Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1105: Founding Ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School

Chapter 1105: Founding Ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School

Chapter 1105: Founding Ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School

At this moment, the experts in the central divine hall charged out. They yelled out, “The item’s with us!”

“Alright, leave immediately,” a hall elder of the War G.o.d Hall immediately ordered a retreat, and they gathered together soon after. They used the three forbidden artifact to cover themselves from the Emperor Armament so everyone could leave.

The Saint Kings of the Hundred Races made it out of the independent s.p.a.ce inhabited by the Yangji sect and immediately ripped open a s.p.a.ce Gate to leave. The great elders did not want to let them go so easily, so they pursued them and controlled the Emperor Armament. However, they were unable to stop them.

The burly middle-aged man, Guihai Yidao, sat boldly atop the Wave-breaking Blade within the forbidden grounds of the Tyrant’s Blade School. With his eyes closed, the pure energy hidden within the Emperor Armament flowed unceasingly into him.

Guihai Yidao had been absorbing the energy within the Emperor Armament since he had returned, so he improved extremely quickly. He had already reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King, which was a stunning rate.

Suddenly, Guihai Yidao snapped open his eyes. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce s.p.a.ce, to be able to see the world outside. His eyes flickered with visible sparks the moment he had opened them.

Although Guihai Yidao was only at the Third Heavenly Layer, he carried an unfathomable feeling about him.

Suddenly, the world inhabited by the Tyrant’s Blade School began to violently tremble. A huge spatial crack appeared as the independent s.p.a.ce was ripped open by a supreme force. A group of Hundred Races Saint Kings charged in with a forbidden artifact.

The bell of the protector clan reverberated loudly through the entire clan.

The whole protector clan had become especially alert after Guihai Yidao’s return. They were afraid that the news would break out before their founding ancestor had fully recovered his strength and, hence, lead to the attack of enemies. As soon as everyone heard the bell, they gathered their focus and emerged from their dwellings at the same time. Even a few experts in seclusion immediately came out.

The great elders in the central divine hall all walked out sternly. Their faces changed drastically when they noticed the ident.i.ties of the invaders. They cried out, “Sh*t, it’s the Hundred Races. They must have known that our founding ancestor has come back. They must want to eliminate our ancestor before he has fully recovered.”

“I never thought that the Hundred Races would be so well-informed. It must be because of the other protector clans. They don’t want our ancestor to recover and thus surpa.s.s them. We need to use everything we’ve been storing up and protect the ancestor no matter what.

“We’d rather die than have our ancestor be threatened.”

The great elders revealed their thoughts as Determination flooded their eyes. At that moment, all of them had stopped considering their own lives.

The invading Saint Kings used a forbidden artifact to pave a path toward the central divine hall. The six great elders all took control of a divine hall, flying threateningly toward the invaders.

The great elders could not just charge up in a desperate struggle against so many Saint Kings. All they could do was use the resources of the protector clan.

The six divine halls all became a thousand meters long, standing fearlessly like a mountain in front of the Saint Kings that charged over.

“Use the forbidden artifacts to break through their divine halls!” An expert yelled out. Immediately, another three forbidden artifacts were activated. This party had brought four in total.

Although the forbidden artifacts were not as powerful as the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans, they were still weapons of former Saint Emperors that had been pa.s.sed down since ancient times. Each forbidden artifact was controlled by two to five Saint Kings, and every time one of them struck out, the attack was no weaker than a Saint Emperor’s attack.


With a deafening sound, the four forbidden artifacts viciously landed on four divine halls. Rock was thrown into the air and a huge crack appeared on the tough divine halls.

“We don’t have much time so we need to move fast. Use the four forbidden artifacts together to attack a single divine hall and destroy one of them,” ordered an expert who controlled a forbidden artifact.

The three forbidden artifacts all changed their targets. At that moment, the four weapons all targeted a single divine hall and struck out as hard as they could.

With a boom, the divine hall was shattered into pieces. Fragments were launched into the sky, and the great elder within it shot toward a nearby divine hall.

However, before the great elder could approach the divine hall, a vast presence locked onto him. It caused the s.p.a.ce around him to freeze at that moment. A Saint King of the Hundred Races much more powerful than him had begun attacking him, heavily injuring him in just a few strikes.

At the same time, the four forbidden artifacts worked together again. A powerful ripple of energy shot toward the second divine hall. A single forbidden artifact could produce attacks no weaker than a Saint Emperor, so when the four weapons attacked together, their power multiplied. Regular divine halls could not withstand a single attack.

At this moment, an extremely powerful blade Qi appeared in the forbidden grounds of the protector clan. A thirty-meter-long machete flew out with lightning speed, receiving the attacks from the four forbidden artifacts.

The machete and four forbidden artifacts clashed in the air, producing a deafening boom. Terrifying ripples of energy spread from high up, sweeping in all directions in the form of a storm. They ripped through s.p.a.ce, creating a huge s.p.a.ce crack and causing the entire realm to tremble. It actually began to collapse.

Blocked by the machete, the four forbidden artifacts flew back to the s.p.a.ce above their controllers. The machete was stabbed into the ground with its tip down. It radiated with a supreme presence, as if it was the king of the world.

Not only did the machete block the four forbidden artifacts and protect a divine hall, it deterred all the Saint Kings as well.

“That’s the Emperor Armament of the protector clan. No, why is the power so much more powerful than what was mentioned in the records?” A Saint King hoa.r.s.ely asked as he stared at the machete.

“The records have mentioned that there needs to be several Saint Kings using a secret technique together to utilize the Emperor Armament. They need to go through quite a long process as well, so the way it has appeared is completely different from the records,” said a hall elder. Doubt filled him inside.

The five divine halls controlled by the great elders levitated high in the sky. The great elders appeared at the main entrance of the divine halls as they sternly stared at the Wave-breaking Blade. Worry filled all of them.

They knew that their founding ancestor, who had been cultivating in the forbidden grounds, had struck out. However, he had yet to fully recover his strength, so how could he be an opponent of the Hundred Races? This made the great elders worry for their founding ancestor’s safety.

The s.p.a.ce there constantly trembled as pitch-black cracks criss-crossed in the sky. The s.p.a.ce was collapsing.

At this moment, a figure emerged from the forbidden grounds. He walked in the air without any presence, just like an ordinary person, but every step of his would cover a thousand meters. He moved steadily.

He was Guihai Yidao. Under the attention of all the invading Saint Kings, he calmly emerged before sitting down on the hilt of the Emperor Armament. He calmly gazed past the invaders at ease, as if they were nothing important. Afterward, he pointed a finger at the sky and eighteen divine halls immediately appeared out of nowhere. Each one radiated with a vast pressure. They connected with one another and shared their powers, as if they were just one. They then fused into the s.p.a.ce at eighteen different locations, rapidly stopping the collapse of the s.p.a.ce, and the parts that had crumbled slowly healed back together.

All the invaders became stern. Although Guihai Yidao’s presence was not very powerful, he possessed a feeling where he was in control of everything. It made them astounded, oddly enough.

This was because even Saint Emperors could not give off this feeling.

“Who are you?” A Saint King asked with a deep voice. He glared at Guihai Yidao while the great elders who controlled the divine halls were ignored by everyone.

“I am Guihai Yidao,” he said with an extremely calm voice, but the invaders felt an unfathomable feeling below this calm surface.

Even the Saint Kings at Great Perfection of the protector clans would pale if they had to face four forbidden artifacts and so many Saint Kings. It just did not make sense why Guihai Yidao could remain so calm.

“It doesn’t matter who he is. Let’s do it together. We need to retrieve the item no matter how severe the consequences are,” yelled a Saint King controlling a forbidden artifact. He immediately directed a slash toward Guihai Yidao that radiated with a terrifying energy.

At the same time, the three other forbidden artifacts struck out as well. They all attacked the sitting Guihai Yidao from different directions with devastating power.

Guihai Yidao did not falter. He suddenly levitated while the thirty-meter-long Wave-breaking Blade shrank to 1.5 meters long and rested in his hand.

At that moment, his entire presence changed. A surging blade Qi radiated from him, and he no longer seemed ordinary. Instead, he seemed more like a drawn blade. His great presence caused the sky to shake and the terrifying blade Qi criss-crossed the empty s.p.a.ce.