Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 8554

Chapter 8554

Chapter 8554

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Although su Zixin didnt want to admit it, he had to admit that he didnt know how to fix it!

Even if the damage wasnt as severe as it was now, he, su Zixin, didnt have the ability to repair the trial formation!

If he had that capability, he, su Zixin, would not be a gold grade array master but a Diamond Grade array master!

I cant do anything for now!

If I cant repair it, what about my a.s.sessment? You cant make me wait forever, right? Even if you have to wait, you have to give me a clear time!

s.h.i.+ shengcai maintained her usual gentle expression, but she was a little anxious inside.

They were both diamond grandmasters, and even if they couldnt suppress Lin Yi, they didnt pull him down.

It would be too embarra.s.sing if Lin Yi was still dark gold despite being a diamond rank.

If he lost to Lin Yi in alchemy and formations, which s.h.i.+ Yucai was best at, how could he face Lin Yi in the future?

No, theres no need for the future.

In her current state, s.h.i.+ Yucai didnt even have the face to explore the source of formation Dao with Lin Yi.

That would be a slap to his own face.

Su Zixin was also very unhappy. My trial formation has been destroyed and I have no place to reason with. What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?

If he were a diamond Grandmaster, he wouldve fallen out with Lin Yi and s.h.i.+ Yucai by now.

Unfortunately, he was only a gold rank array Grandmaster. Even if he had the SU familys backing, he couldnt do anything to the two.

After all, the sub-islands strength was respected, not only in combat power, but also in other fields, where there was a level suppression.

Haha, of course I wont let you wait for long. I already have a countermeasure!

Su Zixin gritted his teeth and laughed.Since the trial array has been destroyed, its also heavens will. Dean s.h.i.+s third round will be over.

From the results of the first and second round of a.s.sessment, Dean s.h.i.+ is definitely an outstanding array master. Its not easy for an ordinary diamond rank array master to achieve the results of Dean s.h.i.+ and Dean Sima!

In the first two rounds of the a.s.sessment, the results of the two deans were about the same. Its hard to tell whos better, which means that the strength of the two deans is about the same. Since Dean Sima can pa.s.s through the third round smoothly, Dean s.h.i.+ will definitely have no problem.

In view of this, I believe that under the premise that the trial array is destroyed, Dean s.h.i.+ will be exempted from the third round of a.s.sessment and will be directly regarded as a pa.s.s! So from now on, the two deans are both Diamond Grade array Masters. After I report to the continental array formation Guild, I will officially award them with the t.i.tle of Diamond Grade righteous Grandmaster.

It was true that su Zixin was in charge of the a.s.sessment, but this time, it was a little special. He had no right to directly grant the two Diamond Grade grandmasters of array Dao.

He could only give her this ident.i.ty temporarily, and the official badge had to be granted by the continents array path Guild.

This way, he could avoid responsibility without offending Lin Yi and s.h.i.+ chengcai. It was the best of both worlds.

If the continents array formation Guild didnt agree, then it would have nothing to do with su Zixin.

When the fangirls outside heard this decision, they started cheering.

As long as s.h.i.+ longcai could become a diamond-grade array Grandmaster, they didnt care about the other details.

Thats great! Dean s.h.i.+ has become a diamond-grade array Grandmaster! Although this is only natural, Im still extremely excited!

Me too, me too! In particular, waiving the a.s.sessment was the right choice. Our Dean s.h.i.+ doesnt need an a.s.sessment to prove that he was born to be the most outstanding array Grandmaster! Hes not like that trash Sima Yi, who needs to be tested to prove it!

Thats right, thats right But Sima Yi is also very strong But he definitely cant win against s.h.i.+

Those who started supporting Lin Yi started wavering again.

However, this argument was immediately suppressed by others.

Even if they thought that Lin Yi was a big Shot, this was a matter of perspective-they couldnt waver!

s.h.i.+ Yucais expression was extremely unsightly. Exempting himself from the test made him feel like he had been given the diamond-grade array Grandmaster t.i.tle out of charity.

He was a proud person, so it was inevitable that he would have a grudge in his heart.

However, Lin Yi had already obtained the t.i.tle of a diamond Grandmaster. s.h.i.+ chengcai couldnt accept it if he rejected Lin Yi because of his pride, and then he had to bow down to Lin Yi as a dark gold Grandmaster!

Just as s.h.i.+ longcai was feeling embarra.s.sed, the Great Hall Master had received the news of the formations collapse and rushed over.

Other than the first hall Master, there were also many higher-ups of martial League.

Even if they werent array Masters, they all knew the significance of the trial array.

Seeing that the trial array had completely collapsed, everyone had a strange expression on their faces.

Guild leader su, whats going on? Why did the array a.s.sociations array collapse?

The first hall Master looked around expressionlessly and finally fixed his eyes on su Zixin,The array formation a.s.sociation is also a part of the martial Union. I have to find out the whole story of such a big incident. I dont want to interfere with President SUs authority.

Behind su Zixin was the SU family, also known as su banzhou. Especially since he was a direct descendant of the SU family, the first hall Master couldnt be too harsh.

After the question, he had to add an explanation.

Su Zixin shook his head with a bitter smile.First hall Master, I would have reported this to you even if you didnt come. I dont know why the trial formation suddenly collapsed. Perhaps theres something wrong with its operation!

However, when the array broke down, Sima Yi was in the middle of the third round of the diamond rank Grandmaster array a.s.sessment. As for the details, I think I should ask Sima Yi. He should know better.

Su Zixin didnt say that it was Lin Yi who broke the formation, only telling the first hall Master to ask Lin Yi.

In fact, he was implying that Lin Yi had broken the formation.

At the very least, those who heard it would think that the destruction of the formation had something to do with Lin Yi.

Of course, this was the truth!

But Lin Yi wouldnt admit it!

First hall Master, Guild Master su, I dont like what youre saying! What do I know? Im still confused! I was just taking the test, but I almost died in this trial array. Shouldnt you give me an explanation?

Lin Yi put on an angry face, acting like a wronged person,What do you all mean by this? Youre basically saying that I broke your precious formation!

Alright, it doesnt matter. Just tell me how much compensation you want. Ive already said it just now. Give me a number, and Ill get the Butler to send the martial League and the array Dao a.s.sociation, alright?!

Dean Sima, dont be agitated. This Lord didnt say that you broke the trial array. Its just that first hall Master asked, so I felt that you would be clearer!

Su Zixin was also acting at this moment.

If the ferocious evil roared on the spot, everyone would probably point their Spears at him.