Card Apprentice Daily Log - Chapter 2069 Regressive Or Progressive Society

Chapter 2069 Regressive Or Progressive Society

Chapter 2069 Regressive Or Progressive Society

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 17:37

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air s.p.a.ce

The Royal Instructor, the Field Marshal, and Luna's father & team listened to Wyatt's words in amazement, they would not believe that such profound words came from someone so young. Wyatt's take on society and problem-solving helped them understand why he was able to achieve so much at such a young age. Thinking back to their teenage years, these demiG.o.ds felt ashamed as back then they did not even understand the concept of society let alone try to contribute to it. However, Wyatt had not only contributed so much to it but was also actively trying to improve it with the n.o.ble idea that, 'Everyone could be part of society.'

"Your words are something to ponder upon. But weren't you, the one, who reported that Dark Races might be planning a second invasion into our realm? With such a threat looming over our heads, do you believe we should be wasting our time chasing a fairy tale?" Having calmed himself, the Royal Instructor proceeded with his plans to use words to help Wyatt on the right path. It wasn't easy for the Royal Instructor to let go of his anger and focus on the task at hand after all, the topic was close to his heart and he was very sensitive about it. However, Wyatt's profound words helped him a lot with it. He could not help but agree with the young man that his martyr friends would prefer progress over revenge and hatred. At the same time, Wyatt's words were not enough for him to convince that Demon/Devil wors.h.i.+pers too deserved a second chance. "It is because of the possible second devil invasion that we need to do this," Wyatt stressed causing the demiG.o.ds in his surroundings to look at him in a state of bafflement. After the dramatic pause, Wyatt explained, "If devil invasion happens the devils will call upon their wors.h.i.+pper to help them which would prove disastrous to us. There are only two solutions for this, We kill all the devil/demon wors.h.i.+ppers. However, it will only delay the dark race's plan because they can always recruit new wors.h.i.+ppers. Not to mention, even if their second demon invasion fails who is to say that there will not be a third or fourth? Or We give the devil/demon wors.h.i.+ppers a second chance, hear them out, and try to rectify the part of the society that caused them to betray humanity. Such that even in the face of temptation no one would ever consider becoming a devil/demon wors.h.i.+pper. Ensuring that dark races will think twice before planning another invasion into our world. Royal instructor, the choices are in front of you. Which one will you choose? Will you choose the one that will cause society to regress to dark times where humans choose strength at the cost of their humanity or the one that will help society to progress to a new era where humans choose humanity over strength?" The demiG.o.ds gazed at Wyatt in deep contemplation. His words still rang fresh in their ears. They all could not help but ponder on his words and weigh the choices. When they first heard about Wyatt's Criminal Rehabilitation and Reintegration program none of them cared for it some even lost their admiration for Wyatt because of it. However, listening to what he had to say about the program the demiG.o.ds were now starting to consider it. Yes, they were considering the program. This was true even for the Royal Instructor as even before Wyatt's reminder, the Royal Instructor had feared that a second demon invasion might undo everything his friends and he built, regressing the society to the dark times, the memories of which he suppressed in the back of his mind.

Though the Royal Instructor still did not feel that demon wors.h.i.+pers were worthy of a second chance he did agree with Wyatt that if they did not rectify the part of the society that caused these traitors of humanity to betray their race and world in the first place then this cycle will keep continuing until one day the card world gets enslaved or worse destroyed by the dark races. "Right now you have the opportunity at your hands to do something about this vicious cycle. Are you going to take it or at least do something about it or let this burden fall upon your descendants because you guys were too afraid of change and trying new things? Just remember your indecisiveness will cause your descendants to pay," Wyatt continued to strike the iron when it was hot as he could see that the Royal Instructor who hated the idea of his program was giving it serious thought, it would be far-fetched to say he was considering it. Either way, he got Royal Instructor and the rest to think about it. This was a win in Wyatt's books because he did not want them to let go of their anger, or hatred, or change them all he wanted was for them to see the problem and allow him to fix it for them. However, it was up to him how he chose to fix the problem. "Young man, you have a way with your words. I can't believe that I was almost swayed by them. However, you have indeed pointed out a serious problem. It was not like we never considered that the dark races would try to invade our world again. Only that, we thought by the time the second demon invasion took place we would be more advanced than them. We believed that even if we could not overtake the dark races we would have caught up to them before they launched a second invasion into our world. But, it has been so many centuries since the last invasion but we are still far behind them and struggling to catch up to them. It makes me wonder how our ancestors even managed to repel the first invasion."