Against the Gods - Chapter 980 - Big ~~ Senior Sister

Chapter 980 - Big ~~ Senior Sister

Chapter 980 - Big ~~ Senior Sister

Yun Che’s thoughts became a mess. The seductive woman lazily got up from the ice chair and her skirt fluttered down, covering the ankle the heavens used all its energy to make. A pair of soul attracting beautiful eyes then looked at Yun Che and slowly walked toward him.

It was only when she was coming closer that Yun Che noticed she had the pattern of an ice phoenix with its wings spread open on her snowy dress. However, her chest was just too full, causing the pattern to become completely deformed. Not only was her chest ma.s.sive, it looked as silky as water. Each of her steps were obviously slow but each stride caused them to shake and sway, quickly causing Yun Che to become dizzy. It was as though his gaze was being sucked onto them. After being dazed yet again, his eyes were somewhat unwilling to part with them.

It was at this time that a gulp came from Yun Che’s adam’s apple.

The sound was originally supposed to be really soft but in the silent Ice Phoenix Palace, it was especially clear and resonating. Yun Che was abruptly awakened by this sound and even someone with skin as thick as a city’s walls would want to immediately turn around and escape with his hands covering his face.

“Yun Che.” The seductive woman seemed to not have heard it. She stood before Yun Che with misty eyes and called out Yun Che’s name with her softly opened pink lips.

Her voice was alluring and charming to the bones. It was just a brief moment but the two words Yun Che was the most familiar with caused the bones in his entire body to go soft. He secretly sucked in a breath and his gaze swam away, not daring to look again at the demoness that was already within reach. He forced himself to remain calm and said, “Big…”

As soon as the word “big” came out of his mouth, Yun Che bit his tongue and said with difficulty, “...Greetings, Senior Sister.”

“Big ~~ Senior Sister?” The woman’s crescent brows bent as the corners of her mouth rose slightly. The slight change in expression caused her originally soul attracting face’s charm to overflow without restraint. Her head closed in and an extremely fragrant aroma Yun Che had never smelled or heard of before lightly brushed by. “You were about to say… Big Breasted Senior Sister, weren’t you?”

The voice was leisurely yet pleasantly graceful. Yun Che's mouth gaped slightly open, his body felt out of power, his mind and will wavered, as even his soul was about to leave his body. His brain had never before felt so blank.

He possessed the Dragon G.o.d’s soul and had experienced the cruel tempering of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower’s soul absorbing power. No matter how formidable an enemy, they had never caused him to feel at such a loss.

The demoness before him exhibited not the slightest bit of profound energy aura or oppressive force. She didn’t use any mind powers of corrosion or suppression either, yet the question she asked with a smile and knitted brows defeated his soul to such a state.

Yun Che didn’t know how long he had been stupefied this time but when he finally regained his senses, he had no choice but to forcibly speak in order to dissolve his embarra.s.sment and unprecedented loss of control. “May I ask what… Big Breasted Senior Sister… ah, pfbb!”

Yun Che slapped at his mouth and then his twisted face used an even louder voice to quickly say, “May I ask what Senior Sister’s name is?”

The demoness’ gaze s.h.i.+fted as she wore a faint smile. Her eyes seemed to be shocked that Yun Che had actually recovered this fast. “I’ve heard long ago that the new male disciple of the Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace has huge guts. On the first day he came to the Ice Phoenix Realm, he angered Mu Fengshu and provoked the head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace a few days ago. Now that I’ve seen him dare be so disrespectful today, he really does have huge guts.

“~!@#¥%……” When he thought about his previous reaction, Yun Che seriously wanted to find a hole to hide in. He composed himself once more and did his best to make his voice appear as natural as he could and said with a thick face, “Even though my guts are huge, I definitely do not dare be disrespectful to Senior Sister. It’s just that Senior Sister is so pretty that I was stunned for a bit so I lost my voice. I must ask Senior Sister to forgive me. I also do believe that senior sister knows that I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Bulls.h.i.+t! If even I lost control of myself to become like that… who knows what other men had done. She’s definitely used to seeing all sorts of weird things… Sss! There’s actually such a s.e.xy demoness in this world, I wonder if she has a man…

“Oh? Then you’re saying that I was wrong?” The demoness inadvertently bit at her lip.

Ripples instantly rose in Yun Che’s heart as he hurriedly replied, “No, no. How could it be Big Breasted Senior Sister’s… Sss!” This time, Yun Che really wished he could take out a knife and stab himself with it. “I-i-it’s definitely not Senior Sister’s fault. Ahem! May I ask if Senior Sister is here to deliver the Amorous Frost Dew to me and Senior Sister Xiaolan?”

The demoness stretched out two dazzling fingers and lightly pushed out two small jade bottles. Supported by a light breeze, the two bottles landed in Yun Che’s hands. “I came to deliver the frost dew and to see someone.”

“About that… Palace Master said that she won’t be here during these couple of days. “Yun Che carefully withdrew the jade bottles.

“Since that’s the case, my objective can be considered accomplished.” The demoness s.h.i.+fted her gaze and said in a soft voice, “It’s best if you and Xiaolan consume these two drops of frost dew as soon as possible.”

Hearing her intention to leave in her words, an unclear complexity bubbled within his heart. He hurriedly said, “Senior Sister, even though it’s the first time we’ve met, you know my name but I don’t know yours… may I know your name?”

The woman before him was beautiful and charming and perhaps no man in the world was able to resist her. If anyone was able to entangle themselves with her, they would perhaps be willing to spend three lifetimes in depravity in exchange—such a thought suddenly appeared in Yun Che’s mind and it was especially clear and intense.

The demoness didn’t turn to him but said softly, “Mu Xuanyin. Have you heard that name before?”

Yun Che had been holed up in the Ice Phoenix Palace for three months. He could probably count the names of the sect members he knew on one hand so he obviously had never heard that name before. But as a veteran of relations.h.i.+ps, how could he say that he didn’t? He quickly revealed pleasant surprise and said, “So you’re Senior Sister Xuanyin! Even though it wasn’t been long since I’ve been in the sect, I’ve already heard of Senior Sister Xuanyin’s great name. I didn’t expect to meet Senior Sister Xuanyin this fast. I’m so lucky that Senior Sister Xuanyin was the one to personally deliver the Amorous Frost Dew to me… and Senior Sister Xiaolan.”

“Oh…” Mu Xuanyin’s lips overflowed with fragrance as her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed, circulating with an inconceivable charm. “You’ve really heard my name before?”

“...” Yun Che’s heart leapt under her gaze… Could it be that it was a fake name?

Yun Che swiftly replied calmly without a single blush. “Of course, because this is what Senior Sister Xuanyin told me personally.”

A more playful expression was then added to those beautiful eyes. She then swept her gaze across Yun Che’s body from top to bottom. She no longer spoke and then took a few more steps away, giving Yun Che an excellent view of her gradually departing back figure.

“...” That expression somewhat stupefied Yun Che. His mind whirled and then a light suddenly flashed in his mind. He quickly called out, “Wait! Senior Sister Xuanyin, your other name is Mu Feixue, right?”

Mu Xuanyin’s steps paused. She beautifully turned and said, “Oh? Why do you believe that?”

When she glanced back, Yun Che saw magnificence once again and the world before him became many times more radiant. Yun Che focused and then said with completely confidence, “ The matter about my clash with the head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace a few days ago is only known to divine hall’s Mu Hanyi… Cough, cough, Senior Brother Hanyi. But Senior Brother Hanyi made me promise to not tell anyone else about it so he would obviously not tell anyone about it either. However, if Senior Brother Hanyi actually admires Senior Sister Feixue, then that would be a different story.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“Even though I don’t know much about Senior Brother Hanyi, I am sure that a person like him would not like any ordinary girl. But if it’s you, Senior Sister, forget about admiration, being infatuated to the point he doesn’t care about his life seems rightly so.”

“Also, when Senior Sister gave me the name ‘Mu Xuanyin’ earlier, you strangely asked me if I’ve really heard this name… This is why I thought that it must be a name that Senior Sister rarely uses… err, I mean Senior Sister’s other name. And that’s because many more know of the name Mu Feixue.”

Yun Che’s gaze was certain. His voice was clear and a light, self-confidence smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Mu Xuanyin also smiled. Even though it was only the side of her extremely beautiful face, it still overflowed with charm.

“Quite clever.”

The light words that came from her mouth sounded like a dream. Then, her snowy figure became slightly indistinct before it scattered like snow, disappearing from Yun Che’s line of sight.

The last words of praise she left were like a dreamy celestial sound beside Yun Che’s ears that lingered within his soul for a long time. Yun Che stood blankly in place for a long while before he let out a long breath. When he recalled what happened earlier… It was first time in his life where he had lost control of himself like that and it was even in front of a peerless beauty.

“Phew! Looks like I guessed right. Even though it was a bit embarra.s.sing, it’s good that I haven’t lost all my intelligence in front of a beautiful woman. The last part where I guessed that she was Mu Feixue ought to have redeemed some bit of the impression she had of me.”

Seeing the jade bottles of Amorous Frost Dew in his hand, Yun Che quickened his footsteps and arrived before Mu Xiaolan’s cultivation room. He knocked and then said, “Senior Sister Xiaolan…”

Just as he uttered her name, the cultivation room’s doors directly opened. Mu Xiaolan’s impatient voice soon followed, “Troublemaker! Didn’t I say to not disturb me!?”

The speed in which she opened the doors was so fast that it stunned Yun Che for a bit. The demoness who delivered the Amorous Frost Dew… Oh, when a senior sister came and purposely released some profound energy, Mu Xiaolan didn’t react at all. Their voices weren’t exactly low so Mu Xiaolan still not coming out caused him to be incomparably certain that Mu Xiaolan had unconsciously sealed her five senses within her meditative state, which meant that she was going to be incredibly hard to awaken. He didn’t expect that she would directly open the doors after he called her name just a moment ago.

“The Amorous Frost Dew came.” Yun Che lifted the jade bottle in his hand.

“Wha.. ah?” Mu Xiaolan was both happy and surprised. Her eyes widened as she asked, “Ah?? When did it get delivered, why didn’t I hear anything? Was it Master who gave it to you after she went to get it?”

“It was just a while ago. A certain senior sister brought it over.” Yun Che was dumbfounded. “You couldn’t have fallen asleep, right?”

“You’re the one who fell asleep!” Mu Xiaolan fumed. “You’re definitely lying to me! I guessed that it was probably coming today so I didn’t really go into meditation. I’ve been paying careful attention to any signs of activity outside since the afternoon and I didn’t hear anyone arrive. You’re clearly lying to me.”

“...If I lied to you, I’m a little dog.” Yun Che snorted. But this little Mu Xiaolan girl didn’t seem to be lying—and she simply wasn’t able to tell a lie either. Eh? Could it be that her hearing and spiritual senses stopped working just a while ago?

“You said a senior sister delivered it. Then tell me, which senior sister was it?” Mu Xiaolan said with a face that spelled “you’re clearly lying”.

“It’s Senior Sister Mu Feixue.” Yun Che replied honestly. His soul shook once more as he thought about the bewitching magnificence that could overturn worlds. Whoever married that demon-like woman would definitely die young.

He wondered which d.a.m.ned man would be that lucky!!!!

Mu Xiaolan firmly looked at Yun Che before s.n.a.t.c.hing a bottle of Amorous Frost Dew.

“Liar, hmph!”


The stone doors of the cultivation room were heavily shut.