All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot - Chapter 664 - College Roommate

Chapter 664 - College Roommate

Chapter 664: College Roommate

Im leaving. Call me if you need anything, Fu Hanchuan reminded her.

Qin Sheng agreed.

Fu Hanchuan left at the right time.

In the dormitory, there was another girl besides Qin Sheng. She had thick bangs and a pair of black-rimmed eyes on her face.

She was tidying up her things just now and looked at Qin Sheng from time to time.

When she saw Fu Hanchuan and Qin Sheng behaving intimately, she frowned but did not say anything.

Qin Sheng was tidying up her luggage quietly.

About half an hour later, another girl came in.

Her face was covered in heavy makeup. Her long straight hair was not tied up and fell straight to her chest.

After she dragged her luggage in alone, she looked at Qin Sheng and Meng Fangfei and took out a bag of sweets.

She placed one on Qin Shengs table and gave it to Meng Fangfei.

She introduced herself enthusiastically, Im Shen Jiayue, a computer science student. I entered Imperial Capital University with a score of top 200.

After saying that, her gaze fell on Qin Sheng.

She asked, This cla.s.smate, can you introduce yourself?

Qin Sheng only replied with two words, Qin Sheng.

Shen Jiayue frowned. She had a feeling that she had heard the name Qin Sheng somewhere before. However, she only thought that it was a coincidence and did not think too much about it.

What about you? Shen Jiayue asked Meng Fangfei.

Meng Fangfei opened her mouth to speak. Her voice was very soft. Meng Fangfei, economics and management major, ranked 88th.

88th? Shen Jiayue was very surprised. I didnt expect your results to be so good!

At this moment, she was very serious as she sized up Meng Fangfei. When she saw Meng Fangfeis supplies and clothes, she frowned without a trace.

In her heart, she also looked down on Meng Fangfei.

No wonder her results were so good. It turned out that her family background was not good.

If she wanted to stand out, she could only rely on studying.

Shen Jiayue no longer had the intention of befriending Meng Fangfei, and Qin Shengs att.i.tude was very cold.

She did not talk to them anymore.

She began to tidy up her things.

Shen Jiayue had just finished tidying her blanket when another girl came in. She was very ostentatious, with three maids behind her.

She was wearing a white dress, and her face was covered with thick makeup.

She sized up the dormitory.

Then, she arrogantly instructed the servants, Arrange these things properly for me.

Shen Jiayue saw the girls attire and knew at a glance that she was the daughter of a rich family. Moreover, with so many servants, her family background wouldnt be too bad.

Her thoughts immediately became lively.

Walking up, her att.i.tude was very good. h.e.l.lo, my name is Shen Jiayue. Im in the same dormitory as you. May I know your name?

Zhao Xiang was sitting on a chair. Hearing this, she lowered her head and buffed her nails. Without looking at Shen Jiayue, she said, Zhao Xiang.

After saying this, she did not say anything else.

Shen Jiayue asked again, Can you tell me how what place you got in your major and college entrance examination?

Finally, she added, When I saw you, I felt that you were very impressive, Xiang Xiang. Your college entrance examination results must be very good.

Zhao Xiang was used to being adored by others.

However, she was still very pleased with Shen Jiayues words.

She finally gave Shen Jiayue a look. Im a medical major. I got 18th place in the college entrance exam.

Oh my G.o.d! Shen Jiayue covered her mouth. Xiang Xiang, your results are too good. You might be the best student in the medical major.

I didnt expect you to be so beautiful. Your grades are not bad either.