All My Disciples Suck! - Chapter 496

Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Brother G.o.d, I want to learn how to unite with you!

Chaos Star Sea

In the central area of the endless sea

This was a very special sea area.

In the Chaos Star Sea, there are no powerful sea beasts raging everywhere, and there were no storms, let alone terrible sea tornadoes and other natural disasters! The Chaos Star Sea was peaceful, it could be said to be the same as the Chaos Star Sea, the endless sea full of dangers and horrors were two different worlds.

In the Chaos Star Sea, there were four major factions!

On the surface, the Sea Race was the most numerous race in this endless sea!

In the Chaos Star Sea, they were also the most numerous race, and even the Sea Race themselves did not know how many Sea Race there were in the entire Endless Sea!

It could be said that the Sea Race was the head snake of the Endless Sea, and it was also a native here, and the number of people was also the largest! However, the frightening thing was that the Sea Race was the weakest of the four major forces in the Chaos Star Sea. It was far from being able to compare with the other three major forces!

Because none of the other three major forces belong to this low-level plane!

Instead, they came from the upper realm or even other planes through various means!

These three major forces were the human race from the upper realm, the demon race from the Myriad Demons Realm, and finally the Beast Race from the Beast Realm! The three parties were not originally born in this low-level plane, but they have arrived in the Chaos Star Sea. After many years of struggle, has finally reached a balance.

The most powerful force on the surface was the human race. They were the human race from the upper realm, and there were so many masters! Among them, the Chenxing auction was held. Although there were not many people, it had the most masters! The second was from the Demon Realm. The power of the demons was self-evident.

Although the last Beast Race had the smallest number of people, all of them had unimaginable strength, and in terms of average strength, they were stronger than the human race! Because the weakest of the Beast Race was all at the Sea Wheel Realm! There was not even a Foundation Establishment Realm.

This is Chaos Star Sea? Lying in a shop, the pale G.o.d King Enel was

These information about the pattern of the Chaos Star Sea was just what Jin Wu, the Golden Deep Sea King, said.

G.o.d King Enel also believed that the other party didnt need to deceive himself on the common sense that everyone in Chaos Star Sea knew.

Its just

hold the gra.s.s!

Isnt this plot too big?

This Chaos Star Sea actually involves so many huge forces!

The sea race, which was almost irresistible before, is actually the most inexperienced in the Chaos Star Sea?

d.a.m.n it!

Ive told you so much to let you accomplish one thing! Jin Wu raised his lips, revealing his true colors.

Whats the matter? G.o.d King Enel just asked, and received a notification from the system.


Congratulations to the player G.o.d King Enel, who has arrived in the Chaos Star Sea!

G.o.d King Enel was overjoyed.

Although it was difficult!

But he finally reached the Chaos Star Sea!

As long as I am still alive, there is hope!

Next, what I have to do is not to let Jin Wu realize that I have the Azure Emperor Immortal Body. An irreversible injury with broken meridians can actually be healed slowly.

Jin Wu believed that his meridians were broken, so he didnt put himself in the shackles of the forbidden magic.

I just need to wait for a while, and after the meridians are repaired, I can find a suitable place to build a teleportation array!

When Brother Ming comes, I will be able to make a comeback!

Although you have become disabled, but you still have companions!

Im not interested in knowing why your human race mixed with the deadly demons! I need you to teach your companions skills, so that they can learn to become the same as you before the thunder-possessed form!

Then, on the main island of our Sea Race in Chaos Star Sea, the first arena in Nine Seas Island, Death Canyon, relying on that power, we can turn the tide of battle, defeat powerful enemies that are impossible to defeat, and earn a lot of wealth for me!

I can promise you!

As long as you can win ten matches, I will give you back your freedom!

Of course, you can also refuse! If you refuse, you and your companions will become extra meal for the warriors of the clan! Jin Wu said very bluntly.

G.o.d King Enel was speechless for a while.

Hold the gra.s.s, is this called two choices?

I can only choose to become a laborer?

Okay! I promise you! G.o.d King Enel agreed without hesitation.

However, I need a little time. After all, this stunt is too dangerous. The longer it takes, the more stable it will be! G.o.d King Enel said directly.

Okay, Ill give you three days! Three days later, this years battle of death in Death Canyon will be open, and you will partic.i.p.ate in the first round of battle! Jin Wu laughed and said with satisfaction.

Three days? The words of Jin Wu made the eyes of G.o.d King Enel brighten!

If Brother Lufei is not swept away by the waves and survives, he will wake up in three days. Maybe, he can come and save us!

Brothers, hold on for three days, we will have a chance! G.o.d King Enel leaned on crutches, returned to the bottom of the cabin, and excitedly greeted the third-test players who were still bound by the magic shackles.

Along the way, he talked about the situation of Chaos Star Sea and the agreement with Jin Wu.

Tsk tsk tsk, three days is no small matter!

Thats right, eat and drink, three days would have pa.s.sed!

What if Brother Lufei and Brother Zoro die?

Ah, no matter how hard we try, there is nothing we can do!

Completing this task will definitely reward us a lot!

However, if we cant do it, we cant help it. We tried our best! Hiccup~

Dont you have a little sense of responsibility?

What is responsibility? Is it delicious?

G.o.d King Enel vomited, really vomited.

Its too difficult!

Its too difficult for me!

G.o.d King Enel really feels like he cant move.

Its really hard to move more than forty chickens at a time!

But suddenly, G.o.d King Enel had a flash of inspiration!

Everyone, think about it

In case Brother Lufei comes to rescueus, and the teleportation array has been successfully established!

Then there are two choices!

You guys didnt do anything, but Brother Ming came with all the players, and everyone pretended to be boss. At the time, we cant do anything but watch the show!

Or, in three days, learn the art of human-devil fusion with me! Three days later, join me in a crazy show and become the most powerful person in this continuous epic mission!

You guys, which choice do you want to make?

The words of G.o.d King Enel immediately touched the desire of these third testers!

Ill listen to you!

If you cant pretend to be boss when you play games, whats the difference with salted fish? Brother G.o.d, I want to learn how to unite human and demon powers with you!

In an instant, the players in the third test were all pumped up!

At the same time. On the beach where the wreck of the Merry lay. A pink half-meter-tall Pippi Shrimp bounced around and picking up the wreckage on the beach.

Then it saw w.a.n.g Lufei and Emperor Zoro whose half of their bodies were washed away by sea water and would soon be washed away by the waves.

Huh? Its a human being! Pick it up and show it to mom! Pink Pippi Shrimp happily uttered the voice of a little girl, and dragged w.a.n.g Lufei and Emperor Zoro slowly away from the beach