Against the Gods - Chapter 990 - Heavenly Lake Goddess (1)

Chapter 990 - Heavenly Lake Goddess (1)

Chapter 990 - Heavenly Lake G.o.ddess (1)

Mu Huanzhi brought Yun Che and Mu Hanyi above the center of the heavenly lake. He reached out a hand to press on their foreheads. When he released his hand, an ice blue colored crystal was in each of his palms.

Soul crystals that had merged with Yun Che and Mu Hanyi’s soul strength!

Mu Huanzhi turned around and waved his hands. An enormous blue light screen spread before them and the two soul crystals also simultaneously embedded themselves on the light screen on opposing sides.

“These are your soul crystals that have linked with your souls. The state of your soul and how deep you have submerged within will all be displayed on this profound formation.”

Mu Huanzhi moved back. “Which one of you will go first?”

This was a great sectoral matter that decided the sect master’s direct disciple. Aside from those three, all others stayed by the lakeside. Not a single person approached above the heavenly lake to watch.

This was because to them, this wasn’t even a compet.i.tion; it was simply Mu Hanyi’s solo performance. They didn’t even need to see or think about what the outcome would be. The only thing they somewhat paid attention to was whether Mu Hanyi, who was about to soon become the sect master’s direct disciple, was able to display an even more shocking performance.

Mu Hanyi modestly stated, “Junior Brother Yun Che, you go first.”

Yun Che declined without the slightest bit of hesitation, “Since I only need to reach twenty percent of Senior Brother Hanyi’s score, I need to use Senior Brother Hanyi as reference. In that case, Senior Brother Hanyi ought to go first.”

“Hanyi, you go first,” said Mu Huanzhi. In everyone’s eyes, Yun Che obviously didn’t dare… and it was impossible for him to dare do that.


Mu Hanyi respectfully followed the order. He took a step forward and slowly breathed in for a long period of time. While doing that, he closed his eyes and a thin layer of blue light s.h.i.+mmered around his body, quickly becoming thicker.

The Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was still terrifyingly quiet. Everyone’s gaze concentrated on Mu Hanyi’s body and occasionally s.h.i.+fted toward Yun Che with pity in their eyes.

The blue light on Mu Hanyi’s body had become extremely dense, taking on the shape of a beautiful ring of light. It was at this time that he suddenly opened his eyes as it quickly dropped down, directly into the heavenly lake.

On the light screen, Mu Hanyi’s soul crystal sparkled, giving off a rapidly increasing specks of light...

Ten feet...

Thirty feet...

Fifty feet...

One hundred feet!

He was fast, as though he was going through normal water. In the blink of an eye, he was already one hundred feet deep.


Even though they were sure that Mu Hanyi’s performance would be astounding, the disciples who had personally experienced the heavenly lake’s water still widened their eyes in shock.

One hundred feet of coldness actually didn’t affect him at all!

One hundred fifty feet...

Two hundred feet...

Three hundred feet...

All of the disciples were dumbstruck. When he had reached three hundred feet, Mu Hanyi’s speed had finally slowed but it was only somewhat slow, which still made it astonis.h.i.+ng.

Mu Huanzhi continuously nodded as he looked at the light screen. Even though Mu Hanyi had defeated his own granddaughter, Mu Huanzhi still couldn’t help but praise him inwardly.

Yun Che gently closed his eyes, not having taken a single glance at the light screen since the very start. He was expressionless and it was not known what he was thinking about.

On the lakeside, Mu Bingyun also closed her eyes. Her profound energy carried her soul voice and traveled toward the distant skies above.

“Elder Sister, you couldn’t possibly have gotten angry because of this. What exactly happened? Do you really intend to kill Yun Che?”

Mu Bingyun was the only person in the world who understood her the most.

“Hmph! He saved your life so I obviously won’t kill him. But I really did get angry.”

A heavy, thunder-like voice replied back in Mu Bingyun’s head. This voice caused Mu Bingyun to relax somewhat but she became even more puzzled afterwards. “Then what exactly made you angry?”

“This kid is full of flaws. He revealed the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and then revealed the Evil G.o.d’s inheritance. If it wasn’t me but someone else who discovered all of this, he would’ve already died a myriad number of times. Even the planet on which he had been born would’ve drowned in great misfortune, yet he himself is totally oblivious of this fact. He even showed conceit and arrogance before someone he couldn’t afford to offend at all. This excessive insolence is simply just too stupid. Did he really think that he was still in the lower realms!? How could I not get angry?”

Mu Bingyun’s face changed abruptly as she suddenly raised her head. “Evil G.o.d’s… inheritance? Elder Sister, what do you mean?”

The Evil G.o.d… a supreme G.o.d during the primordial times of the Era of G.o.ds who possessed the highest, creation G.o.d tier divine power. One of the four strongest peerless G.o.ds. His inheritance...

Mu Bingyun suddenly thought of something at this time and her icy blue eyes instantly contracted. “Could it be…”

“There’s no need to ask anymore, just continue watching and see for yourself.” The anger in the heavy voice still had yet to dissipate. “Hmph, it’s his good luck that he encountered me. He wouldn’t know how he died otherwise. This can be considered… his first lesson!”

The waves in Mu Bingyun’s heart billowed and she found it hard to calm down. The Evil G.o.d’s inheritance… in the G.o.d Realm, there had never been an inheritance at the creation G.o.d level. As for the records pertaining to the Evil G.o.d, it mentioned that he used to be called the “G.o.d of the Elements”.

As for the recent rumors concerning the “Evil G.o.d”, eight years ago… Star G.o.d Realm’s Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d seemed to have obtained some kind of Evil G.o.d power...

Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow… Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d… Evil G.o.d’s power… Yun Che… Blue Pole Star… Absolute G.o.d Slaying Poison… Sky Poison Pearl… eight years… an odd innate talent… forcibly learning the Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon without the Ice Phoenix bloodline… possessing both the divine power of ice and fire...

Was actually...

No wonder… No wonder...

“Does this mean that you really are… going to accept him as a disciple? You should know that he won’t stay in the Snow Song Realm for long.”

“...” Mu Bingyun did not receive a reply after her question.

The profound light cast by the light screen was still increasing rapidly, bringing about startled shouts as it did.

Five hundred feet...

Six hundred feet...

Seven hundred feet...

Eight hundred feet!!

Once the projection reached eight hundred feet, the cries by the lakeside immediately exploded. The disciples who were originally sitting down all stood up, staring at the light screen with stupefied expressions.

Eight hundred feet. This kind of distance could be instantly covered by profound pract.i.tioners in the divine way. However, this kind of depth for the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake… was in fact an extremely terrifying number!

Even though those at the scene were Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s top disciples, it was not exaggerated to say that around half of them would die with no chance of a struggle if they were to touch cold energy of that depth.

Yet Mu Hanyi still continued downward without any indication that he was going to stop.

Eight hundred twenty feet...

Eight hundred fifty feet...

Eight hundred eighty feet...

Nine hundred feet!!

The shouting had disappeared as all the disciples held their breaths while staring wide-eyed. Even the various elders and palace masters revealed deep shock on their faces. Only Mu Yunzhi was smiling… because she knew that this still wasn’t Mu Hanyi’s limit.

At this point, Mu Hanyi’s speed became even slower but he still continued downward.

Nine hundred twenty feet...

Nine hundred forty feet...

Nine hundred fifty feet...

With each pa.s.sing foot, his speed would decrease but he never truly stopped. All eyes were firmly fixed on the light screen… they were witnessing history in the making from a disciple! Every instant after nine hundred feet was history in the making!

Nine hundred seventy feet...

Nine hundred eighty feet...

Nine hundred ninety feet!!

The rate at which Mu Hanyi descended was now extremely slow. Every inch he took seemed as though he was crossing through an insurmountable chasm. The crowd’s heartbeats also slowed along with him. They all stared with wide eyes, fearing that they would miss even a single moment.

One thousand feet!!

The shock this time was intense, as though a heavy hammer smashed the souls of everyone present. Even Mu Huanzhi, who was the closest to the light screen stared for a long while.

Mu Hanyi had finally reached his limits a thousand feet below the water. He only stayed at a thousand feet for half a breath before he began to struggle upward. It was just that his ascension speed was extremely slow. On the light screen, the light that Mu Hanyi’s soul crystal released also began to become disorderly.

“Quick, go save Hanyi!” Mu Yunzhi shouted with urgency.

Mu Huanzhi didn’t need her reminder as he had already moved lightning quick. A boundless profound energy directly pierced through a thousand feet of lakewater and enveloped Mu Hanyi’s body before quickly bringing him up.

Once the lake’s surface broke open, Mu Hanyi’s figure was flung into the distance, landing beside the lake. His face was pale white, his aura was weak and his entire body violently trembled but he still struggled to get up and salute Mu Huanzhi. “Disciple… thanks Great Elder for saving his life…”

Mu Huanzhi immediately came over and pressed her hand on his back, helping him disperse the cold energy.

“Hahahaha,” Mu Huanzhi gave a hearty laugh. “As expected of the most outstanding disciple of this generation… one of them, I mean. You actually reached one thousand feet. If I think back to our generation, there was not a single person below the age of sixty, among those who were fortunate enough to enter the heavenly lake, that were able to reach a thousand feet. This is absolutely joyous!”

“Senior Brother Hanyi, congratulations.”

“Hanyi becoming the direct disciple can’t be even more suitable.”

Mu Hanyi’s desperately doing his best was obviously so he could display himself in front of the Realm King. And he had actually done it spectacularly. His innate talent was high, his const.i.tution was great and his attainment in the laws of ice was profound. He had deeply astounded everyone present.

Many elders looked at Mu Huanzhi with envious gazes.

“Hanyi, don’t become distracted, use your all to disperse the cold energy first. After a while, you’ll have to pay respects to the sect master again and you mustn’t be the least bit uncourteous.” Mu Yunzhi didn’t hesitate to mobilize all the profound energy in her body to allow Mu Hanyi to recover sufficiently in a short period of time.

“Yes, Master.” Mu Hanyi also closed his eyes, suppressing the extreme excitement he had in his heart. He began to do his utmost to expel the cold and was already thinking about what he should say when he was going to pay his respects to the sect master a while later.

Everyone’s attention concentrated upon the body of the glowing Mu Hanyi. It was as though Yun Che, who was still standing at the lake’s center had been forgotten.

“Yun Che, it’s your turn,” Mu Huanzhi said. This instantly reminded everyone that there was another person in this “match”.

“Mu Hanyi went down a total of a thousand feet. You only need to reach twenty percent of his depth, so two hundred feet will suffice.”

When Mu Huanzhi finished saying this, the lakeside immediately became a field of snickers. Two hundred feet? What a joke, reaching seven feet was probably his limit!

This was because Yun Che was only a bit more than seven feet.

Anyone was able to imagine the only thing that would happen once he entered the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, which was the profound energy in his entire body immediately freezing and then him not being able to move anymore.

Yun Che took a step forward. Without saying a single word or channeling profound energy, he dropped into the heavenly lake just like that.

From this, everyone saw that he clearly given up because no matter how much he struggled, it would’ve been useless. At the same time he fell, Mu Huanzhi also reached out a hand, prepared to save him after he had been frozen by the lake water… After all, he had angered the sect master. Even if he was doomed to die, his death ought to be decided by the sect master herself.

However, once he reached out a hand, his face had stiffened at the same time.

Yun Che, who had falling into the heavenly lake did not immediately freeze as he had antic.i.p.ated. Instead, when he went down, though the speed in which he descended fell short of Mu Hanyi’s, it couldn’t be considered slow.