Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 2333: Lin Feng is so Cute

Chapter 2333: Lin Feng is so Cute

Chapter 2333 - Lin Feng is so Cute

"Are you messing with me?!" Guchi Xiaoyin glared down Tianming with a look of wide-eyed disbelief. How could a twelfth-level stellaminor threaten his life?

"Lin Feng, you're so cute." His laughter rang through the room. This was the most laughable thing he had heard in a long while. He couldn't help but clutch his stomach as he uncontrollably laughed. "Silverthread, quick, let go of him... hohoho.... That cutie really loves to make me laugh...." He waved for his warbeast to retract the hair tentacles from Meow Meow and relaxed his soul eyes' hold on them, smiling with satisfaction. "I knew youd be someone interesting."

Tianming's threat had induced the opposite effect. Not only had it not scared Guchi Xiaoyin, itd even made him think that Tianming was flirting with him. However, that was Tianming's chance! He was being completely humiliated, and his opponent was no nice guy. He knew that if he didn't go for the kill, there was no way he would be able to leave the room.

He signaled Meow Meow to shrink into its normal form and go back into his lifebound s.p.a.ce. Guchi Xiaoyin believed it to be a sign of submission, so he was even happier now.

"The two of us are alone in this room. Even though we haven't had a chance to get to know each other very well yet, we were fortunate enough to be brought together by fate. Lin Feng, I a.s.sure you that our encounter in this distant ancestral world will be one to remember for the ages! Wonderful! Wonderful!" He opened his arms, satisfied with the charisma he was displaying. Behind him, the silverthread crawled back to block the entrance, clearly intent on keeping Tianming in the room. Seeing his submission only fueled Guchi Xiaoyin's desire for conquest even more. He couldn't help but smile widely as he immersed himself in Tianming's fine features.

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! It was the worst encounter Tianming could have had. Being treated like that angered him to no end. Wonderful, you say? I'll show you wonderful! Initially, hed been worried about others being able to see what was happening, but Guchi Xiaoyin had had both of them remove their OldG.o.d Rings. n.o.body but them would know what was happening in this room, so Tianming could go all out.

He hadn't used them for far too long: his decapath era G.o.dswords! All this time, they had been growing in power alongside him. He had kept them hidden as a final trump card. The last time he had used them, he was still a solarian! By now they were filled to the brim with totem ki. The bane-rings on both his arms brightly glowed. Now that I've revealed my trump card, he has to die!

Ten loud explosions resounded through the room all of a sudden, filling it with blinding light. The ten divine sword totems of ancient pedigree manifested from Tianming's arms and surrounded him, filling the surrounding area with intense sword ki.

All of them contained different aspects of the universe, ranging from the elemental, black and white, eternal frost, temporal and spatial, and even causality. Eastdivinity Acme burned bright and blazing like a phoenix's feather. Welkin Imperius was light, but wide like a sheet of razor-sharp gla.s.s! Grandvoid Universum was barely detectable with its adept usage of temporal energy.

The manifestation of all ten totems caused the energy within them to be unleashed, filling the room to the brim with sword ki. Both Tianming and Guchi Xiaoyin's robes wildly fluttered. All the while, Guchi Xiaoyin was still laughing, but seeing that froze his smile in place. He felt like he had swallowed a whole fist and was almost about to choke. His eyes widened more and more, making his babyface much uglier than before. Even if Tianming liked men, he would find that expression hard to stomach.

"Ten totems?! Hows that possible?!" From how shaken he was, it was clear that having ten totems was a miracle n.o.body dared to even imagine. "Lin Feng, are you a dual cultivator? No, you also have divine wonders. You're a triple cultivator?!"

Guchi Xiaoyin's tongue wildly flapped. Even a disciple of his caliber and status was speechless at seeing the totems. After all, Tianming's lifebound beasts were already too powerful, so n.o.body would ever think that they could be obtained from blood pacts! In fact, ebons were experts in blood pacts. Theyd tried over eons to make wildbeasts into actual lifebound beasts, but had never succeeded. There was no way for blood pacts to create lifebound beasts that were of any actual quality.

Though Guchi Xiaoyin was shocked, he wasn't afraid. There was no way a third-level orderan like him would fear a stellaminor who was still a normal G.o.d. It was a gap that no normal person could hope to cross.

"Very well!" He seemed impressed and satisfied by Tianming's talent. "Come back with me to the ebons! My dad will give you a bright future! Your clan already belongs to us anyway, so you won't be mistreated! When we grow up, I'll make you the ruler of the SwordG.o.d Lin Clan!"

"I don't give a f.u.c.k!" How could someone be so dumb even in the face of death? Tianming had never been joking even for a moment. He motioned for the totems to target Guchi Xiaoyin. How could he face off against the seventh-ranked ebon genius that was a whole level above Lin Jianxing? There was only one answer: his second totemic calamity!

"Shattered Era, Cosmic Swordsurge!" Tianming roared as he triggered an explosion of totem ki for a double-edged attack that would render his totems useless for months, but that no longer matteredhe hadn't been using them anyway! Guchi Xiaoyin couldn't be underestimated, despite his misaligned priorities. He was definitely more threatening than Yi Taoyao was.

Tianming had almost forgotten how insanely savage the move was. The ten totem swords smashed together, colliding, exploding, and filling the entire room with sword beams as they fused into one! It looked like a new universe had been born within the sword, s.h.i.+ning with astral glory with its individual aspects being able to be distinguished from one another, such as the flames that gave the new universe warmth, the s.p.a.cetime that formed its framework, the cardinal directions, and the spread of sentient life. Not even a second-level orderan possessed power of this magnitude.

Guchi Xiaoyin didn't think that Tianming would be so savage, nor did he know that he had an ultimate move like this up his sleeves. The room was far too small to escape its range, and he didn't have a chance to summon his other warbeasts at all. He only managed to get the silverthread to move in front of him with his soul eyes. Then, a chain-type cosmic artifact appeared in his hand, which he quickly wound up to form a gigantic silver s.h.i.+eld. Following that, the silverthread unleashed its abilities the same time the cosmic impulse in the silver chain surged, creating a huge explosion.

The next instant, the destructive sword of cosmic beginnings pierced into the silverthread and chain s.h.i.+eld. Countless hair tentacles spread out to protect Guchi Xiaoyin, but simply burned to ash like they were normal hairs inside an oven. The silverthread let out an ear-curdling shriek that lasted no more than a single moment before the cosmic sword completely engulfed Guchi Xiaoyin!

It looked like tens of thousands of swords were unfolding before Tianming. As a disciple of the SwordG.o.d Lin Clan, his sword intent had grown even more defined when coupled with the totem swords.

The sheer destructive force sent Guchi Xiaoyinand everything elseslamming into the walls of the small room, the collisions causing the entire room to shake. Eventually, the totem ki began dissipating into the primeval source around them. Is he dead yet?

Tianming knew there was no turning back after using that move. If Guchi Xiaoyin survived, then he would no doubt hunt him to h.e.l.l and back. He used his prime wonder to pave a way and immediately spotted Guchi Xiaoyin with his Sky Plundering Eye.

He's alive! Tianming felt cold sweat forming as chills went down his spine. Guchi Xiaoyin was completely bloodied and stuck to the wall. All his limbs had been eradicated by the totemic calamity, leaving only a bloodied head and battered body behind. His face didn't even look like a human's anymore.

But he was still alive.