Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao - Chapter 2827 - 2827 Eavesdropping

Chapter 2827 - 2827 Eavesdropping

Chapter 2827 - 2827 Eavesdropping

2827 Eavesdropping

Ling Han heaved a sigh. Hu Niu was still the same Hu Niu, and sure enough, she still liked to play and play. He still had to worry about her all the time.

Ling Han gazed in the direction of Hao Jings departure, a cold glint appeared in his eyes.

It was because he felt an innate dislike for those who pursued his daughter that he had kept an eye on Hao Jing. However, he hadnt imagined that Hao Jing would be so audacious, not only coveting his daughter, but even coveting the Empress! In fact, Hao Jing even had his eyes set on Ling Hans Heavenly Venerable Seals!

This Hao Jing is clearly aware of my strength. Thus, he didnt act rashly. Instead, hes requesting backup from this Senior Brother Luo or whatever Luo Tongfang? Ive heard of him before, hes a First Tier Heavenly Venerate.

However, a First Tier clearly isnt powerful enough to rival me, so Luo Tongfang didnt directly come over. Instead, hes gone to look for some blood clay or whatnot.

So this thing can wound me or even kill me?

Ling Han speculated in his mind. Even though he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence, it wouldnt make sense for him to dive head-first into danger.

Should I capture him now? Hu Niu asked in excitement.

No, well wait for Senior Brother Luo to arrive before capturing them together, Ling Han said.

He unleashed his divine sense across the entire Ling City. No matter how well a First Tier Heavenly Venerate concealed their aura, he would still be able to immediately detect their presence.

Once a Heavenly Venerate became serious, who could pick on them?

Four years later, Ling Han suddenly felt something tug at his mind.

He saw a Heavenly Venerate entering the city. His disguise was extremely well done, and he had transformed into a speck of dust that lay on a cart of goods entering the city. Only after two hours or so did he transform into an Ascending Origin Tier cultivator and walk toward the city west.

A cold smile stretched across Ling Hans face. Hao Jing would stay in a teahouse in the citys west for a brief while every day. It was clear that the two of them had agreed to meet up there.

Ling Han silently made his way over with Hu Niu.

Sure enough, this Heavenly Venerate quickly met up with Hao Jing, entering a private room. They were extremely careful, and they set up a restrictive barrier around the room, preventing their voices from leaking out.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even Fifth Tier Heavenly Venerates would be unable to eavesdrop on their discussion. This was unless they forcefully barged in. At that point, however, it couldnt be regarded as eavesdropping anymore.

However, it couldnt be helped that it didnt work, because Ling Han had kept an eye on Hao Jing the entire time.

Earlier, he had already made preparations around the entire teahouse. Thus, even though the two of them had erected a barrier, this had been done on top of Ling Hans previous setup. Thus, it was naturally a futile move.

Of course, this was also because Ling Han was far more powerful than them. Otherwise, ignoring Hao Jing, the First Tier Heavenly Venerate would have definitely noticed something wrong.

Anyhow, the two of them were extremely at ease as they began their discussion.

Junior Brother Hao, its been quite a few years, and youve already advanced to the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier. When Master exits his seclusion, hell definitely be delighted, the First Tier Heavenly Venerate said. He was none other than Luo Tongfang, Senior Brother Luo.

Hao Jing chuckled before replying, Thanks for your congratulations, Senior Brother Luo. However, a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate is still only a Pseudo. Theres no way I can compare to Senior Brother Luo.

Look at you. After becoming a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, will advancing to the First Tier be far away? Luo Tongfang said with a smile.

How wishy-washy, are they still not going to talk about the proper matters? Hu Niu couldnt help but grumble. Her small fist was tightly clenched, and she continued, Arent they afraid of their audiences complaining about drawn-out dialogues? This will cause a ma.s.s uproar!

Ling Han patted her head, and said, Have some patience. They could speak freely without having to worry about being overheard by the two people.

Sure enough, the other duo moved on to the main topic after a short while.

Youve obtained it? Hao Jing asked, his voice slightly tense and anxious. It was clear that he cared a lot about this matter.

Heh, you pestered me time and time again, so how could I fail? Luo Tongfang said with a chuckle. However, is it really necessary to make such a scene against a First Tier?

Hao Jing shook his head, saying, Senior Brother Luo, you definitely cant underestimate Ling Han. This is an extraordinary person. Even though hes only at the First Tier, he can rival those at the Third Tier! Hes definitely a freak!

For real? Luo Tongfang asked in suspicion. A First Tier being able to rival a Third Tier? Was there anything more preposterous than this in the world?

Senior Brother Luo, you were cultivating in seclusion to reach the First Tier before, so its understandable that youre not up to date with all the recent events, Hao Jing said with a nod. However, I can say with absolute certainty that Ling Hans freakishness is above even my understanding.

Luo Tongfang nodded in understanding. Even though he was still doubtful, he knew that Hao Jing wasnt someone to exaggerate matters.

Then will this blood clay be enough to contain him? After hearing all this, it was his turn to become anxious.

A cold smile spread across Hao Jings face. This is the product of a Fourth Tier Heavenly Venerate being taken down by the attack of Hysteria. His entire body transformed into a puddle of blood clay, and this is something that possesses a corrosive ability that even my father is extremely afraid of. In other words, even Fifth Tier Heavenly Venerates can be affected.

Thus, killing a First Tier will be as easy as a flick of the hand!

Moreover, as long as a correct amount is used, this blood clay can riddle a Heavenly Venerate with disease and pain. They have to resist this with all their power, rendering them powerless against others.

Luo Tongfang shook his head, saying, Junior Brother, how are you still unable to control your desire and l.u.s.t for women? Otherwise, your accomplishments would have surpa.s.sed mine long ago.

Hao Jing chuckled upon hearing this, saying, Senior Brother, if one does nothing but cultivate, what joy is to be had even if you have a limitless lifespan?

After we kill Ling Han, you take care of extracting his soul and refining out the Heavenly Venerable Seals. Ill be in charge of rescuing the others. That girl Ling Xi will definitely be extremely grateful toward me, yet she wont even guess that her kidnapped mother would have already become my slave, a slave for me to order around and toy with! There was a gleam in Hao Jings eyes.

Luo Tongfang wore an expression of disdain. In fact, he had a very low opinion of this junior brother who had his mind set on nothing but female beauty. However, who told him to be his masters only son?

When shall we act? he asked.

As soon as possible, Hao Jing replied. Ive comprehensively become part of the Ling Clan now, so no one will suspect me at all. They wont imagine that Ill poison their food!

Huh? Theyre already Heavenly Venerates, yet they still need to eat? Luo Tongfang asked in surprise.

Dont you know? Theyre a family of gluttons.

Outside, Ling Han was already rendered speechless. Normally, people would refer to him as a demon or a freak, but glutton? Sigh

However, Hu Niu roared with laughter, saying, Niu is indeed a glutton! Her expression then immediately became cold, and she said with killing intent, Ling Han, lets go and kill those two baddies.

Ling Han nodded in agreement. Sure thing!

He had only stayed put because he had wanted to wait for Luo Tongfang to arrive. Now that they were both together, and now that they had revealed their intentions, there was naturally no need for Ling Han to hold back anymore.

Hao Jing and Luo Tongfang were still discussing the fine details of their plan when they heard a knock on the door.

The two of them exchanged a surprised glance.

Who was it?

Ill go, Luo Tongfang said as he walked over to answer the door. The door creaked open, revealing a young man and an indescribably beautiful young girl.

You are? he asked. He was still disguised as an Ascending Origin Tier cultivator at this moment, so the aura that he exuded wasnt especially powerful.

However, Hao Jing could see the visitors clearly, and his expression involuntarily underwent a drastic change. L-Ling Han! he stammered.

He was just discussing how to kill Ling Han, yet his target had suddenly appeared in the doorway. How could he not be shocked?


Luo Tongfang immediately unleashed his cultivation, with his vast aura as a First Tier instantly sweeping into the surroundings like a chaotic tidal wave.