Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao - Chapter 2466

Chapter 2466

Chapter 2466: Enemy attack

Ling Han was naturally not going to agree.

They had come here not merely for the sake of leaving the Celestial Path, but also to see for themselves that perfect Celestial Seedthough they no longer needed to use this Celestial Seed to break through to the Celestial King Tier.

If they stood guard here, what would be left for them by the time the path to the central zone was cleared?

Furthermore, with such bizarre events taking place here, Ling Han was sure that a perfect Celestial Seed was definitely not the only treasure that had appeared here.

Hence, he naturally had to set out to the front lines, and with his personality, there was no way that he would want to enjoy a leisurely, relaxed life at the back.

The four of us still plan to go to the front lines and s.h.i.+ne, Ling Han said smilingly.

Yang Gangs expression immediately darkened. I am responsible for the daily proceedings here. What right do you have to object? He was a King of the Celestial Path, and had always been accustomed to being proud. Naturally, he would not revere a so-called Ninth Heaven Celestial King or even Heavenly Venerate.

So what if you had a powerful background? In Yang Gangs eyes, that was only that.

Ling Han shook his head. People who walk different paths cannot make plans together. Since Brother Yang insists, we will take our leave.

He could be considered as having settled on a slight compromise. Otherwise, he would have directly conquered this tower.

Yet Yang Gang was even more displeased. Who do you think you are? You are just a mere Pseudo-Celestial King, and you actually dare call me Brother Yang?

Are you worthy of addressing me as Brother Yang? He moved menacingly, and grabbed out at Ling Han.

Scram! Bewitching Maiden Rou rebuked, and also sent out a palm strike of her own. Her fair, delicate hand looked as gentle and smooth as jade, but the attack it delivered was like the waves of a stormy sea. She grasped the great dao of Time, and pressed it down on Yang Gang.

Yang Gangs attack immediately slowed down at a visible rate. Involuntarily, he paled in shock.

After reaching Celestial King Tier, all Regulations were equal, and there was no such thing as any Regulation being stronger or weaker. Hence, even the Regulation of Time that used to be superior and powerful was no different as compared to Regulations of Metal, Water, and others now.

But when Bewitching Maiden Rou pressed down with the great dao of Time, he was affected. What did that mean?

Since there were no differences in status among Regulations, that would depend on whose grasp of Regulations was deeper and stronger.

He was inferior to Bewitching Maiden Rou!


Only living beings below the Celestial King Tier could embark on the Celestial Path. In that case, even if Bewitching Maiden Rou had broken through immediately upon entering into the Celestial Path, it would only have been around 8,000-plus years by now.

Over 8,000 years, and her level in the Celestial King Tier had already surpa.s.sed his own?

He himself had earnestly cultivated for over an epoch in the First Heaven, and finally managed to attain the peak stage of the First Heaven. What gave her the right to be stronger than him immediately after her breakthrough?

Yang Gang roared in fury. Boom, a Celestial King Tier Qi gushed out of his body. He was using his full power, and finally managed to struggle free from the chains of Time that Bewitching Maiden Rou had exerted on him, regaining his mobility.

Bewitching Maiden Rou did not follow up on her attack. The purpose of her palm strike had only been to force Yang Gang into retreat, and this was also because Ling Han did not want to become completely hostile with him. Thus, she refrained from going to extremes in meting out punishment.

Ling Han stood with his hands clasped behind his back. Brother Yang, are you still going to stop us?

Humph, as a man, you actually have to depend on a woman to move; how shameless! Yang Gang uttered coldly, yet dared not to make another move.

Bewitching Maiden Rous strength was superior to his. If he attacked, it would merely be seeking his own humiliation.

He looked at Bewitching Maiden Rou. Could it be that this was the monarch tier that outsiders spoke of? Her battle prowess was too strong.

The Empresss expression couldnt help but darken. This man truly had a bad mouth. They had already compromised slightly for him; was he so determined to court death?

Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Right at this moment, exclamations suddenly rang out from below, instantly drawing everyones attention.

Ling Han cast a look outside from a window of the tower, and saw that there was indeed an attack. Their numbers were not few, over 100 people, and it was two Celestial Kings leading them. The others were only in the Ascending Origin Tier.


Ling Han appeared slightly surprised. Those Ascending Origin Tiers were one thing, but there was clearly an outsider among the two Celestial Kings. He had just broken through not too long ago, so his aura wasnt very stable yet. It was clear from first glance.

To leave this place, and for the sake of the potential treasure that couldve appeared in the central zone, the outsiders had also joined this war. Furthermore, they were playing the role of lackeys.

Yang Gangs expression changed drastically. The enemy had actually mobilized two Celestial Kings. This indicated that they were determined to conquer this tower!

Furthermore, it had not just been a few years that he had stood guard here. He had to have been thoroughly investigated, and now that the other party had mobilized two Celestial Kings, they should have complete confidence that they could take him down.

Thankfully, the party on defense had an extremely strong advantage. As long as they prevented the other party from entering into the tower, the latter would have to sustain the restraints of the power of the ruins, causing their battle prowess to drop drastically. In a battle of one against two, it was not definite that he would lose, either.

He glanced at Ling Han and the others, and hesitated for a moment. Finally, gritting his teeth, he did not say anything.

If Bewitching Maiden Rou was going to attack him, he would not be able to stop her, either. Thus, he simply chose to act as if they were not there.

He stood guard on the seventh floor, his Celestial King divine sense reaching all corners. No matter which direction the enemy attacked from, he would still be able to react in time.

Outside, the 100-plus Ascending Origin Tiers were charging towards the entrance to the first floor, and the two Celestial Kings had split ways. One attacked from upwards, while the other invaded from downwards, planning to charge into the structure.

It was really too disadvantageous if they stayed outside.

Boom, one Celestial King was wrapped in ice, his battle prowess suddenly shooting countless folds upward. He had broken through Yang Gangs defense, and directly charged inside.

Ling Han was surprised. Previously, this Celestial King had clearly ignored the restraints of the purple light. This was illogical.

Yang Gang was astonished. You people have truly gone to great expense for this that you could bear to use even the Subduing Purple Fruit!

Under the suppression of the purple light, cultivators would not be able to unleash more than 10% of their original battle prowess, and according to the deductions of the Celestial Kings, this purple light was exuded by those plants, but as long as they consumed the fruits that these plants bore, they would be able to temporarily ignore the restraints of the purple light. Of course, this truly was just temporary. It lasted for a pitifully short time period.

Thus, as there were effects of subduing and dispelling the restrictions of the purple light, these fruits were naturally called Subduing Purple Fruit.

But it should be known that these plants were extremely troublesome, and even Celestial Kings could possibly experience a great loss against them, so how difficult would it be to obtain a Subduing Purple Fruit?

These fruits definitely had to be stored up, to be consumed only when the great opportunity arose in the future, yet they had now been used here, which showed how resolute and determined the other party was to conquer this place.

Yang Gang, since you already know how determined we are, leave! one of the Celestial Kings shouted.

Yang Gang humphed. Even if I fight the two of you, it is not a.s.sured that I will lose! Moreover, I have already sent out a signal, and the reinforcements will arrive shortly!

When he said these words, he tossed a glance purposefully at Ling Han and his group, indicating, You guys heard that too, right? The reinforcements will soon arrive, so you had better not think of any wild ideas.

Those two Celestial Kings also glanced at Ling Han and his group, and when they discovered that there was another Celestial King there, their eyes involuntarily narrowed.

F***, there was an error in their intelligence. Why was there another Celestial King here?

Yet Ling Han waved a hand, and said smilingly, No need to bother about us, just go ahead and do whatever. We are only pa.s.sing by and will not interfere.

Grandmaster Ling! That outsider Celestial King called out in spite of himself. He was an emperor tier of the Eastern Celestial Realm, and the fact that he had managed to break through to the Celestial King Tier itself was praiseworthy.

Ordinarily, emperor tiers would need to walk the Celestial Path three times and above to be able to break through, and if they could not succeed within three times, unless they were willing to eternally stay on the Celestial Path, there would definitely be no chance that they would become Celestial Kings.