before.

However, Hei Yu remained just as mighty as before. He stood there threateningly with his machete in hand and his gaze sharp. Elevated battle intent radiated from him, as if he was about to charge into battle.

Suddenly, the five great elders gently jerked. They had controlled the Emperor Armament for quite a while now, so they were beginning to slowly suffer a backlash.

Changyang Qing Yun coldly stared at the Bright Moon Divine Hall for a while. He knew that if the great elders continued like this, the only people who would suffer in the end would be them. He finally made his decision and reluctantly ordered to retreat, “Let’s return!”

The World Gate was opened once again and the five great elders returned to the clan with the Emperor Armament.

At the same time, the Bright Moon Divine Hall turned into a silver-white streak of light and shot off. It vanished in the blink of an eye and Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu followed it closely.

Night loomed over Lore City in the Gesun Kingdom. A full moon hung in the sky, s.h.i.+ning with hazy moonlight. Groups of armored guards could vaguely be made out in the night as they patrolled the dead silent city, quietly upholding peace.

An extremely few number of lights let off their dazzling glow in the Changyang clan. Groups of burly men patrolled every inch of the clan in high spirits. Every single person had extremely sharp eyes, which constantly swept over the gloomy corners. They were not tired in any way at all.

These people were the guards of the Changyang clan. The current Changyang clan was incomparable to its past, so even the guards and the people from before had become much stronger. There were plenty of Earth Saint Masters, and even quite a few Heaven Saint Masters.

During the still night, most people were in deep dreams, but, at this moment, the land became abnormally bright and the darkness of the city instantly vanished. The whole city had become illuminated at that moment.

The sudden occurence alerted all the patrolling guards of the city and the clan. Many people instinctively raised their heads to look at the sky, only to see a silver-white divine hall slowly descending with bright moonlight. It stopped a hundred meters above the Changyang clan in the end.

“What’s that…”

“Quick, contact the city lord…”

The night guards had seen the divine hall from very far away. All of them became stunned before quickly making their way to the city lord’s residence.

At the same time, the heavy and hurried sound of war drums rang through the city. They spread far and wide, rousing all the people from their sleep or cultivation.