Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1003: Eliminating the Tiger King (Three)

Chapter 1003: Eliminating the Tiger King (Three)

Chapter 1003: Eliminating the Tiger King (Three)

Jian Chen stared at the shocked tiger king coldly and sneered, “Tiger king, I’d like to see how you escape from me today. Pay for what you did all those years ago!” With that, Jian Chen moved slightly and appeared before the tiger king, crossing the several dozen meters in an instant. He struck toward the tiger king once more with a hand that radiated with a destructive aura.

The tiger king roared at the sky and a dazzling golden light immediately coated his body. It illuminated the surroundings and was extremely blinding.

The tiger king immediately turned into a golden-furred tiger within the light. His true form was a Gold Fur Tiger King. Although the species was nowhere near the level of a beast of antiquity, it was still a so-called ‘king’ within tiger magical beasts.

(TL: The same species that killed Kendall #neverforget)

The tiger king opened its huge mouth and produced an earth-shaking roar at Jian Chen. A ball of compressed, fist-sized darkness-attributed energy shot out from the tiger king’s mouth. It headed toward Jian Chen with lightning speed.

The surroundings darkened slightly with the appearance of this ball of energy. Even the surrounding temperature seemed to plummet.


Jian Chen’s fist struck the ball of energy and a loud sound immediately ran out. Terrifying residual energy swept through the surroundings, which caused the sky to shake and the s.p.a.ce to crack.

The s.p.a.ce of the Tian Yuan Continent was nowhere as tough as the s.p.a.ce in the sea realm. Just Saint Rulers were enough to break through the s.p.a.ce on the Tian Yuan Continent, so every time Saint Kings clashed, they would show signs of utterly destroying the surroundings.

This time, the collisions of Jian Chen and the tiger king’s attacks caused the entire Cross Mountains to shake. All the mountains had cracked in the depths of the mountain range, with countless collapsed together. The terrified cries of countless magical beasts filled the air.

Jian Chen resisted the dark energy with his body and suffered no injuries. On the other hand, the tiger king became slightly weaker after he spat out the energy ball. Even at his peak condition, he was nowhere near Jian Chen’s opponent, let along now where he was still injured, and his strength was reduced.

“A human expert has trespa.s.sed our Cross Mountains. Get him, elders of the Gilligan clan. Chase out the human. Peng king, why aren’t you helping out?” said the tiger king in human tongue after he turned to the peng king and the elders. His voice was hoa.r.s.e, and he tried to get the entire Gilligan clan to fight Jian Chen.

The peng king stood with his arms crossed as he watched on from afar. He observed Jian Chen in interest, but he did not step forward to help anyone. He did not show any intentions of interfering either. He had directly ignored the tiger king’s words.

The elders of the Gilligan clan were knocked afar by the terrifying residual energy. They were all scattered quite a distance from the location of Jian Chen and the tiger king’s battle. They all stared at Jian Chen in shock. Right now, all of them could tell that Jian Chen was a human Saint King and one that the tiger king could not beat.

The elders all looked at each other as they floated in the distance. They appeared hesitant. The trespa.s.sing of a human expert in the Cross Mountains was indeed something that they could not bear with, but the person this time was just a little too terrifying. They did not dare to charge up recklessly, as that would just be charging to their deaths.

Afterward, all the elders looked toward the peng king. They decided not to interfere either as they saw the peng king’s actions. As such, they behaved as if they did not hear what the tiger king had said.

“Tiger king, you even dare to plot against the G.o.d of your continent. This is heresy. I’d like to see who’ll help you now,” Jian Chen said coldly. He punched out again and struck the tiger king’s back. It broke and completely caved in, while the violent force knocked him down. He struck the ground heavily; the ground became covered with cracks and formed a huge crater.

Jian Chen did not stop and descended. Just when the tiger king climbed to his feet, Jian Chen kicked the tiger king’s head heavily, which knocked him into the air once more.

Jian Chen could kill the tiger king with no difficulty, but that was not what he wanted as it would let the tiger king off too easily. As a result, he wanted to crush the tiger king’s pride as a Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beast.

The tiger king landed heavily fifty meters away. He shook his head as he had become rather dizzy after Jian Chen kicked him. Then, he looked toward Jian Chen viciously. He said in human tongue, “It’s not that easy if you want to kill me. Jian Chen, I will make you regret the idiotic things you have done today sooner or later.” Bright, blood-red light suddenly encased the tiger king. It was extremely dazzling and by the time it had dimmed, the tiger king had disappeared. He had used a secret technique to flee in magical beast form.

Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly when he saw the tiger king suddenly vanish. He immediately closed his eyes and expanded his presence to its limits in an attempt to locate the tiger king.

“He has actually vanished.” Jian Chen opened his eyes again very quickly. He became pale-white, because he could not find the tiger king within the expanse of his presence.

At this moment, Hei Yu’s suddenly began to smile sarcastically. He had always been standing at the very back silently, but he broke that silence now. “I know where he ran off to.”

Jian Chen’s face lit up when he heard this. He immediately turned to Hei Yu and asked, “Senior, please tell me where the tiger king is. He can’t escape.”

A gleam of light flickered through the peng king’s eyes. He immediately looked toward Hei Yu doubtfully.

Hei Yu nodded slightly and said, “There’s no need to panic, brother Jian Chen. I’ll bring him over here right now.” Hei Yu casually swung his hand and ripped opened s.p.a.ce. A s.p.a.ce Gate formed quickly.

In a region of wilderness a hundred thousand kilometers outside the Cross Mountains, a huge tiger crawled extremely weakly on the ground with matted, b.l.o.o.d.y fur. It seemed to even lack the strength to stand up.

It was the tiger king who had just fled.

“Jian Chen, you won’t be able to live much longer. As soon as I recover some strength, I’ll immediately report everything that has happened here to the ruler of the Beast G.o.d Continent,” the tiger king muttered hoa.r.s.ely with a vicious look.

Suddenly, his expression changed. He stared fixedly at the s.p.a.ce up ahead as it began to distort wildly. A s.p.a.ce Gate quickly began to form as he stared helplessly.

“c.r.a.p.” The tiger king became terrified. Just as he struggled to climb to his feet, a huge hand condensed from energy reached out form the s.p.a.ce Gate, grabbing him and dragging him in.

Only when the tiger king pa.s.sed through the s.p.a.ce Gate did he discover that he had returned to the depths of the Cross Mountains.

“You don’t have the power to flee before me, so quite wasting your energy,” an old voice boomed.

The tiger king turned toward the sound. The black-clothed Hei Yu stood beside him.

The tiger king’s heart immediately turned cold. Despair permeated his heart. He knew that his conjectures were wrong. The old man behind him was a terrifyingly powerful expert.