Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 2270

Chapter 2270

Chapter 2270: Rise From The West

Mrs. Jiang washed her hands after she was done with her work. When she saw Jiang Lei leaning against the stove and eating raw sweet potatoes, she was amused. She raised her hand and hit Jiang Lei on the head. When you were young, you ate sweet potatoes raw. Now that youre older, why do you eat like that when you dont have anything to eat at home? Youre already a big boss; why dont you pay more attention to your image?

Im a country b.u.mpkin. Even if I dont eat sweet potatoes, Im still a b.u.mpkin. I ate them when I was young, so why cant I eat them now? Why cant a big boss eat them? Doesnt a big boss eat, drink, and p.o.o.p? Jiang Lei scratched his head and touched the spot where he was. .h.i.t. Furthermore, this is my sisters house. What image do I want to keep here? Were family. Who doesnt know what kind of character I have? If I have to put on an act outside, how tiring would it be to put on an act when I go home?

Mrs. Jiang also knew that surviving in a big city was not easy. Even though she had never heard Jiang Lei complain about his work, she knew it must be hard for Jiang Lei to do business for so long. As Jiang Lei put it, doing business required him to censor his words. When he walked out of his house, he wore a mask on his face. Whenever he saw someone he liked or disliked, he would greet them with a smile. He was so friendly that it was as if he was greeting his ancestors.

Well see about that. He had not met anyone suitable in their hometown, and he had not met anyone new in the city either. He was always socializing with other people, and the women he met always wanted to know how much money he had.

When Lu Xingzhi returned to the kitchen with an empty cup, he heard Mrs. Jiang urging Jiang Lei to get married. He walked in and said, Mom, Jiang Lei isnt that old. You dont have to worry about him. His career is on the rise now, so he doesnt need to rush to get married. If he has a partner, then, of course, itS great to get married. If he doesnt, then let nature take its course.

Jiang Lei did not expect Lu Xingzhi to speak up for him. Jiang Lei, overwhelmed by the favor, shot Lu Xingzhi a grateful glance. He would keep a close eye on Lu Xiaoxiao so that those bad men would not seduce her.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not respond to Jiang Leis grat.i.tude. After rinsing the cup, he returned to the kitchen. Halfway there, he went to the bathroom to look for a mirror. Continue read on

Lu Xingzhi called out to Jiang Yao in the bathroom. Then, he asked, When will my medicine be ready today?

Hey, is the sun rising from the west today? Jiang Yao walked toward Lu Xingzhi curiously.

Lu Xingzhi had asked about the medicine used to heal the scars on his face. The ointment did not smell pleasant because it was custom -made by Jiang Yao. Lu Xingzhi refused to use it again after the first time..