Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1014: Strength that Surpasses Saint Emperor (Two)

Chapter 1014: Strength that Surpasses Saint Emperor (Two)

Chapter 1014: Strength that Saint Emperor (Two)

“Origin energy. It’s actually origin energy. This is strength that Saint Emperor.” Kaiser became absolutely terrified. He felt life-threatening danger for the first time in quite a while from that ordinary-looking streak of white light.

Kaiser no longer bothered with Jian Chen, who was only inches away. He also seemed to forget the intense pain from his arm. He looked in the direction where the white light had shot over with an extremely stern expression. Dread filled his eyes.

Although he was so powerful that he even placed among the strongest within Saint Emperors, Kaiser knew that he was no stronger than a kid before an expert that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor.

This was because they would be an expert of a completely different realm. The power they used would not be the Saint Force that ordinary people used, but the origin energy that was on a higher level.

“May I ask which expert is attacking me from the shadows? Can you please show yourself?” growled Kaiser. He suppressed the shock within him and looked around cautiously. At the same time, a layer of ink-black scales appeared on his body. It covered every inch of his skin, and even his body began to bulge at a visible rate. He very quickly became a ten-meter-tall monster. He maintained a human head, but his limbs had already turned into sharp claws, while thirteen jagged spikes protruded from his back. Each spike was around three meters in length and they glistened with cold light.

Kaiser had become half human, half dragon. This was his most powerful state.

Jian Chen and Houston both forgot to flee. They hung in the air in shock as Kaiser’s words ‘ Saint Emperor’ constantly boomed through their heads. Their hearts churned, and they were no longer able to stay calm.

“Bad! You’re a bad person! You bullied Xiao Ling’s big brother, making him like this. Xiao Ling will definitely teach you a solid lesson for big brother.” At this moment, an immature girl’s voice suddenly rang out. A white-dressed girl with two pigtails, who seemed like she was eleven or twelve years old, silently appeared beside Jian Chen. She faced Kaiser angrily.

This was the first time Xiao Ling had appeared without hiding herself, so Kaiser and Houston immediately noticed her. However, they both became stunned at the same time when they noticed it was such a young girl, but they returned to their senses very quickly. Deep shock and disbelief immediately flooded their hearts, as they did not sense when she had appeared even with their strength.

“Xiao Ling, it’s you. You’ve actually left Mercenary City.” Jian Chen stared at Xiao Ling in surprise. He immediately understood she was that the expert that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor and had attacked Kaiser earlier.

Xiao Ling’s anger immediately subsided substantially when she heard Jian Chen’s voice. She turned around and looked at him in concern. “Big brother, Xiao Ling can’t just watch you being bullied by this big bad person. If Xiao Ling did nothing, that big bad person would have killed big brother. Master forbid Xiao Ling from leaving the city all those years ago, but to save big brother, Xiao Ling will stop caring for master.”

Kaiser heard every single word from Xiao Ling. A gleam of light immediately flashed across his eyes, and he looked toward her in doubt. He cried out, “Are you the barrier spirit of Mercenary City?”

“I never thought that the barrier spirit would leave the protective barrier. Looks like the rumors aren’t completely true,” Houston also cried out when he saw the child-like Xiao Ling.

In truth, Xiao Ling was a spirit that the earth gave birth to. She was and not some spirit of the barrier. She could just control the power of the barrier in Mercenary City.

Years ago, the city lord Mo Tianyun had tasked her with protecting and suppressing the seal underneath the city, so she had never left there even after so many years. This was why people misjudged her as a spirit that was born from the barrier. The a.s.sumed that she was connected to the barrier and could never leave Mercenary City.

Xiao Ling’s expression changed when she heard Kaiser’s voice. She glared at Kaiser with her naive eyes and said angrily, “You bad person. You just bullied big brother. Xiao Ling will teach you a good lesson for big brother.” As she spoke, Xiao Ling casually swung her hand and a streak of white light suddenly appeared. It shot toward Kaiser with lightning speed.

This was the origin energy that only those who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor could control. It did not have any earth-shaking presence or aura when it shot from Xiao Ling’s hands, nor did it have any terrifying ripples of energy. Only a mysterious and profound presence circulated within it.

Origin energy was a completely new power. It surpa.s.sed the understandings of the people from the Tian Yuan Continent. They could not sense its power and terror from how it looked like.

Although it was only a careless wave of her hand, the attack from Xiao Ling made Kaiser feel like he could not avoid it no matter what action he took. As such, he forcefully received the attack head-on.

Kaiser’s powerful body became as weak as tofu before the origin energy. The origin energy directly disintegrated his scales upon contact and turned him into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.

“Argh!” Kaiser shrieked in agony. The injury from the origin energy was nowhere as simple as it seemed. The pain was so great that even a Saint Emperor like him could not bear with.

“Is this origin energy?” thought Jian Chen as curiosity flooded his eyes. He had watched the white light strike Kaiser. He could clearly feel a mysterious yet profound presence from it.

“There’s clearly some different between the origin energy from Xiao Ling and the weapons and armor with Rui Jin and the others. I can feel that Xiao Ling’s origin energy is most pure, without any impurities. Meanwhile, the origin energy on Rui Jin and the others’ items also possess a great power that originates from this world,” Jian Chen thought.

“Origin energy. This is origin energy. What pure origin energy.”

At the same time, the path lord of carnal desires, Lankyros, Hei Yu, and Rui Jin also sensed the appearance of the power. They immediately became shocked and stopped fighting. Then, they shot toward Xiao Ling’s location like lightning bolts.