Behind the Scenes in Naruto World - Chapter 703 - Uehara, Who Was Not Good at Lying, Was Not a Good Agent...

Chapter 703 - Uehara, Who Was Not Good at Lying, Was Not a Good Agent...

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 703 Uehara, Who Was Not Good at Lying, Was Not a Good Agent

Reality proved.

If you were not strong enough, dont be too arrogant.

A few days after the end of the public hearing, Tony Stark encountered a terrorist attack on the Monaco circuit.

A Russian named Ivan Vanko, dressed in a crude battle suit, attacked Tony Stark on the racing track, and even almost killed Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

This terrorist attack completely made Tony Stark recognize the truth. He had to improve the security level of himself and Pepper Potts.

Even without Ivan Vankos attack, Stark Industries, who stored the arc reactor technology, was still coveted by others. He must arrange these properly.

Tony Stark finally remembered the employee he fired last month so he called Uehara Naraku, h.e.l.lo, Uehara, I may need your help Of course, you might quite like this job

Let me play games in Stark Industries?

Even if you play games on my private plane.

Tony Stark took a deep breath and continued in a deep voice, Before that, lets find a place to talk! This matter might be a little troublesome

I dont like trouble

This month may be the last time I transfer money to you.

You want to break the contract?


Tony Stark stood on the flat platform of a seaside mansion in California. He turned back and stole a glance at Pepper, who was busy with work in the room with her personal a.s.sistant, Natalie Rushman.

Natalie was the legal consultant that Pepper had recently found.

After confirming that the women in the room could not hear him, Tony Stark slowly lowered his voice and whispered, Im going to die.

When talking about this, Tony Stark quickly continued, Once I die, the agreement between us will be automatically terminated.

The agreement I made with you back then, I just wanted to wait until the news of my death came out so that you would find out that the agreement was actually just aa prank

Then Ill remember this debt first.

Uehara Naraku seemed to not care about Tony Starks words at all. He said softly, Although I dont know if what you said is true Forget it, give me an address!

I will send it to you through email!

Tony Stark finally breathed a sigh of relief and added, No matter who it is I dont want anyone else to know this matter Ill wait for you at home.

Tony Stark had been hiding this from everyone.

Originally, Tony Stark planned to hide this secret until his death. Neither his old friend Rhodes nor his close a.s.sistant Pepper knew the secret.

He even asked Jarvis to prepare a will.

It can be very depressing to keep a secret in your heart all the time.

After Tony Stark confessed the secret of his imminent death to Uehara Naraku, a trustworthy stranger, he suddenly felt much more comfortable.

At S.H.I.E.L.D.s headquarters.

Uehara Naraku sat in his old pickup truck.

Nick Fury sat in his anti-missile armed car.

Today, both of them would rush to California. It could be seen that the S.H.I.E.L.D. director and an ordinary agent were treated very clearly Nick Fury originally wanted to take Uehara Naraku for a distance, but Uehara Naraku seemed to prefer his pickup truck.

Nick Fury slowly rolled down his window and said to Uehara Naraku through the window, Uehara, I will find a chance to reveal that you are a S.H.I.E.L.D.s agent. This matter can not be concealed, but before that, you and Tony must get along well.

Dont worry.

Uehara Naraku nodded seriously and said softly, In the past when I was carrying out a mission, many people finally found out my ident.i.ty and chose to accept the truth

Thats good.

Nick Fury nodded in satisfaction and continued, Remember, other than not being able to tell Tony your ident.i.ty as S.H.I.E.L.D.s agent, you can do anything else.

You can do everything you want.

What Nick Fury needed was for Uehara Naraku to be recognized by Tony Stark and be able to become his companion in the future Avengers Initiative, not to let Tony Stark think that Uehara Naraku was an ordinary S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Therefore, it was also very important for Uehara Naraku to show his strength at the right time.

This was Nick Furys strategy.

After saying this, Nick Fury thought for a moment and added, Uehara, and, the most important thing for people to get along with is sincerity. If you hold onto this

Director, you should know my character.

Uehara Naraku could not help but frown as if he was dissatisfied with Nick Furys suspicion of his character, Didnt you say that I, an agent who is not very good at lying when performing missions, is an outlier among S.H.I.E.L.D. agents?

Hahahaha Its different.

Nick Fury shook his head and laughed a few times before continuing, It is precisely because you are not good at lying that I let you carry out this mission.


Uehara Naraku was indeed not good at lying.

Therefore, under most circ.u.mstances, Nick Fury could only treat Uehara Naraku as a combat agent. They even had to send people to cooperate with him in any undercover mission. This was also why Nick Fury was more willing to believe that Uehara Naraku could become a member of the future Avengers team.

Two days later.

A worn-out pickup truck drove into Tony Starks seaside mansion. This scene made the corner of Tony Starks eyes twitch. Doesnt this guy know that time was life?

When he saw Uehara Naraku, Tony Stark directly asked, Can you have a little bit of time awareness

Anyway, you wont die for a while.

Uehara Naraku looked at Tony Stark, whose eyes were bloodshot, and then looked at the faint blue and purple veins on his neck, which was a sign of palladium poisoning.

Now Tony Starks palladium poisoning was getting more and more serious.

Forget it, lets talk about the business directly!

Tony Stark rubbed the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows and ignored Uehara Narakus irritating tone. It was as if he was talking about his funeral, Uehara, I hope that you can be Stark Industries security consultant and help me protect Peppers safety

Tony Stark reached out and handed a gla.s.s of vegetable juice to Uehara Naraku. He also took a gla.s.s and drink a few mouthfuls before continuing, Sorry, I only came to you at this time. This position may be quite dangerous, but I havent found someone more suitable

Whats the reason?

Uehara Naraku didnt take the gla.s.s of vegetable juice and continued slowly, There are many security companies in the world

Only you.

Tony Stark explained softly, Only you are the strongest I have ever seen

After saying that, Tony Stark knocked on the arc reactor in his chest and continued, Of course, other than me

Uehara Narakus expression suddenly became strange. This person felt that he was about to die. Why was he still so proud?

In fact.

What Tony Stark really cared about was not just Uehara Narakus fighting ability.

What he valued more was Uehara Narakus human nature. In addition to this, he also had the experience of being an FBI agent.

Dont look at me like that

Tony Stark shrugged indifferently and led Uehara Naraku into his living room. He said casually, Jarvis, give our guest a gla.s.s of juice.

Yes, Sir.

A mechanical hand reached over with a gla.s.s of juice.

Uehara Naraku took the juice and looked at the luxurious living room curiously before continuing, Speaking of which why do you think I wont refuse?

Two hundred thousand dollars a month.

Tony Stark directly offered a high price. He added, If it is not enough, I can add more.

Tony Stark stared at Uehara Naraku and calmly added, Of course, this is not just about money

In a sense

Both of them should be of the same kind. They both have a sense of justice to protect the weak. They should be the same kind of people who appreciate each other.

After saying that, Tony Stark saw that Uehara Naraku had no intention of rejecting him and immediately wanted to confirm this matter, Now you can officially go to work. I still have a lot of things to tell you. Can you take it as my last words?

After Tony Stark revealed his secrets, his whole body relaxed a lot, and the corners of his mouth curved into a smile, Perhaps in the future, you can also write a book, such as Tony Starks last few days or Iron Mans last words

I am not good at writing things.

Uehara Naraku shook his head and drank the juice in his hand. He said softly, And I dont like to reveal other peoples secrets.


A smile appeared on Tony Starks face.

Although Uehara Naraku looked a little lazy, this persons character was really good.

Tony Stark felt that they got along very well. It seemed not a bad thing to be able to make a good friend before death?

Everything was settled.

Tony Stark even showed off his equipment for testing palladium poisoning with great interest, like a big boy who likes to share toys.

Do you see that? The palladium poisoning concentration is 76%

Wait until it reaches 100%, or 95%, 98%

Maybe I will be completely finished? Anyway, it will be very ugly!


Tony Stark would not think of it.

When Uehara Naraku left his mansion, the first thing he did was call Nick Fury and directly reveal Tony Starks secret.

At present, Tony Starks palladium poisoning concentration is 76%

Well done, this is the specific value that even Agent Romanoff has not found out!

By the way, is there really a way to save him? Even Tony himself is in despair

Dont worry, Tony wont die.

Nick Fury shook his head and his voice became a little serious, In this world, only the light of dawn after darkness is the most precious I hope he can learn to cherish this world

After saying that, Nick Fury hung up the phone.

Uehara Naraku listened to the busy tone on his phone and fell into deep thought. Was the light of dawn after darkness the most precious?

After a long time.

Uehara Naraku took out a black envelope from his body.

A red cloud was painted on the black envelope.