Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10936: Chapter 10935: The Battle of the Three Kingdoms!

Chapter 10936: Chapter 10935: The Battle of the Three Kingdoms!

Chapter 10936: Chapter 10935: The Battle of the Three Kingdoms!

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This is called hiding in the city. Shen San Chi chuckled.

Awesome. Lin Yi nodded.

No matter what was said, the Heavenly Gates had always been an enemy that the Alliance of Divine Academies needed to focus on attacking. As the soul of the Heavenly Gates, the other party was actually living openly under the eyes of the Alliance Headquarters. Just this boldness was rare.

One had to know that if they really fell out, Kong Shenglin could bring a group of giants over at any time. That was no joke.

As they entered the depths of the alley, the melodious sound of an erhu could be heard faintly.

It sounded ordinary at first, and if it was Lin Yi before the first level of luck recasting, he probably wouldnt even know what it was.

However, at this moment, he could hear the natural way in the erhus sound, which contained a perfect and mysterious charm. He only immersed himself in it for a moment, and it benefited him greatly.

When they arrived at the entrance of a small courtyard, Shen San Addict gently knocked on the door.

Soon, a young man came to open the door.

Lin Yis eyes lit up with just one look.

He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. He was refined but did not lose his simplicity and purity. His pure heart was s.h.i.+ning. What a stunning and elegant young master. What a rare piece of jade!

This is my leaders direct disciple, Xia Qiyuan, Shen San Chi introduced.

The other party cupped his hands and greeted him. His voice was neither humble nor overbearing.

Nice to meet you, Lin Yi replied.

Lin Yi, youre here? An old mans voice came from the yard.

Xia Qiyuan nodded at Lin Yi and Lin Yi, extending his hand to invite them in. The two entered the yard and their eyes fell on the old man holding the erhu. At first glance, there was only a kind look on his face. There was no so-called imposing aura at all. He was as casual and kind as an old man next door. Even if their gazes met, it would still make people feel like they were bathed in a spring breeze and would not feel any pressure.

This was the th.o.r.n.y figure that the entire board of directors was extremely afraid of, and even the Inner Court was helpless against, the founder of Elysium, Xia Chao?

Lin Yi was surprised-this guy was far from what he expected.

However, speaking of which, it was not strange that any expert would hide their cultivation deeply.

Xia Chao put down the erhu and stood up to greet him.

Lin Yi blinked.

Ive been friends with you for a long time, Xia Chao added with a smile.

Im the same with Elder Xia, so were old friends now. Lin Yi smiled.

Xia Chao laughed and patted Lin Yis shoulder. I asked Shen to invite you here today, not for anything else, but to have a gathering with your old friend and let you taste my cooking skills.

As she spoke, she pulled Lin Yi into the kitchen.

Here, I just bought this at the market. Lets cook a few home-cooked dishes today. You cut the vegetables and Ill cook, okay?

Xia Chao rolled up his sleeves as he spoke and began to heat up the oil in the pot, just like a chef in charge.

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Before coming here, he had imagined all kinds of possible situations after the meeting, but he had never thought that he would be pulled into cooking. However, this was quite good. It was interesting.

He hadnt cooked for many years, but he wasnt a stranger to this kind of thing-hed practiced it since he was young.

Xia Chao smiled as he watched Lin Yi cut the tofu skillfully.

But as the two worked together, Lin Yi realized that he was being led into a strange rhythm.

Xia Chao didnt do anything, he didnt even say anything. With just a few movements, he created an invisible domain and brought Lin Yis entire body and mind into it.

This domain had nothing to do with any power. It was purely a domain.

Lin Yi felt like he was being baptized, a baptism that came from his soul.

After the meal, all the distracting thoughts that troubled Lin Yi disappeared, and he felt refreshed and refreshed.

Thank you, Elder Xia.

Lin Yi was grateful.

Although this spiritual baptism did not change anything substantially, nor did it increase his actual combat strength like the recasting of luck, in the long run, the benefits it brought him were definitely no small matter.

At the very least, it had helped him eliminate the hidden danger of his inner demons. In the future, when he faced a powerful opponent in the spiritual realm, it would not leave a fatal flaw.

Lin Yi had the worlds will protecting him, so the possibility of someone taking advantage of him wasnt high. However, even the worlds will couldnt guarantee that he wouldnt be able to leave any blind spots.

Besides, sometimes, Lin Yi had to rely on his own willpower to get through.

The benefits of this Spiritual Baptism were much more than the 400 traces of Fate that he had used to recast the first realm.

What was even rarer was that it could only be encountered by chance.

No need to thank me, Xia Chao said without turning his head as he continued to cook. With your apt.i.tude and comprehension, you would have been able to take this step even without me.

Ill be at a disadvantage if I take this step myself. I still have to thank Elder Xia. Lin Yi said seriously.

Why are you being so polite with me?

Xia Chao scolded him with a smile. Come, he called out. Help me carry the dishes. Its time to eat.

Seeing the two of them personally serve the dishes, Shen San Chi and Xia Qiyuan hurriedly came over to help.

Mountain delicacies tofu, green pepper scrambled eggs, vinegar fish slices, dried meat, mushroom chicken soup.

The cla.s.sic four dishes and one soup were all home-cooked dishes.

Ive been practicing this for many years. Try it. Xia Chao gestured for Lin Yi to start eating.

Lin Yi didnt stand on ceremony. He moved his chopsticks and took a bite of the fish. He was silent for a while before finally saying, Elder Xias cooking skills are quite good. You should cook less in the future.

Xia Chao was stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud.

After the meal, everyone had mixed feelings.

The literal meaning was mixed.

To be honest, Lin Yi was convinced that Xia Chao could shamelessly say that he had practiced for years with this level of dark cuisine.

During the banquet, Xia Chao was like an ordinary old man, and after opening his mouth, he was somewhat long-winded.

Lin Yi confirmed one thing-this person was indeed the legendary director of the general affairs department.

Those days at Jianghai Academy were the worst days of my life. Many times, I thought that I should just muddle through.

In this world, who doesnt just muddle along?

But unfortunately, I still have a life of toil. I really cant be idle.

Now that I think about it, that was probably the most relaxing day of my life.. By the way, how are Xiao Tian and Xiao Luo?