Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1016: A Shocking Expert

Chapter 1016: A Shocking Expert

Chapter 1016: A Shocking Expert

An extremely special seal locked up the pathway between the World of Forsaken Saints and the Tian Yuan Continent. Streaks of arm-thick white lights formed the seal. The lights criss-crossed together and sat quietly in the ground like a spiderweb. It gave off an extremely profound presence.

The seal was actually completely composed of origin energy.

A huge, pitch-black pit existed beneath the seal. It was several thousands of meters across and completely black inside. Nothing could be seen. It was like the gates of h.e.l.l and gave people a spooky, hair-raising feeling.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce within the pit began to violently distort. A strand of extremely powerful sword Qi broke through the layers of darkness and appeared. It struck the seal with lightning speed.

Boom! The seal immediately violently shook after the huge sword Qi struck it. Powerful ripples of residual energy shook up the underground, and even affected Mercenary City above. The entire city wildly quaked and shocked countless people inside it.

The sword Qi teemed with pure origin energy. It did not disperse immediately after it collided with the seal. Instead, it charged onward at the web-like seal like an enraged bull. It caused the seal to stretch into a cone shape.

“Sob, the layer of the seal master set down all those years ago has broken now. Only this layer remains. Sob… it’s all Xiao Ling’s fault. It’s all because Xiao Ling didn’t listen to master’s orders and left Mercenary City. Otherwise, the layer wouldn’t have been broken.” Xiao Ling sobbed, as she appeared before the stretched seal. She was like a child who had done something wrong right now. Worry, fear, and deep regret filled her.

“The seal over there has been broken. This seal can’t break no matter what, or the city master built after so much effort will be gone. If the city is gone, master will definitely be angry,” Xiao Ling mumbled to herself, as she choked back her tears. She gently pressed against the remaining seal.

In that moment, the vast energy gathered below Mercenary City began to surge quickly and flowed unceasingly toward the seal like the violent tide. In the end, the seal consumed it all.

The seal immediately began to glow with a bright light after it absorbed the vast energy, which allowed it to constantly strengthen.


At the same time, a wispy voice rang out from the dark pit below the seal. It was impossible to tell whether it was male or female. The voice seemed to be filled with charm, as it resounded from beneath the ground.

The sword Qi stuck to the seal immediately exploded with a dazzling light. Strands of sword Qi powerful enough to shake the world erupted from within and attacked the seal even more violently than before. It resisted the reinforced seal and actually became stuck in a stalemate.

“Oof, what a powerful person!” Xiao Ling could not help but call out. A sliver of worry flooded her face and strands of pure origin energy began to surge out from her body. It poured into seal unceasingly to repel the terrifying sword Qi.

The seal finally broke the stalemate and suppressed the sword Qi with Xiao Ling’s support of origin energy. It slowly receded to its previous location.

“Seal Breaker!”

The wispy voice rang out in the pitch-black hole once more and a 1.2 meter long sword Qi shot through the darkness with an earth-shaking presence. It struck the web-like seal with lightning speed.

The collision of the sword and the seal did not produce a great sound as expected. It gave people a the illusion that it was weaker than it seemed, as if the earth-shaking sword was only a hollow cover.

However, the dazzling white light of the seal quickly began to darken in the next moment. The final obstacle that blocked the World of Forsaken Saints showed some signs of breaking.

“My G.o.d, oh no. What is this weird power? It actually possesses a great destructive effect on master’s seal,” Xiao Ling cried out. She immediately became nervous, as she poured even more surging origin energy into the seal, which made it strengthen rapidly.

At the same time, the energy gathered underneath Mercenary City began to surge toward the seal at an even faster rate. Xiao Ling had only gathered all this energy after so many years and normally used it to support the seal. Xiao Ling could no longer bother with the consumption of the energy with the current danger.

The signs of breaking finally stabilized under Xiao Ling’s full support. It began to recover as fast as it could while it resisted the mysterious experts from the pit.

The sword Qi and sword pushed at the seal for a while more. In the end, the sword Qi completely dispersed as it ran out of energy, while the sword also turned around and disappeared back into the dark pit with a clear resonance.

Xiao Ling immediately produced a sigh of relief when she saw that the expert of the World of Forsaken Saints had finally given up on breaking through the seal. Signs of exhaustion appeared on her face; it had only been less than twenty minutes, yet it was like a death battle with an expert of the same level for three days and three nights to Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling patted her chest and looked into the pit with some lingering fear. She mumbled, “So scary, so strong. The two attacks must have come from the same person. If I hadn’t made it in time, master’s seal definitely would not have been able to resist a single attack from that person.”

Suddenly, the s.p.a.ce in the pit twisted. One could vaguely see a figure inside the darkness. The blurry person possessed a presence that allowed them to look down on everything.

Xiao Ling possessed great strength, but her mind was no older than a child’s after all. She immediately clutched her mouth when she saw that and involuntarily took a few steps back. She became rather timid.

“This seal can’t stop me. The day I complete my Seal Breaker will be the day where this seal will disappear and that day isn’t far away.” A wispy voice rang out from the darkness. Although it was extremely cold and emotionless, it was filled with confidence.

The figure slowly vanished with that. The ground below Mercenary City became peaceful once again.

Xiao Ling stared at the patch of darkness blankly, as if it was the gates of h.e.l.l. A while later, she began to cry painfully, “Sob… master, where are you? Come back quick, Xiao Ling is so scared…”


A majestic, snow-white divine hall stood silently in the snowy land of the arctic. A person completely clad in silver-white armor currently sat in the center of a room filled with cold air. The only part of her visible were her closed eyes.

At this moment, her eyes slowly opened. A cold voice filled with surprise echoed through the quiet room.

“What a shocking genius. Not only has he reached such a high level of cultivation in eight hundred years, but he has even created that special battle skill made for breaking seals. It looks like you’ll be breaking through that seal soon…”

“I’ve observed you for eight hundred years. I wonder how great your future achievements will be. I really do look forward to it…”

“Sigh, what a group of pitiful people…”

Jian Chen, Houston, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian remained frozen on the spot. They struggled to calm down their surging emotions.

Xiao Ling had easily forced three great Saint Emperors to flee. They felt extremely shocked from seeing someone who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor for the first time.

“I had never thought that there would still be those who have surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor in the present world that lacks origin energy,” Rui Jin sighed deeply a long while later. Although he had learned of the barrier spirit’s existence when he went to Mercenary City the first time with Jian Chen and Hei Yu, the two of them had always believed that the barrier spirit was only a Saint Emperor at most. They had never thought that the barrier spirit was something that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor.

The two of them knew that those who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor were invincible. Even in the ancient times, only four experts like this had appeared.

Houston floated pale-faced next to Jian Chen for a very long time without saying anything. Xiao Ling’s voice that referred to Jian Chen as big brother constantly rang through his head. His heart had begun to churn long ago. He had never thought that Jian Chen was so close to the barrier spirit of Mercenary City, an existence that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen calmed down soon. He looked in the direction of Mercenary City and said, “Since Xiao Ling wanted to capture the path lord, the tiger king, and Kaiser, but she left with such urgency, has something great happened in Mercenary City?”

Rui Jin thought for a while with that before he said, “Why don’t we go to Mercenary City and check it out? Though after the disturbance from that earthwyrm, the violent energy has flooded everywhere. The s.p.a.ce still has not stabilized yet, so we can’t construct a s.p.a.ce Gate. Let’s fly over.”

With that, Rui Jin carried Jian Chen as he flew, Rui Jin made his way to Mercenary City with Hong Lian, Hei Yu, Houston, and the others.

The experts of the ten protector clans and various other Saint Kings from across the continent arrived where the three Saint Emperors had fought Xiao Ling soon after they had left. All they discovered was the mess of a place that the region had become.

“I can feel a mysteries energy here, very similar to the origin energy on the weapons of the two magical beast experts,” said Changyang Qing Yun.

“That doesn’t seem right. I can feel that the residual origin energy here is much purer than the origin energy in the weapons of the two magical beasts,” said the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion, Wu Chenzi. However, a gleam of light flickered through her eyes. Then, she looked toward Mercenary City and said, “They’ve already flown off to Mercenary City, though we can follow along and see.”

The Saint Kings from the protector clans and various other organizations continued toward Mercenary City.

Mercenary City had already been thrown into a mess. The violent shaking earlier had alarmed everyone there and people currently filled the streets. All of them pointed at the densely-packed cracks on the ground as noisy discussions flooded their ears.

All the people that had come to Mercenary City knew about the protective power over the city. The ground was countless times harder than steel, where even Saint Rulers could not leave a mark if they struck out as hard as they could. They could not believe that such thick cracks now covered the ground.

A group of people of various ages currently floated sternly in the air in the center of the city, as they surveilled the entire city with Tian Jian at their lead. Each and every one of them possessed extremely ugly expressions.