Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up - Chapter 1089 The Last Roar

Chapter 1089 The Last Roar

Chapter 1089: Chapter 1089 The Last Roar

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Chapter 1089 The Last Roar

Lu Yus dragon claw pulsed with an otherworldly glow, sending a jolt of fear through Xu Mang. He stumbled back two paces, his disbelief etched across his face as he gaped at Lu Yus transformed arms.

Dragon claws! You he stammered, a mixture of shock and morbid curiosity flickering in his eyes. Is that some kind of trick?

Lu Yus voice remained indifferent. You dont have to care. You wanted to ambush me, so here I am. Time is of the essence.

Lu Yu advanced toward Xu Mang with a measured pace, his expression betraying no hint of urgency.

Witnessing Lu Yus steady approach, a tremor ran through Xu Mangs heart.

His gaze darted nervously between Lu Yus eyes and the menacing claws. A war raged within him.

Regardless of the source of your dragon power, he conceded grudgingly, a hint of disdain still clinging to his voice. I will not back down! Perhaps its all a bluff!

He tightened his grip on the long saber, then lunged toward Lu Yu with surprising agility.

Despite the armor enc.u.mbering him, his movements were swift, mirroring Lu Yus own speed.

However, in Lu Yus eyes, Xu Mangs desperate charge appeared as in slow motion.

A wry smile played on Lu Yus lips as he watched Xu Mang approach.

The attacking Xu Mang faltered momentarily upon noticing Lu Yus knowing smile.

Youre courting death! He roared, but the conviction was absent from his voice.

Seizing this fleeting moment of hesitation, Lu Yu launched himself forward. In a blink, he was at Xu Mangs side.

With a swift, almost casual movement, Lu Yu raised his left claw and brought it down in a vicious arc towards Xu Mangs shoulder.

A sickening swoosh filled the air as the razor-sharp claws tore through flesh and bone.

In a spray of crimson, Xu Mangs right arm detached from his body, landing with a sickening thud on the ground.


A primal scream erupted from Xu Mangs throat as he clutched at the gaping wound, his eyes wide with terror.

Gone was the arrogance, replaced by a bone-deep fear of Lu Yu. The casual display of power had laid bare the insurmountable chasm in their abilities. Now, do you still want to test my combat power?

Lu Yus hands returned to their original state as he wiped the blood on his clothes.

As the full weight of his situation dawned on him, Xu Mang sank to his knees, his voice trembling with abject terror. Please, forgive me! I understand my mistake!

His desperate pleas hung heavy in the air, met by a chilling silence from his team, who witnessed the entire scene unfold with a mixture of horror and disbelief.

Lu Yu coolly eyed Xu Mang. Do you truly grasp the gravity of your situation? Its a little too late for apologies. Would you have shown me mercy if the roles were reversed?

His words struck a chord with Xu Mang, leaving him speechless.

Lu Yus logic was irrefutable. In their line of work, mercy was a rare commodity. They would have shown him no mercy had they succeeded in ambus.h.i.+ng Lu Yu.

Tears streamed down Xu Mangs face as he looked up at Lu Yu, his voice thick with desperation. I understand! Please, forgive me! Ill do anything, anything at all, to make amends. Just spare my life!

Lu Yu eyed his severed arm and asked, I took your arm. Shouldnt you hate me?

As long as you let me live, well call it even, alright? I didnt cause you any real losses, so please spare me. Ive already lost an arm, thats punishment enough! Xu Mang pleaded desperately.

Lu Yu approached him, a cold glint in his eyes. Letting you live wouldnt benefit me. Youd just return to your family and cause more trouble. Why make things harder for myself?


Xu Mangs entire body trembled at Lu Yus words. He locked eyes with Lu Yu and blurted out, If you kill me, the Xu Family will hunt you down! There will be no safe haven for you in Skyplume City, or even the entire Ten Thousand Dragon Kingdom!

His voice rose to a hysterical pitch, spewing the anger festering within him.

Lu Yu responded with a humorless laugh. Thats exactly what I thought. Youd be the first to sic your family on me upon returning. In that case, I cant afford to let you live.

No!!! Xu Mang shrieked. Brothers, run! Tell my father to avenge me!

He bellowed with all his might, his voice a guttural roar echoing through the chamber.

His underlings, witnessing the scene, scattered in terror. Flight was their only option; they didnt dare hesitate.

Hu Zhan rushed over; concern etched on his face. Lu Yu, those cowards are escaping! What do we do?

Let them go, Lu Yu replied nonchalantly. Ill deal with however many the Xu family throws at me. Do I look afraid?

Hu Zhan was taken aback by Lu Yus resolve. But I heard the Xu family has over two hundred members, with tens of thousands under their control! They have a vast network of businesses and powerful figures in their ranks. They even possess several tamed dragons! If we truly clash, the outcome wouldnt be pretty.

Lu Yu shrugged with indifference. I dont care. Let the Xu family come if they dare. Ill be back in Skyplume City eventually; theyll find me easily.

Seems like youre truly fearless. Well then lets focus on that later. We can discuss things further upon our return.

Lu Yu approached Xu Mang, drawing his Star Piercing Demonic Sword. The glint of the blade sent a fresh wave of terror through Xu Mang. Dont worry, Xu Mang roared, my father will have his revenge!


In a swift motion, Lu Yu severed Xu Mangs head.

Silence descended, a stark contrast to the commotion moments prior.

He wiped the blood from his blade and sheathed it with practiced ease.

Turning to Ming Baixuan, Lu Yu spoke, For now, I wont hold your actions against you. You saw through their plan quickly and distanced yourself in time.

Now, its time to enter the treasure vault. Follow me.

Ming Baixuan cast a nervous glance at Xu Mangs lifeless body, swallowing hard.

Alright, alright Ill come with you. He stammered, his voice barely above a whisper. But are you truly unafraid? The man you just killedhe wasnt someone insignificant.

His significance is lost on me. Hes just another obstacle to overcome.

The Xu family is nothing before me..