Against the Gods - Chapter 983 - Snow Song Realm King

Chapter 983 - Snow Song Realm King

Chapter 983 - Snow Song Realm King

Being able to enter Ice Phoenix Divine Hall was the ultimate pursuit of the Snow Song Realm’s profound pract.i.tioners. In the vast Snow Song Realm, divine hall disciples numbered a mere two thousand, so it was obvious what kind of honor it was to be able to enter Ice Phoenix Divine Hall.

But if one’s disciple was especially excellent, then the master would also gain fame as well.

This was what happened to Mu Yunzhi.

As a divine hall elder, her status in the Snow Song Realm was only below that of the Realm King and above all other beings. The incredibly astonis.h.i.+ng innate talent her disciple Mu Hanyi exhibited was one of the highest among all disciples. This made her extremely proud of that fact and this had thus changed her position within the divine hall elders. If Mu Hanyi was able to become the sect master’s direct disciple however, then as Mu Hanyi’s direct Master, her position within Divine Ice Phoenix Sect would obviously not be the same as it was in the past.

The sect master’s successor was always one who was the direct disciple of the sect master. If Mu Hanyi were to one day inherit the position and become the new Snow Song Realm King, that was no small matter.

As such, today was not only a day that concerned Mu Hanyi’s fate but hers as well. If the results were different, then the circ.u.mstances would also be like the difference between heaven and earth.”

“Master.” Mu Hanyi took a step forward and respectfully saluted.

Mu Yunzhi lightly nodded, then looked deeply at Mu Hanyi for a while, the meaning in her gaze self-evident. But aside from that, she didn’t look at any other disciples, nor did she say anything to Mu Hanyi. She then turned around and joined the lineup of elders. When she looked at the barrier up front, she said quietly, “It should be about time.”

It was right around this time that the azure barrier covering the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake flashed. It was as though blue starlight was being pulled by an invisible force and was being scattered to both sides.

“The sect master has arrived!”

The low shout heavily impacted the minds of everyone present. The faces of all the elders and palace masters instantly changed to become incomparably solemn, causing every excited divine hall and ice phoenix palace disciple to become intensely nervous. A white line slowly shone off the azure barrier and with the white line at the center, it slowly spread the barrier open.

As the place where the Snow Song Realm’s cold vein existed, the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was the Snow Song Realm’s holy land. In all of the Snow Song Realm, the only person who was able to open the barrier which sealed the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was the Snow Song Realm King. Aside from her, no one had the power or qualifications to do so.

Everyone present held their breaths and Mu Xiaolan’s heart had almost stopped due to her nervousness. After the barrier was slowly opened, it was as though another world was awaiting them.

Great Elder Mu Huanzhi had on a grave expression. He took a deep breath and then said, “Let’s go in, Sect Master is waiting for us inside. Remember, do not act against the rules and regulations!”

Mu Huanzhi’s last words were quite unnecessary. They were about to meet the Snow Song Realm’s supreme Realm King. Even though they were the top of the Snow Song Realm’s young generation, they still wouldn’t dare to be the least bit rash.

The barrier was completely opened and a streak of pale light was spread like a curtain up ahead. With the elders at the front, everyone slowly walked into the curtain of light. The footsteps of more than five thousand people were nevertheless neat and orderly, without any excess sound.

Yun Che and Xiaolan was at the very end. Once they entered the curtain of light, what appeared before them was astonis.h.i.+ng a completely different world.

Outside was a brilliant white world where cold wind howled through the snow covered sky while the world before them was actually as quiet as still water.

The air in this place was extremely cold, yet it wasn’t as white as the snow filled sky outside. It was instead a quiet, inconceivable emerald green. Myriad flowers blossomed, emerald gra.s.s swayed and jade trees stood tall. It was as though they had suddenly left the Snow Song Realm that had been covered by snow throughout the ages to another world which possessed all four seasons.

At the center of this world was a quiet little lake. The lake was fifteen kilometers wide and its boundaries could be seen with a single glance. The lakewater was tranquil with not a single ripple and yet it still sparkled and was unimaginably pure. Just looking at the lakewater made everyone distinctly feel as though their eyes and even thoughts were being gently washed, to become extremely clear.

Countless azure ice spirits fluttered agily atop the lake surface, completely different from the ice spirits Yun Che had ever seen before. These ice spirits were the size of a finger tip, yet they released an especially intense life and soul aura.

These ice spirits, born from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, definitely weren’t bodies of power with inferior consciousness that everyone knew of… instead, they possessed complete souls!

“This is… the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake…” Similar to the other disciples who had never seen the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake before Mu Xiaolan stood in a daze, as though she had fallen into a dream world. Yun Che also fell into a daze. He never expected that the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake he imagined to be covered in profound ice… would actually be such a wondrous sight. After all, this was where the cold vein resided and was the coldest place within the Snow Song Realm.

“The Heavenly Netherfrost Lake’s lakewater is borne from the cold vein. Each drop contains an extremely high level of frost power that will never solidify. All the flora here, from the trees to the flowers to perhaps each stalk of gra.s.s possesses an extremely high level of cold energy. Furthermore, the flora here will only grow in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and are all unique within the entire G.o.d Realm. A large majority of the top grade spiritual medicines within the sect come from the ice flowers and here. The Amorous Frost Dew all of you received a few days ago came from the Amorous Gra.s.s and Amorous Flower here.

Mu Bingyun said to Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan through sound transmission.

“What pure cold energy… cold energy can actually become like this…” Mu Xiaolan commented absentmindedly.

“The cold energy within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake’s water contains extremely high level ice laws. In the domain of water attribute laws, ice attribute laws are the most difficult laws to comprehend and they are at their peak within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.”

As he listened to Mu Bingyun’s narration, Yun Che suddenly felt a gloomy gaze cast upon him. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze lightning quick and a pair of baleful eyes.

First Ice Phoenix Palace’s Mu Yizhou!

As the head disciple of the first palace, he was obviously qualified to be here.

Mu Yizhou didn’t expect Yun Che’s gaze to suddenly s.h.i.+ft over and was clearly stunned for a bit. Then, his face went cold. He fiercely glared at Yun Che before turning around, giving the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake that was up ahead his full attention.

All the disciples neatly stood in front of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake with longing gazes, issuing the greatest exclamations of their lives. Even the most talented artists in the world wouldn’t be able to portray the marvel before them. Not only was the cold energy in this place inconceivably pure, it caused the ice profound energy in their profound veins to uncontrollably throb.

The skies immediately darkened as a worldshaking dragon cry seemed to have come from the highest heavens, resonating through the world. Beneath this dragon cry however, the surface of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was still a field of tranquility without the slightest ripple.

This dragon cry caused Mu Xiaolan to cry out in surprise. The bodies of all the disciples present intensely shook and even Yun Che’s ears started buzzing. What followed this world-shaking dragon cry was the descent of a pressure that covered the skies.

In the skies above, an enormous ice blue silhouette was rapidly approaching. It was astonis.h.i.+ngly an enormous ice dragon. Its body was ten kilometers long and its tail was more than fifteen kilometers long. When it spread its icy wings, it nearly covered the entire horizon. Its entire body was covered in scales that resembled ice crystals and at the center of every scale was a piercingly cold icicle. The enormous dragon proudly lifted its head, radiating two gleams of aurora-like lights from its eyes.

It floated three kilometers above them, causing the large dragon shadow it cast to cover the entire Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

"T-t-the Saint Dragon!!" Mu Xiaolan yelled with a stammer. It wasn't the first time she had seen a Sacred Dragon but she had only seen them from a distance of five hundred kilometers away. Never in her dreams would she dare think that she would be able to see one this close.

Dragons were the rulers of all beasts and a dragon's pressure was enough to shake the heaven and earth. Even though everyone in the Snow Song Realm knew of its existence, being under the dragon might of an enormous frost dragon caused the faces of all disciples, whether they be from the divine hall or ice phoenix palace, to turn ashen.

Yun Che was the only one who didn't know of its existence. Mu Bingyun turned her gaze to him but the only thing she found there was shock. She then said to him via sound transmission, "This enormous dragon is the sect master's mount and it has already followed the sect master for ten thousand years. In the Snow Song Realm, it is called the 'Saint Dragon.'"

As the ruler of all beasts, even when they're on the same level, a True Dragon's body, power, and might surpa.s.sed all other living beings. It was extremely difficult to kill a dragon and taming a True Dragon was more than hundreds of thousands times harder. Beneath the pressure of this enormous Frost Dragon, even the gazes of the divine hall elders trembled as their auras went into slight turmoil. Its strength could very well be imagined, yet it had willingly served the Snow Song Realm King for an entire ten thousand years as a mount.

The strength of the Snow Song Realm King was simply unfathomable.

With the divine hall elders in the lead, everyone deeply saluted at this moment and it was even the deepest of salutes, a kneeling kowtow. While Yun Che was in his daze, an enormous power that came from Mu Bingyun enveloped his body, also making him salute.

"We welcome the sect master!!"

It was a mere five words yet it carried a devout reverence similar to when believers faced what they revered. Not a single trace of profound energy was in the voices of any of the entire sect's strongest elders, palace masters, or its top five thousand disciples because they were afraid it might slightly offend or be disrespectful.

The heads of everyone present were deeply lowered. Though they were Divine Ice Phoenix Sect's top disciples, not even half of the disciples within the divine hall had seen the sect master before. As for Ice Phoenix Palace, none had seen her before. Now that the sect master was close, not a single one dared to lift their head... Only Yun Che had raised his head and looked up with curiosity.

A misty white figure stood above the enormous Frost Dragon's head. Even though it was three kilometers away, this figure seemed to be covered in an odd, icy mist. He was unable to see her face and appearance; even her silhouette was extremely indistinct. He was only able to catch that she was a misty snow white.

She was the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect's sect master... Snow Song Realm's Realm King!?

Everyone around him, from the highest divine hall elders to the lowest ice phoenix disciples were all kneeling on the ground, their entire bodies motionless, as though they had been frozen in ice. Although Yun Che had only raised his head slightly, this minute action was especially conspicuous within the crowd of people.

Mu Bingyun was startled. An enormous frost power quickly came down, forcibly pressing Yun Che's down. Yun Che immediately became apprehensive. He suddenly became obedient and no longer dared to lift his head.

Even though Yun Che had heard about the Snow Song Realm King's absolute authority within the Snow Song Realm more than once, none of his past experiences were as astounding as the scene he saw today. The elders and palace masters whose statuses were only second to the sect master actually acted like the lowliest of commoners seeing their monarch before the Snow Song Realm King.

Whether it be his own clan, sect, sacred ground or even the imperial court, Yun Che had never seen such an extreme degree of reverence in his two lifetimes of experience. It was practically unheard of.

In fact, in the past Snow Song Realm, even though the Snow Song Realm King was the highest level existence, the combined forces of all the elders had the right and power to interfere with the Realm King's decisions.

However, this generation's Snow Song Realm King was just too excessively strong. Four stages of tribulation lightning and having reached the realm of Divine Master, this was unprecedented in the history of the Snow Song Realm! No one could go against her and no one was able to. This then gradually caused everyone to not dare go against her... because those who dared to do so had all died.

After all, this was a world where power was king.

The former Snow Song Realm Kings weren't able to cover the Snow Song Realm with a single hand but the current Snow Song Realm King was truly able to do that with just one finger!

"You may rise."

Three words came down from above like a heavenly edict. It was also now that the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, which remained still when the enormous Frost Dragon roared, began to continuously ripple outward.

This was the voice that came from the Snow Song Realm King, the currently Ice Phoenix Sect Master. The sound of this voice somewhat resembled Mu Bingyun's. When it fell in the ears, it sounded normal and indifferent, but it was as though the depths of everyone's souls had been struck by a firmament-sized hammer, causing them to incessantly s.h.i.+ver.