Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1051: Fairy Hao Yue’s Sudden Appearance (Two)

Chapter 1051: Fairy Hao Yue’s Sudden Appearance (Two)

“Where is she? How’d she vanish…”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise when they saw the empty throne. They all became momentarily stunned.

Suddenly, one of the Saint Rulers who had cast a Saint Tier Battle Skill earlier seemed to think of something. A gleam of light flashed across his eyes, and he immediately flew to the throne.

A white blur flashed past as soon as he approached the throne. The bloodied, white tiger had suddenly appeared before him. It opened its mouth and spat out a fist-sized ball of energy.

Bang! With a m.u.f.fled sound, the ball of energy exploded on the person’s chest. The ball turned his chest into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess, causing him to immediately fly back as he vomited blood.

Many of the people present saw what the Saint Ruler tried to do. With a slight thought, quite a few of them saw through his intentions. They all began to leap toward the throne without any hesitation in attempt to sit on it.

Roar! The white tiger produced a roar to the sky, guarding the throne from everyone who tried to approach it. Although it was heavily injured, its might did not decrease at all; vaguely, its presence even seemed more powerful than before.

However, there were just too many Saint Rulers who charged at the throne. There were even quite a few Heaven Saint Masters between them who wanted to try their luck, so it was impossible for the white tiger to block everyone just by itself. Three Saint Rulers had already made their way past the white tiger and arrived before the throne, elbowing their way onto the throne all at the same time.

The throne levitated ten meters in the sky as it s.h.i.+ned with a faint layer of Moonlight Force. It was much greater than the dragon thrones used by emperors. It seemed like a bed. It was large enough for four or five people to sit on at the same time.

As the three Saint Rulers sat on the throne at the same time, joy immediately burst forth inside them. However, before they could celebrate, their expressions suddenly changed. In that short moment, all of their auras vanished, and they became extremely pale and haggard. Afterward, they fell off the throne, landing heavily on the ground. They probably could not get up anymore.

Many people witnessed what happened to the three of them. The Saint Rulers who were just about to plonk their bottoms on the throne immediately halted as they stared at the three unmoving people on the ground in surprise.

“Oh no, the throne is weird. You can’t sit on it. The Saint Force in all three of them has been completely sucked away by the throne,” a Saint Ruler said in fear. Immediately, everyone around the throne stopped moving. They stopped in the surroundings as they gazed at the throne in shock and suspicion. No one dared to sit down on the throne now.

In the blink of an eye, the hall fell silent from the very intense battles from before. The b.l.o.o.d.y white tiger also stopped attacking, staring fixedly at the throne.

The saint artifact returned to its size of a fist and flew over. It stopped above the white tiger’s head and slowly rotated. Now that You Yue had vanished from the hall, the saint artifact’s target to protect switched to the white tiger.

“All of you go! Leave the Bright Moon Divine Hall!” At this moment, an obscure voice sounded through the hall. With it, a white-clothed woman suddenly appeared on the empty throne. She was illusory and not tangible, though her beauty was on par with a G.o.ddess.

“Y- y- you’re fairy Hao Yue!” All the people changed in expression when they saw the illusory woman. Disbelief flooded their faces.

The woman seemed exactly the same as the sculpture they had seen earlier in the divine hall.

Fairy Hao Yue sat on the throne in a leisurely manner. Her expression was cold, like an iceberg that would not melt even after several millennia. It made people feel like she was unapproachable, and she seemed to look down on everyone within the hall. Her cold eyes only stopped on the white tiger for a split second.

“Fairy Hao Yue, y- you’re actually still alive…”

“Fairy Hao Yue’s actually still alive…”

All the Saint Rulers in the hall began to murmur. They became extremely emotional. Fairy Hao Yue was a supreme expert several tens of thousand years ago. She was known as the strongest Saint Emperor, and the strength she possessed was at a terrifying level.

Yet now, she, who was supposed to be dead, was actually still alive. It was a stirring and unexpected piece of news.

Many Saint Rulers had already dropped to their knees within the hall. They bowed courteously to the woman. Some of them even cried out that they wanted to take her to take them in as disciples.

Fairy Hao Yue furrowed her brows as a sliver of impatience appeared on her face. She coldly said, “All of you get out. From now on, the divine hall forbids the entry of all people.” Fairy Hao Yue waved her hand and a ball of powerful Moonlight Force began to radiate from the throne. It sent everyone there to the first floor.

In the blink of an eye, the top floor of the divine hall became empty. Everyone was gone, and soon afterwards, fairy Hao Yue disappeared from the throne as well.

You Yue stood in confusion as she curiously looked around the completely seal room. She mumbled, “Weird. How did I get here, and what is this place?”

“Your name is You Yue?” Suddenly, a cold voice rang out from behind her. You Yue jumped in fright since she was unprepared.

You Yue immediately turned around and saw an ethereal beauty seated on a piece of jade, staring back at her.

You Yue immediately became surprised when she saw the woman’s appearance, because she was exactly the same as the sculpture of fairy Hao Yue.

“Y- you’re fairy Hao Yue?” You Yue stared at fairy Hao Yue in surprise as she uncontrollably cried out.

“Correct. I am fairy Hao Yue.” She was extremely nonchalant. She flicked her hand at the air gently and the s.p.a.ce began to ripple violently. It changed rapidly as the formation s.p.a.ce where all the Saint Kings were trapped gradually appeared.

This was only an image, an image within the formation s.p.a.ce. It was taken by fairy Hao Yue through an ability.

“Jian Chen!” You Yue immediately cried out involuntarily the instant she saw Jian Chen. Worry filled her face.

“So the person you care so much about is called Jian Chen. May I ask who he is to you?” Fairy Hao Yue stared calmly at You Yue.

“Jian Chen is my fiancée. Fairy Hao Yue, I beg of you to let Jian Chen go,” You Yue pleaded as she looked at Jian Chen. She had originally come to gain control of the divine hall so she could save Jian Chen, but her intentions had vanished accordingly now that she had found out fairy Hao Yue was still alive.

You Yue had no interest in the divine hall. Her greatest wish right now was to save Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen’s actually your fiancée,” fairy You Yue murmured softly as light flickered through her eyes. After a period of silent thought, she said to You Yue, “You Yue, if you want to save your fiancée, there is only one way. That is to take me as your master. Are you willing?”