Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1419 - Bloodstained Tree

Chapter 1419 - Bloodstained Tree

Clearly, the Wind Swordlord’s troops had successfully delayed Li Wushuang’s side’s retreat. It was a mess, as it had been every man for himself. The wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean cultivators were too distinctive, and it was too hard for them to blend in and hide. Hence, those being hunted down had a low probability of success to escape.

The two hundred thousand swordpupils all summoned their lifebound beasts, completely cutting off the path north!

“Empyrean Sword Sect!” Many people despaired when they saw the allied army. There was a dense throng of swordpupils. Together with their lifebound beasts, the end of the army couldn’t be seen. In this chaotic moment, they didn’t have accurate information. Hence, they all believed this grand army had blocked their path forward.

“This way!” Some headed east, some headed west. Some even backtracked and ran south, only to run into the Wind Swordlord’s army.

The greatest danger on the battlefield was chaos. As soon as a commanding officer’s orders couldn’t be passed down, it would be a disaster. Some would want to flee, while some would want to carve out a path with blood.

The Blueblood Starocean was also like a headless dragon now that the Tumulus Pill God wasn’t there; there was no one else to lead them.

As for Li Wushuang, they were filled with hatred and wouldn’t follow her after she had screwed them over.

“Pass down the order. Everyone, follow me in slaughtering a way out west!” Li Wushuang made a snap judgment as soon as she saw the army.

Her orders passed down the chain of command. However, communication broke down halfway through the chain. Any sense of organization had long since been lost.

“Listen to her? Do you enjoy dying?”

“She came to this continent to mess around. So many of us died a dog’s death for her saplings. The Tumulus Pill God already told her to retreat back to the Supracloud Sanctuary long ago. She refused to listen, and that’s why Yun Tianque chose now to rebel. If the army were to attack, we could’ve quickly seized the Supracloud Sanctuary and used it as a fortress. But she didn’t do that, and all for her saplings. She treats our lives as worthless!”

“What exactly is her plan against an army of a million?”

“Li Wushuang!” They were all aware that everything from start to finish was all Li Wushuang’s fault.

Somehow, it managed to get even more chaotic.

“Don’t listen to her. The Tumulus Pill God isn’t around, so everyone listen to me! Us wargodeans will form a wedge and break out in this direction!”


There were those who knew the lay of the land and could command a decent number of people. They formed groups that attempted to break out of the encirclement. However, without someone like the Tumulus Pill God, who could command everyone, the higher the number of would-be generals, the more chaos reigned. No one knew who to listen to.

“Whatever! Just run anywhere.”

From above, the two-hundred-thousand-strong army looked like headless flies trapped in a vortex and surrounded on all sides. Each of the four directions around them had two hundred thousand people forming an encirclement that locked down the area.

Then, the people and lifebound beasts closed in.

One side was united and bore the flame of vengeance in their hearts.

The other side was like a pile of loose sand, chaotic and leaderless.


The area was immediately filled with the light of attacks and the sound of weapons ripped through the air. The Azurecloud Divine Tree constantly shook underfoot from the shockwaves and ferocious beast roars.

“I am the Northdipper Swordsage. Hear me!” an overbearing and magnificent voice called out. The Northdipper Swordsage had used his mighty cultivation to be heard across the whole battlefield. “Several days ago, forty thousand of my Empyrean Sword Sect brethren perished at Aix Lake. Our comrades’ corpses haven’t gone cold yet. Our Rain Swordlord was murdered and humiliated! We all know who did this. The celestial orderians, who have always been despots, and their lapdogs, the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean!

“They’re strong, so we deserved to have our dignity trampled on and die. But the Azurecloud Continent is our Myriad Solar Sect’s turf! How dare they kill our people here and their dogs run around without a leash? Yesterday, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect fell. Today, the Azurecloud Continent faces hard times. If we don’t fight back, they’ll think we’re cowards. They’ll keep killing us and taking our wealth.”

“So, today, our Myriad Solar Sects’ Grand Coalition will gather here today to exterminate these wild dogs. We’ll seek vengeance for our dead siblings so they can rest in peace. If we kill them to the last man here, the next time they want to humiliate us, they’ll think of the price they paid today in blood!”

The speech drew an impassioned roar in response. More killing intent and conviction was created. Cultivators stared at the wargodeans they usually didn’t dare look in the eyes. Then, they charged in and began their slaughter. The resultant booms from various abilities and totemic calamities could be heard across half the continent. The area descended into hell, someone dying every moment.

The Azurecloud Divine Tree was stained with blood, which quickly disappeared into the branches and leaves. After absorbing it, the tree seemed to become even more lustrous.