All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot - Chapter 1094 - 1094 Asking Them For Help

Chapter 1094 - 1094 Asking Them For Help

Chapter 1094 - 1094 Asking Them For Help

1094 Asking Them For Help

Mother Lin thought that Father Luos suggestion was good. She nodded. Okay, its Haochengs good fortune to be able to marry your daughter.

She didnt notice Father Lin and Old Master Lins anger. Instead, she was very proud of herself. She felt that Lin Haocheng had gotten off easy by getting married to Luo Yun.

Otherwise, with Lin Haochengs ability, a wealthy family like the Luo family wouldnt even look at him.

I dont agree. Old Master Lins face darkened. Wu Wanrong, the marriage of our Lin familys grandson is not for you to decide!

Dad, Im Haochengs mother. Whats wrong with marrying the daughter of the Luo family? Wu Wanrong said, feeling wronged.

Old Master Lin sneered, Wu Wanrong, do you know that Luo Yun isnt a good person? In high school, she slept with a man at such a young age, and she had a miscarriage? Our Lin family isnt one to pick up trash.

At that time, the Luo family had kept this matter a secret very tightly, but some news had still been spread.

Luo Yuns face turned pale when this matter was exposed so openly.

She tugged at Father Luos suit jacket and bit her lower lip. Dad

Hearing this, Father Luos face darkened. He knew that with Old Master Lin around, it would be impossible for them to rely on Lin Haocheng.

He flung his hand and flew into a rage out of humiliation. Lin Haocheng is just an actor in the entertainment industry. What future can he have? Its fine if my daughter doesnt want to enter the Lin family, and

Father Luo stared at Wu Jinghao. Wu Jinghao was standing in the corner, trying to reduce his presence.

Wu Jinghao noticed Father Luos gaze, and cold sweat started to form on his forehead.

Father Luos face darkened. Wu Jinghao, I wont let you off, including the Wu family and the Lin family. Youre on your own now.

In fact, Father Luo didnt dare to go against the Lin family. He was just trying to save face and find a way out for himself.

Yun Yun, lets go.

Luo Yun followed her father and walked quickly. There were still tears on her face, and she looked very pitiful. Before she left, she glanced at Fu Hanchuan.

As soon as Fu Hanchuan appeared, she noticed him. Fu Hanchuan was extremely handsome and his temperament was hard to ignore. Luo Yun had a good impression of Fu Hanchuan.

When they were in the private room, she had been secretly observing Fu Hanchuan.

However, Fu Hanchuans eyes were fixed on Qin Sheng, and he did not hide the affection in his eyes.

Luo Yun tried to attract Fu Hanchuans attention, but he did not even look at her.

Even when she was leaving, Luo Yun did not even get a glance from Fu Hanchuan.

Luo Yun left with her father unwillingly.

The door of the private room was closed.

Old Master Lins cold eyes pierced Wu Jinghao. He sneered, Wu Jinghao, how dare you frame my grandson and even encourage Wu Wanrong to let Haocheng take the blame? Ha, youre really capable!

Wu Jinghao walked over quickly and knelt down in front of Old Master Lin.

I was wrong. I was just muddled for a moment. I wont do it again next time.

Wu Jinghao wiped away the tears on his face and looked up with hope in his eyes. Uncle, Grandfather, please help me. If the Luo family does anything to me, Im finished. With your abilities, youll definitely be able to help me. If you cant, dont you still have the Qin family?

Why should I help you? Old Master Lin retorted mercilessly. You have a relations.h.i.+p with Wu Wanrong, not me.

Father Lin was also silent. It was obvious that he didnt want to help Wu Jinghao.