Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao - Chapter 2733 - 2733 Solution

Chapter 2733 - 2733 Solution

Chapter 2733 - 2733 Solution

2733 Solution

Wu Haoyang was extremely overbearing. In his eyes, whether it was the 10 elites of the recent leaderboard from yesterday, or these rookies that had risen as a new force, they would all be swept aside by his overwhelming power.

He spread out his arms, one arm turning into boundless vines that extended towards Ling Han, Tie Binghe, Tu s.h.i.+, and Zhu Yan, while the other arm turned into a fiery dragon that descended on Qi Changjun.

The vines instantly grew out, turning into a forest as if they would isolate Ling Han and the others so Wu Haoyang and Qi Changjun could battle first.

Qi Changjun let out a battle cry, and approached fearlessly.


The fiery dragon blasted into him, flames surging, but Qi Changjun rushed out of the flames in an instant. The clothes he was wearing were all burning red, but his skin that was exposed was unscathed.

This was astonis.h.i.+ng. The robes that he had been wearing had been woven from threads forged from Divine Metal. Now, even the Divine Metal was completely red from the heat, but his skin did not show any change at all. This defense was too strong.

Haha, it is not just you that has an invincible defense! Qi Changjun laughed loudly, his arms coming together as he hammered strongly down on Wu Haoyang.

You call this invincible? Wu Haoyang scoffed. He raised his right arm, and peng, he immediately parried the blow that Qi Changjuns joined arms were about to land on him. Just see how I will tear this defense apart!

On the other side, the forest of vines had already been destroyed. Several young prodigies stood proudly, all exuding a fighting spirit that soared sky-high. However, they did not move, but merely stood with their arms crossed behind their backs, observing the battle between Qi Changjun and Wu Haoyang in silence.

They were too proud, and disdained joining forces with others.

I really have underestimated you guys slightly. However there is not much difference! Wu Haoyang laughed loudly, and again charged to attack Qi Changjun.

Qi Changjun was domineering as well, charging forwards with his fists.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two of them exchanged blows. In terms of power, it was still Qi Changjun that had a slight upper hand, but it had not reached the point that it would give him a crus.h.i.+ng advantage.

Your ability only goes so far! Qi Changjun sneered.

Is that so? Wu Haoyang revealed a devilish grin. Weng! He suddenly exuded light from all over, and then turned into a streak of light.

Here it was again.

Everyone was serious. Yesterday, after Wu Haoyang had turned into a streak of light, he could not be touched by any attack or wounded by any force. Now, he again entered into such a state. Did Qi Changjun have any way to solve this?

Boom! Qi Changjun brandished his fists, yet they simply swept through Wu Haoyangs body, and did not cause the slightest bit of damage.

As expected, even Qi Changjun had no solution?

Hehe! Wu Haoyang laughed coldly, stretching out his right hand to grab at Qi Changjuns head.

This move had a very strong demeaning nature, clearly showing his disdain for Qi Changjun.

Qi Changjun humphed, and his figure retreated rapidly. He had naturally thought about what he should do when he was on the receiving end of a counterattack from Wu Haoyang if his attack did not take effect. Thus, this blow from Wu Haoyang had not exceeded his expectations.

Wu Haoyangs strike instantly missed. He did not take it to heart, though. With a tap of his foot, his figure pounced out once more, setting off after Qi Changjun.

The two of them battled once more, but this could no longer be called a battle. No matter what Qi Changjun did, he could not land a hit on Wu Haoyang. Then, no matter how heaven-defying his battle prowess was, there was no way he could unleash it.

Thus, this was a one-sided chase.

Wu Haoyang chased, while Qi Changjun fled.

It could not be said that Qi Changjuns strength was inferior to Wu Haoyang, but Wu Haoyang presently could not be wounded by any power, and was completely invincible, so Qi Changjun could only run continuously.

Could it be that there was nothing that could be done to Wu Haoyang?

His battle prowess was indeed very strong, and he had mastered at least three Heavenly Venerate Techniques, but everyone here thought that they would not be inferior to him. But how could they manage to wound Wu Haoyang? This had thus become their greatest problem.

Previously, when Heavenborn had just entered into the Worlds Paramount Martial Academy, even Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were helpless against him, and that was because he had a body of Divine Metal. Yet now, Wu Haoyang had progressed even further from that. He couldnt even be touched.

It should be known that Heavenborn could still be subdued, and could still be trapped, but there really was nothing that could be done to Wu Haoyang.

Let me try! Tu s.h.i.+ exclaimed, and charged towards Wu Haoyang.

He pounced like a ferocious tiger, his whole body wrapped with shadowy light, as if this was the Primal Chaos that had been around when the world first came into being, exuding the air of that ancient, primitive age.

It is the same if I defeat you first! Wu Haoyang turned around, and blasted Tu s.h.i.+.


Tu s.h.i.+ delivered a strike, but it still pa.s.sed through Wu Haoyangs body. Similarly, it could not cause any damage.

You have overestimated your own abilities! Wu Haoyang smirked coldly, and struck out at Tu s.h.i.+.

Tu s.h.i.+ hurriedly retreated, but it was still too late. The strike swept against him, and instantly left behind a wound in his torso. Blood gushed out in torrents. Thankfully, he had managed to retreat quite quickly, so this injury was not too serious.

Who else is there? Wu Haoyang stood, his arms crossed behind his back. He realized that though the five people here today still could not do anything to him, their strength was much greater than that of the 10 from yesterday, and they would not be so easy to deal with.

Of course, he was still invincible.

Let me try, then. Zhu Yan stepped out. Her figure was slender and enchanting, as cold as ice, yet alluring as peach blossoms at the same time.

A stunned expression flashed across Wu Haoyangs face, but he immediately withdrew it. In his eyes, beautiful women were only to be used to add flavor to life, while cultivation was irreplaceable.

Zhu Yan charged out. She unleashed a powerful move. She sliced out with her hand, and it was like a Divine Phoenix whipped its tail. The whole galaxy was dazzling with brilliant light, but it was still useless. Wu Haoyang was just standing there, as if he was the overlord of the heaven and earth, and every single attack would have no effect on him.

Tie Binghe also threw out a punch, which became a bear of ice. Boom! The bear of ice pa.s.sed through Wu Haoyangs body, and he was completely unharmed.

Everyone was speechless. Was there really an invincible defense in this world?

Do you still want to try? Wu Haoyang pointed at Ling Han. He knew that this was the man that was ranked number one on the recent leaderboard. At the same time, he could also be considered a rookie. However, so what if he was number one? In his eyes, everyone else was trash.

Naturally. Ling Han threw a punch, the force turning into a streak of light that shot towards Wu Haoyang.


This streak of light still surged through Wu Haoyangs body, but everyone exclaimed in slight surprise because the streak of light that Wu Haoyang had turned into actually wavered slightly as well.

It worked?

Ling Han released a battle cry, and charged towards Wu Haoyang.

He threw a punch, but Wu Haoyang reacted this time, and retaliated with a punch of his own.


In front of everyones disbelieving eyes, Ling Hans fist and Wu Haoyangs fist actually crashed into each other.

Ling Han could touch him, he could actually touch him!

Tu s.h.i.+ and the others were all overjoyed. Though it was not they who had done it, it still proved that Wu Haoyang was not absolutely invincible.

Realization dawned on Ling Han. So, one who has tempered his body with the fundamental power of the Genesis World can hit you!

Previously, he had only delivered force with his attacks, but had not landed any actual blows. That was why it had only had a slight effect on Wu Haoyang. However, Ling Han struck with his actual fist this time. The effect was completely different.

A sliver of surprise appeared on Wu Haoyangs face as well. The counter for this cultivation technique of his was actually very simple. One only had to attack him with the fundamental power of the Genesis World.

But what did this signify?

Even a First Tier Heavenly Venerate could not wound him!

Because this is an ability that the Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate of the Wu Clan had paid a considerable price for and personally instilled for him.

But here, a Ninth Heaven Celestial King had actually landed a solid hit on him.