Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao - Chapter 3588: Patient

Chapter 3588: Patient

Chapter 3588: Patient

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There was no absolute fairness in this world.

This martial arts tournament had been organized by the Primordial Sect, so it was only natural that they would be biased towards Liu Jun. This wasnt strange at all.

Ling Han smiled faintly. Did they think that this would stop him from becoming champion?

Come on then.

In the first match, Liu Jun versus Ma Ruo.

Since Ma Ruo could advance to the top four, his abilities were naturally not weak either, as he battled fiercely with Liu Jun.

However, it was clear that Liu Jun was stronger. He continued to suppress his opponent, and after more than an hour, he finally defeated Ma Ruo.

Long live Senior Brother Liu!

Senior Brother Liu is invincible!

Below Celestial Path, Senior Brother Liu can be considered the strongest.

What Hong Tianbu? If he dares to partic.i.p.ate, hell definitely be easily defeated by Senior Brother Liu.

Everyone was cheering for Liu Jun.

Liu Jun walked back with an arrogant smile, taking out alchemical pills which he ingested to recover his mystical power as soon as possible.

Battling fiercely for an hour was quite exhausting for him.

In the next battle, Ling Han faced off against Kong Rui.

Kong Rui was a young man whose face was slightly pale. It was as if he had some serious illness, and his complexion was extraordinarily poor. He was still coughing as he walked, and when he came face to face with Ling Han, he directly opened his mouth, If you admit defeat, I will gift you a celestial technique.


Is this public cheating?

The Foundation Building elite who was supervising the battle wore a livid expression, and he wanted nothing more than to smack Kong Rui to death.

Kong Rui actually dared to attempt bribery right in front of him!

But the problem was, if he killed Kong Rui, wouldnt Ling Han directly enter into the finals?

One had conserved his strength, while the other had just experienced a great battle. Naturally, this was extremely disadvantageous to Liu Jun.

Thus, he forcibly suppressed his urge to commit murder. He had to buy more time for Liu Jun to recover.

Enough nonsense! he said. Lets begin the compet.i.tion.

Kong Rui sighed, and said, In this day and age, do people not want money that is delivered to their doors?

He still dared to speak?

Everyone almost fainted. This person was also very unreliable.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, Lets battle.

Youre wearing a turtle sh.e.l.l, so how am I supposed to fight? Kong Rui said, coughing repeatedly. Look at me, Im so sick. It wasnt easy for me to come here. Why dont you take off your Battle Armor and give a patient like me some advantage?

When everyone heard this, they all felt that this person was also very shameless.

Being able to reach the top four, how could his battle prowess be ordinary?

A patient? They had never seen a patient that could fight so well.

Ling Han shook his head, I dont think so.

Sigh, you really have no sympathy. Kong Rui shook his head. Two streaks of blood suddenly flowed out of his nose, which shocked him greatly, F*ck, I have a nosebleed again.

Everyone was surprised. This guy was really a sick man?

Yet Ling Hans expression became serious. That nosebleed was not bright red, but rather as black as ink, and had an indescribable darkness to it.

Xiu, Kong Rui charged out, pus.h.i.+ng with both hands. Boom, a black shockwave instantly shot out from his palms, turning into a black dragon that blasted towards Ling Han.

Dark Dragon Tap!

He roared loudly.

Ling Hans vision blurred, as if he really saw a black dragon baring its fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng its claws as it attacked him. Its whole body was covered with indescribable seals, as if it wanted to destroy the world.

The black light arrived, and Ling Han instantly felt that the Battle Armor was being corroded by a force.

If this Battle Armor was only Mystery Realm Tier-level, it would probably have a layer of rust on it by now, but unfortunately, this was a One Star Spirit Tool, so how could a Mystery Realm Tier be able to damage it?

The Battle Armor lit up on its own, its golden light illuminating the surroundings, extremely eye-catching in the darkness.

Boom, the shockwave of darkness swept over, and Ling Han was still standing proudly.

Kong Rui started to cough again, saying, Freak, what a freak! Ive already tried my best, yet I wasnt even able to hurt a single feather of his. Sigh So sad! Im done playing!

Ling Hans expression couldnt help but turn dark. You could just say you couldnt hurt a single hair, and that was fine. Why did you have to say a feather?

Kong Rui had really given up just like that. He turned around and left, extremely decisive.

This Dark Dragon Tap was his greatest killing move, but even the ultimate move with the greatest offensive power was unable to penetrate through Ling Hans Battle Armor. Then, it would be pointless to continue the battle.

In that case, he might as well admit defeat as soon as possible. Fighting consumed a lot of physical power, and it was also possible that he would be injured. It was not worth it.

The Foundation Building elite beside him wanted nothing more than to strangle Kong Rui to death. Are you still a f*cking cultivator? Why dont you have the slightest bit of battle awareness?

Oh, he had not even finished a single move, and then left?

He was practically cowardly to the extreme.

He looked towards Liu Jun. Even if Liu Jun had ingested Spiritual Herbs, he had only recovered one third of his power, at most.

What was he to do? How was he supposed to drag things out for some time?

Lets battle! Unexpectedly, Liu Jun stood up, and took the initiative to ask for a battle.


The Foundation Building elite hesitated slightly. It was fine if Liu Jun won, but what if she lost? He couldnt bear the responsibility.

Its fine. Liu Jun had already walked out. He waved his hand, appearing extremely relaxed, This person is merely depending on this Battle Armor. As long as I can break through it, I would be able to suppress him with a single strike.

With a shake of his right hand, a sword appeared out of thin air.

This sword was extraordinarily thin, like a piece of paper, as if it would break if he used the slightest bit of force.

Can Ye, I never thought that it would be you standing opposite me. Liu Jun said indifferently, However, no matter who it is, in front of me, they can only prostrate in submission.

Ling Han made a gesture of invitation, and said, Please continue your performance.


Liu Jun instantly felt as if he had suffered 10,000 damage. He was a personal disciple of a Spirit Transformation True Lord. Could it be that he was a clown that was performing in front of him?

-Looks like youre definitely going to suffer a bit! he said balefully. He raised the thin sword, and instantly, the whole sword lit up.

Yi, a Celestial Tool!

Ling Han glanced at it, and immediately determined that this was a One Star Tool. He had used the battle hammer many times, so he was no stranger to a One Star Tool.

Under my Carefree Sword, so what if you wear a Battle Armor? Liu Jun said proudly.

Celestial Tool versus Celestial Tool meant that Ling Hans advantage was gone. No wonder Liu Jun was so confident. As it turned out, he already had the means to deal with Ling Han.

Shua, Liu Jun drew his sword, and a flash of Sword Qi slashed over at an incredibly fast speed.

Ling Han stretched out his arm to block it. Pu, the Sword Qi slashed onto the armor, and the majority of its might was cancelled out, but there was still a portion that penetrated. He felt as if his skin had been torn open, and blood was flowing out.


Ling Han was astonished. Was a One Star Celestial Tool so powerful?

It wasnt as if he hadnt used it before. He definitely didnt think that a Mystery Realm Tier could unleash such might.


Realization dawned on Ling Han. This Spirit Tool must have been tampered with by the Primordial True Lord, and that was why it could release above standard might. However, it couldnt be too strong, or else it would be too obvious that it was cheating. If word got out, it would become a joke.

-A dignified Spirit Transformation True Lord could not even afford to lose a Two Star Celestial fruit?

However, did a Battle Armor only have the advantage of having a strong defense?

Ling Han charged out, and Eighteen Claws of the Golden Eagle was unleashed. It was as if his whole person had turned into a vicious bird from the Primitive Age, charging towards Liu Jun.

His body shone with a brilliant golden light..