Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1163: A Mysteries Expert (Two)

Chapter 1163: A Mysteries Expert (Two)

Chapter 1163: A Mysteries Expert (Two)

The blood-red skeleton that had frightened countless Saint Kings in the Death Nest was blocked by a mysterious expert. Although this expert never revealed himself, everyone knew just how terrifying he was. He was able to stop the skeleton that possessed strength beyond Saint Emperor from afar without even appearing.

The skeleton was extremely angry. The dense Baleful Yin Force around it violently churned, surging out time and time again. However, it was forced back by a blade of light that even the skeleton itself could not block. More and more cracks appeared on its body and a few bones were even broken.

A few resplendent blades of light swept past and forced the surrounding Yin Qi and grudges of the dead to the sides. Slivers of domineering and terrifying blade Qi remained there, actually causing the path paved between the vile energies to remain temporarily.

Many people moved at this moment. Many Saint Kings had already begun traveling in the direction the blades of light originated from, wanting to see just who the mysterious expert was.

Their movement immediately spurred on everyone else present. They immediately shot off in the same direction with lightning speed. The ident.i.ty of this mysterious expert weighed on many people’s minds.

Jian Chen and the others were not exceptions either. They all followed the group in the direction of the blades of light.

They pa.s.sed through the second zone with lightning-like speed and arrived in the first. As soon as they made it there, everyone immediately jumped. A suffocatingly powerful blade Qi filled the entire s.p.a.ce. The blade Qi seemed to have infected the air, making the air there feel sharp.

A blinding white light stood over ten kilometers in front of them. It was as dazzling as the sun, illuminating the entire first zone of the Death Nest.

It was endless amounts of blade Qi. The white light was completely formed from mighty blade Qi and looking closely, it was not difficult to discover that the light seemed like a huge blade. It was a hundred meters tall.

“It’s a balde…” Someone murmured in amazement. In that moment, everyone focused their attention on the blade. It was just a pity that the blade was covered by blade Qi, so it was blurry and unclear.

The great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School stared at the blade’s figure without blinking at all. A gleam of light flashed through their eyes as doubt and surprise crossed their faces.

At this moment, the blade Qi that filled the entire first zone quickly weakened. The white light also quickly darkened, and in just a few seconds, the figure of the giant blade suddenly disappeared. It returned peace to the Death Nest.

“What’s up with this blade? Was it secretly controlled by a sovereign-like figure? Or was it all because of formations?”

“In my opinion, it’s extremely likely that this was from formations. It’s definitely what Mo Tianyun left behind all those years ago.”

A few Saint Kings immediately began making guesses. Some people believed that there was a great person secretly behind the blade while others were certain it came from a formation, something Mo Tianyun had set up all those years ago.

The ground began to shake. The blood-red skeleton had pa.s.sed through the formation and was pursuing them. The blood-red mist around it surged into the sky and the Baleful Yin Force it radiated was even denser than before.

The Saint Kings no longer dared to stay any longer now that the blade had disappeared. They left as quickly as they could.

As soon as Jian Chen’s group flew out of the Death Nest, Rui Jin began constructing a s.p.a.ce Gate.

However, as soon as it formed, several terrifying attacks flew in from all directions, shattering the gate.

“Hand over the Saints’ Fruit, or you won’t be leaving here,” a great elder from a protector clan called out. His presence quickly skyrocketed. He seemed like a whole different person when he fled earlier.

Without the threat of the blood-red skeleton, everyone focused their attention of the Saints’ Fruit again. Over two hundred Saint Kings surrounded Jian Chen and the others. The atmosphere became utterly nerve-wracking.

The great elders of the Changyang clan stood to one side with ugly expressions. They were extremely worried, but they did not stand up and help Jian Chen.

“World of Feathers!” Suddenly, Hong Lian cried out. The armor on her began to disa.s.semble once more, turning into countless phoenix feathers to form a huge cage around them. Every single feather burned with intense white flames, preventing the Saint Kings from approaching them.

“If you want the Saints’ Fruit, then use everything you have!” A Saint King cried out. Many Saint Kings stepped forward and used various Saint Tier Battle Skills and powerful ancient secret techniques to barrage the World of Feathers.

The temperature within the feathers was extremely hot as well, even the s.p.a.ce distorted slightly. Hong Lian did everything she could to maintain the defense as she said, “Rui Jin, quickly create a s.p.a.ce Gate. The battle skills and secret techniques these people know are too powerful. They’re not much weaker than the Saint Emperor vengeful spirits, so I can’t last too long.”

“The s.p.a.ce in here is affected by the flames. It’s become very unstable, so creating a s.p.a.ce Gate will be rather difficult. I’ll try my best,” said Rui Jin before swinging his hand. The s.p.a.ce in front of him immediately split open, but the s.p.a.ce Gate did not form as quickly this time.

Rui Jin’s arm was extended in the crack. The profound truths of the world were present on his hand. He was using a Saint King’s ability to create s.p.a.ce Gates.

Outside the feathers, a hundred-meter-long hand suddenly fell from the sky. With a deafening boom, the hand viciously struck the feathers, causing them all to tremble violently.