Against the Gods - Chapter 936 - Girl from the God Realm

Chapter 936 - Girl from the God Realm

Chapter 936 - Girl from the G.o.d Realm

A blue figure swayed in front of Yun Che and the blue clothed girl appeared before him as if she had teleported while still holding the white clothed female in her arms. “Master said just now… said that she was saved by someone, was that… really you?”

“No, no, no. Of course not. I am a big liar and a despicable, shameless, low person, how could it be me who saved her?” Yun Che looked away angrily. “I have already returned your master to you, what are you still doing here, hurry and leave.”

“I, I…” The blue clothed girl panicked at the moment and said immediately, “I know it must be you, because you were the only one who touched master just now. It was a misunderstanding, please… can you please save my master? You said so yourself that you had a way to save her.”

Yun Che looked at her and bluntly said, "That's right, I do have a way to save her. And I am usually a man with a good heart. When your master fell, not only did I catch her, I also immediately took the initiative to extend her life and drive the poison away when I noticed abnormalities in her aura. However, you as her disciple, hmm, I will let the fact that you didn't thank me pa.s.s, but you straight up called me a despicable, shameless, lowly person, said I molested your master, called me a big fat liar, were going to kill me, and captured Senior Master Murong to use her as a hostage... It seems like you truly want your master to die, so the only thing I can do was to return her to you."

“So you should leave quick. I promise you, in at most a quarter hour, she will lose her life. Not even a G.o.d can bring her back. You’d best bring her corpse back to where you came from.”

Yun Che’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. After speaking, he stopped looking at the blue clothed girl and walked right around her.

The blue clothed girl was stunned by Yun Che’s yelling. Seeing that Yun Che was about to leave again, she immediately put herself in front of him and said nervously, “I’m sorry, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. It was… it was all my fault. I didn’t know that you were saving Master then, I… I didn’t know that you were actually this skillful…”

Yun Che’s footsteps stopped, slanted his eyes, “What did you just say… it was your fault?”

“Mn, it was my fault, it really was my fault.” Seeing Yun Che stopped, the blue clothed girl immediately starting nodding like a chick pecking rice. “Please be magnanimous and save my master. I will… I will definitely repay you."

"If you know you are at fault,” Yun Che held his arms across his chest and said slowly, “Then tell me, how are you wrong?”

The blue clothed girl’s profound strength was indeed shockingly strong but her character was surprisingly innocent, how could she be a match to an old fox like Yun Che? Forced into this situation, she blanked and didn’t have any thoughts of using force to threaten him. She could only say obediently, “I… I shouldn’t have yelled at you, shouldn’t have misunderstood you, shouldn’t have… It was all my fault. I really know my mistake now. Please, you must save my master.”

Yun Che could see that she felt mistreated, worried, and afraid, and realized that she would probably start crying if she was forced to keep talking. However, he continued wearing a cold expression. "Then am I still a big liar?"

“No, no,” The blue clothed girl immediately shook her head.

“Then am I still a lowly person?” Yun Che asked pretty angrily.

“...” The blue clothed girl hesitated for the time of two breaths and lowered her head. She flushed a little as her voice softened by several octaves, “No.”

“~!@#¥%...” This little girl was so obvious when she’s lying!!

“Alright, since you have already admitted your fault, I will forgive you. Goodbye.”

“Ah?” The blue clothed girl was stunned there and then she teleported in a hurry to block Yun Che once more. “Wait! I am already trying very hard to admit my fault and you said you forgive me, so my master…”

“What about your master?” Yun Che curled his lips. “You did something wrong so it is only natural to admit your fault and apologize. We are barely even now, what does this have to do with your master?”

“You…” The blue clothed girl was angry, impatient, and wronged. “How could you do this!? I already admitted my fault, you… why are you still unwilling to save my master.”

“Why should I save her?” Yun Che asked back. “Your master was poisoned by a very terrifying toxin. Judging by how much the toxin in her has spread, it is certain that she has carried this toxin with her for a long time. It will take a very long time to forcefully extend her life against this kind of toxin. The price of it must be very great. You should think and understand how difficult and expensive it is to cure this kind of toxin.”

“I…” The blue clothed girl’s lips opened a little.

“She’s not my relative, not my friend, and certainly not my wife. She is someone I had never met before, whom I have no affiliation with. Why should I pay such a price to save someone unrelated to me?” Yun Che said with a straight face.

“I… I…” The blue clothed girl couldn’t stop stuttering.

“Speaking of which, I really was going to save her. After all, saving a life is more praiseworthy than building a seven-storied paG.o.da. On top of that, saving a beauty is even more… cough cough, too bad I was treated as someone with an ill intent by some peeping tom who yelled at me and even wanted to kill me. Why should I still save her!?” Yun Che turned around, walking around her in quick steps, “Do not follow me again! Or else I will chase you away.”

“...” This time, the blue clothed girl didn’t stop Yun Che again. She stood there silently, looking at the pale-faced white clothed female in her arms who had an extremely weak aura. The tears that she tried to hold in finally rustled down as she sobbed helplessly, “Sob… I really didn’t mean it… It was me… I caused master…”

Feng Xue’er couldn’t bear the girl’s tears. She immediately went up, pulled Yun Che and said softly, “Big Brother Yun, stop scaring her. She already knows she’s at fault.”

Turning around, she comforted the blue clothed girl, “Little sister, don’t worry. Big Brother Yun is a really good person. He was just scaring you just now. If you plead with him seriously, he will definitely be willing to save your master.”

The blue clothed girl looked up. Her nose twitched, but her eyes were reignited with the color of hope. She carefully stepped forward with her head lowered and said with her eyes filled with tears, “Please, can you save my master? It was my fault before. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, shouldn’t have misunderstand you, shouldn’t have taken that big sister hostage just now. The debts I owe to my master are as weighty as a mountain. If Master is no longer alive, I… I also do not want to live anymore. Please… if you are willing to save my master, I… I will do anything for you.”

Sobs filled the girl’s voice and every one of her pleading words were lovely. Forget about Feng Xue’er, the surrounding Frozen Cloud maidens couldn’t bear it either. Even Murong Qianxue, who she had kidnapped before, looked at Yun Che with pleading eyes.

“...” Yun Che’s mind was in a mess. This girl’s profound strength was abnormally strong. Even though she had released her aura for a split second, it was definitely on par with Xuanyuan Wentian from back then and it surely wasn’t her full strength either.

If she possessed such terrifying profound strength, she had to at least be a freak who had lived for thousands of years.

But judging from her appearance and temperament… she actually seemed to simply be a girl who wasn’t “versed in the things of the world.”

Could it be that she really was just like her appearance, only a teenage girl?

A youth… could surpa.s.s Xuanyuan Wentian’s profound strength?

This… how could this be possible!?!?

Yun Che turned around and stared at the blue clothed girl with an indifferent gaze. “You said before that as long as I save your master, you’d do anything?”

“Mn!” The blue clothed girl obviously didn’t realize the severity of this promise to Yun Che and nodded her head immediately. “If you are willing to save my master, I will repay you well.”

“Then good,” Yun Che nodded, “The toxin has spread all over your master’s body. If we forcefully cure it, it will only kill her faster so we can only take this slow. To get rid of the toxin completely while keeping her life, it will take about a month's time. During this time, you will accompany me in bed.”

“Ah?” All the ladies of Frozen Cloud unconsciously made a tender gasp.

And the blue clothed girl was stunned in place, “Accompany you… in bed?”

“That’s right. To put it simply, you will serve me during the day and sleep with me during the night,” Yun Che’s half narrowed eyes revealed a burning l.u.s.t.

Even if the blue clothed girl was more innocent, even if she was even less versed in the things of the world, she ought to still know what “sleep with me” meant. She immediately paled, “N-no… how can you do that…”

“Is there a problem?” Yun Che said without changing his expression, “I am a despicable, shameless and low person so of course I should propose conditions that only a despicable, shameless and low person would propose. You kept saying that the debts you owe to your master are as weighty as a mountain and you are willing to do anything for your master. At the moment, you only have to accompany me in bed for a short month to save your master. This is such a great deal but it seems like you are not willing again? It looks like your master’s life and safety in your heart is only worth that much.”

“No, no.” The blue clothed girl shook her head. She fiercely bit her lip and troubled tears started flowing yet again. “I… I…”

“Big Brother Yun.” Feng Xue’er couldn’t bear it any longer. She gently pinched Yun Che’s hand and said softly, “She’s already crying and you’re still bullying her.”

“Who told her to tarnish my Asgard Master’s ‘pure reputation?’” Yun Che’s resentment had yet to disappear. What angered him the most was not that she had cursed at him the moment she came over, nor was it because she had kidnapped Murong Qianxue. Instead… it was actually because she had tattled on the fact that he had molested Feng Hanyue in front of Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli… and the rest of the Frozen Cloud disciples!

That was simply intolerable!!

Feng Xue’er laughed lightly and teased, “Big Brother Yun, do you really think that Senior Master Murong and the others don’t know about that? Your ‘pure reputation’ is long gone. No, I should say that it never existed in the first place.”

Yun Che: ( ⊙ o ⊙ )!(What!?)

“Little sister, don’t be afraid. Big Brother Yun is not a bad guy. He was just joking with you just now,” Feng Xue’er comforted the blue clothed girl.

“Alright, alright,” Yun Che’s wore a helpless face and he even looked at Murong Qianxue and the others with a slight guilt before finally saying with a straight face, “There’s no need to accompany me in bed. You just have to seriously answer me a few questions and I’ll immediately save your master.”

The blue clothed girl lifted her watery eyes and said unbelievably, “Re… really?”

“Hmph! There are really not many people as kind as me in the whole world,” Yun Che posed an aloof att.i.tude, as though he was the world’s savior, and then directly asked, “First question, what is your name?”

“I… I am Situ Lanlan, Master gave me the name Mu Xiaolan,” the blue clothed girl quietly wiped away her tears and answered seriously. It seemed like she was afraid Yun Che wouldn’t be satisfied so she took the initiative and said both her original name and the name her master bestowed upon her.

Situ Lanlan… Black lines hung from Yun Che’s forehead. (-_-’’) This little girl’s profound strength was even scarier than Xuanyuan Wentian’s but her name was so childis.h.!.+

Xuanyuan Wentian… Situ Lanlan… Just by hearing these names, the former was a big boss and the latter seemed to just be a little girl who sold flowers on the side of the road! Who the h.e.l.l would believe that she was stronger than Xuanyuan Wentian?

More importantly, the name her master had given her was even more childis.h.!.+ It was exactly like a pet name of a child who hasn’t been through weaning!

“I… I am not lying, they are both my names,” Seeing the muscles on Yun Che’s face suddenly start twitching without order, Mu Xiaolan thought he didn’t believe her.

“I didn’t say I don’t believe you.” Yun Che straightened his face and continued to ask, “Then how old are you now?”

“Nine… nineteen.” Mu Xiaolan’s answers were all soft and timid, as though she was still traumatized by Yun Che’s bluff.


Yun Che’s eyes jumped abruptly. Feng Xue’er and the ladies of Frozen Asgard were all extremely shocked.

This little girl who had knocked Yun Che away with only one palm… was only nineteen!?

Which meant that this white clothed female that she called master was definitely a lot stronger than her!

Where did this monstrous master and disciple pair come from!?

Yun Che took a small breath and continued to ask, “Then you and your master, where did you two come from?”

“...” Mu Xiaolan looked a bit panicked as she shook her head unconsciously, “Th-this… without the order of my master, I… I cannot say…”

“Oh,” Yun Che nodded, turned around, “Goodbye.”

“Ah! Wait! I’ll talk!” Mu Xiaolan yelled in panic. She lowered her head and said very quietly, “My master and I are from the Snow Song Realm.”

Snow Song Realm?

The disciples of the Frozen Asgard all looked at each other, none of them had heard this name before. Feng Xue’er looked at Yun Che with surprise. “Big Brother Yun, have you ever heard of it?”

Yun Che shook his head. Mu Xiaolan’s answer confirmed his guess from before and he suddenly understood. “You two are really not from this world.”

“Not this world?” Feng Xue’er’s face was filled with surprise, “Could it be that they are…”

“The Snow Song Realm you are talking about, does it belong to a place called the ‘Realm of the G.o.ds?’” Yun Che’s brows unconsciously locked as he asked with great discretion.

A nineteen year old girl whose profound energy was even stronger than the incredibly terrifying Xuanyuan Wentian yet she didn’t even possess much of a calculating mind. How could this little girl be someone who belonged to this plane? Simply based on Xuanyuan Wentian’s profound strength, he definitely had already stepped into the divine way so it was extremely possible that this little girl was someone who had truly stepped into the divine way. It was also extremely possible that the Snow Song Realm she came room was...

“Ah?” Mu Xiaolan looked at him with surprise, “You… you actually know about our G.o.d Realm?”

Yun Che, “!!”

This response was undoubtedly a conclusive acknowledgement… She was indeed from the plane that was called Realm of the G.o.ds!

“Big Brother Yun, she…” Feng Xue’er cried out in surprise, then immediately went on guard. She sent her next words to Yun Che via sound transmission. “She’s actually from the same world as your master.”

“...” Yun Che’s chest distinctly undulated. Even though he had a feeling this was the case, his heart was still unable to calm down for a long while. He wanted to see Jasmine. He really wanted to go to the Realm of the G.o.ds and know more about the G.o.d realm. And the girl before him, she was from the same world as Jasmine… He could perhaps learn many things he wanted to know about from her.

If they could come here, then there had to be some method of going back. Perhaps…

“Let me ask you one final question,” Yun Che’s heart calmed down a little as he continued to ask with a straight face. “What is your master’s name?”

At this point, the girl couldn’t hide anything anymore and could only continue to answer in a tiny voice. “Master’s n.o.ble name is Mu Bingyun.”