Against the Gods - Chapter 933 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (2)

Chapter 933 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (2)

Chapter 933 - The G.o.ddess Who Fell From The Sky (2)

Yun Che’s whole body stretched taut as he gritted his teeth tightly. He had to use all of his strength to keep his body from sinking and not dropping his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

This weight…

Yun Che exhaled abruptly and then amidst a sudden m.u.f.fled sound, his lower body completely sunk into the ground. However, he didn’t lift the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword up at all.

Every time Hong’er consumed a sword, the sword force, weight and power of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword would grow accordingly. So far, Hong’er had already eaten five Tyrant Profound swords, twenty-seven Emperor Profound swords, and a few hundred Sky Profound swords along with many different kinds of profound crystals.

There were already very few Sky Profound swords and Emperor Profound swords in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, Tyrant Profound swords were even more rare and precious. Five Tyrant Profound swords and twenty-seven Emperor Profound swords; these two numbers were enough to pale the faces of Sacred Ground level profound pract.i.tioners. Hong’er used a short few years of time to stomach nearly half of the top grade profound swords in the two continents.

This was what created the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword that fought Xuanyuan Wentian.

When Hong’er ate the Eternal Night Devil Sword, the change in the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword actually surpa.s.sed all of its previous growth!

Yun Che had already poured all of his strength into his arms but he still wasn’t able to lift it. At the moment, it was difficult to just grab onto the hilt and not let fall… and because of this, the Heaven Smiting Sword of today had to at least be a frightening five million kilograms.


Yun Che opened his Purgatory gate and his profound energy instantly grew. He roared deeply and then was finally able to raise the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. His entire body flew into the air and he swung his sword forward.


This sword strike was an incredibly plain swing, one without any profound arts or profound skills, but at that instant, a sword force that made even Yun Che gasp in shock fell upon him. Five kilometers of s.p.a.ce in front of the tip of the sword immediately collapsed. The ground was churned high up into the sky and then completely disappeared in the collapsed void.

Yun Che’s whole body was stunned in place. The power of this sword made him stare blankly and he couldn’t recover from the surprise; he didn’t even dare to brandish it a second time.

Merely a casual strike caused such might and power. If he used all of his power to attack… even if Xuanyuan Wentian was shrouded within, he would lose at least half of his life before such a terrifying sword force.

It was just that an incomparably large consumption of power was accompanied by this might. Even though he only swung the sword once, it made Yun Che’s arms slightly numb. On top of that, even though he was still in the state of Purgatory, the terrifying weight still lingered on his arms.

Even if he was in his best state, he would probably be out of strength if he swung the sword a few dozen times in a row.

The Eternal Night Devil Sword… it was, after all, a primordial devil sword. A sword that was at the level of devils. Even though it was now a dead sword, the energy that it converted after Hong’er had eaten it was still far beyond the swords in the plane of the Profound Sky Continent. The consequence of Hong’er eating the Eternal Night Devil Sword was turning the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword into a completely different sword. This kind of might was obviously completely out of the category of Sovereign Profound artifacts and was not something that a plane like the Profound Sky Continent could judge.


Hong’er was sound asleep in the jewel on the handle of the sword. The shocking movement just now didn’t wake her. Yun Che put away the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. He reached out to swipe the cold sweat on his forehead before finally taking a deep, long breath.

“It looks like it will take a really long time for me to get use to its weight and force again,” Yun Che said to himself. At the same time he also thought that if one day he could control the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword in its current state freely in his normal form, then he ought to be ready to truly step into the divine way.

After a fierce battle with Feng Xue’er and that sword just now, Yun Che’s profound energy was heavily depleted. He sat on the floor to rest for a good while, then stood up and directly walked slowly back to Frozen Cloud Asgard.

Frozen Cloud Asgard was quiet and deserted as always. After all these years of difficult times, Frozen Cloud Asgard finally welcomed its new birth. Half a year later, when everything had completely calmed down, they would also start to begin preparing to take in new disciples.

High above the skies beyond anyone’s perception, a pair of icy eyes that were like a quiet spring was silently watching the newly born Frozen Cloud Asgard amidst the snow. She was dressed in white clothes that resembled snow. Her whole body was shrouded in dreamy mist and her face could not clearly be seen. Only a glimpse of a silhouette, that was ethereal like a fairy but also graceful like a phantom, could be caught by the eye.

A blue clothed girl with an exquisite figure was next to her. The girl looked like she was only eighteen or nineteen years old. Her eyes were like ice crystals, her face resembled the first snow, and what surrounded her were floating ice spirits even more transparent than the world’s purest crystals . She wrapped her hands around the white clothed female’s arms as though she was holding onto her carefully.

“Master, the appearance of Frozen Cloud Asgard seems to be completely different from before. Did this disciple remember wrongly?” The blue clothed girl was also looking at the Frozen Cloud Asgard below them as she asked in confusion.

“No.” The white clothed female whispered, “Not only Frozen Cloud Asgard, the aura of the elements here has also gone through a great change… cough cough, looks like, Frozen Cloud Asgard had gone through an even greater disaster afterwards and was completely destroyed. Then, after that, it had been reborn… cough, cough cough…”

The voice of the white clothed female was very soft and it faintly revealed her frailty. There were many painful coughs in between her few words. Enshrouded by mist, the paleness from the sickness seeped through her snowy face.

The blue clothed girl said softly, “Over these years, this disciple has accompanied Master here three times and we see a completely different Frozen Cloud Asgard each. Looks like Frozen Cloud Asgard had always suffered setbacks during all these years.”

“The worst is over. This time, not only are they reborn, there are big changes in the aura of many of the disciples. The Frozen Cloud Asgard from now will only become more prosperous. Cough… all of this, is thanks to the new Asgard Master. No wonder the previous Asgard Mistress would be willing to break the tradition and pa.s.s the position to a man,” the white clothed woman said slowly. Everytime she coughed, her aura weakened a little bit more.

“Yes, compared to last time, their aura is a lot stronger. Master can also finally have peace of mind. Frozen Cloud Asgard is really lucky to be kept in Master’s mind.” The blue clothed girl turned her cheek, “Master, we have already seen a result better than the one predicted. Can we return now? The aura in this world is too contaminated. If we stay here for too long, it will worsen your condition."

“Cough cough…” The white clothed female covered her mouth and when her fingers left her lips, there was a slight stain of red blood on the center of her palms. She clutched her snowy hands and covered the bloodstains. Looking below to the edgeless snow region, she said softly, “Xiaolan, stay with me here a little bit longer this time.”

“Ah?” The blue clothed girl looked at her with surprise.

The white clothed female’s gaze slightly dimmed and blurred like mist. “After looking back at my entire lifetime’s rise and fall, it was actually here, where I had lost my memory and my divine power, that I was the most happy and at peace. In the years since I’ve returned to the Snow Song Realm, this damaged life of mine once more struggled on death’s door for a millennium and there was not one day when I was genuinely happy.”

“All these years, Ice Phoenix Palace used countless precious treasures to forcefully lengthen the life of a person bound for death. I understand that they are still respectful toward me, but that is only because of Big Sister. I know everything what they think and say behind my back.” The white clothed female closed her icy eyelids. “Before leaving this time, I have already left my last words to Big Sister: My time is up. I will choose where I want most to be my last resting place. Do not look for me.”

"And here, might just be most suitable as my last resting place.”

“Mas… ter…” The blue clothed girl didn’t cry or yell because of these words. Her eyes filled with tears as she she lowered her head and started sobbing. She knew… everyone knew, that it was already a great miracle that she had made it till today.

At this moment, their bodies were close together and she was able to clearly feel how withered her life force was.

“He’s here.” The white clothed female said softly. Her eyes were crystal clear with no emotions… because she was already indifferent to life and death.

Yun Che approached on foot from the north and was finally back to the main entrance of Frozen Cloud Asgard. In front of him, Su Ling’er suddenly stuck her head out, and smiled playfully at him, “Big Brother Yun Che, you’re finally back. Come quick, I brought you something delicious.”

“Pastries!” Sniffing the smell that was in his nose, Yun Che’s eyes brightened as he walked quickly next to Su Ling’er.

The two of them leaned again an ice wall and sat on the fluffy snow. Su Ling’er used her slender hands to feed Yun Che one by one, smiled and watched him swallowed them one after another.

The profound formation that connected the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm was right in front of Frozen Cloud Asgard. During the day when Yun Che was at Frozen Cloud Asgard, Su Ling’er and the others would also often follow him. Watching Yun Che finis.h.i.+ng the last pastry, she used her finger to gently wipe the corner of Yun Che’s mouth, and asked, “Big Brother Yun Che, has Little Demon Empress Sis still not agreed to the treatment?”

“Phew!” Yun Che took a deep breath and said in low-spirits, “Not only did she not agree to it, I proposed it to her twice this time. The first time she scolded me and the second time she almost beat me up… I thought about her personality a long time ago. It must be difficult for her to accept this weird kind of treatment so I allowed you to live at the Demon Imperial Palace a few months earlier but the result was still the same.”

“Yeah, with someone n.o.ble and proud like Little Demon Empress Sis, it is a bit difficult to make her accept it. Even I was surprised at first,” Su Ling’er held up her cheeks with her hands and looked like she was trying hard to think.

“Ling’er, you seem to… not oppose it,” Yun Che moved his face close to Su Ling’er’s ears and said while laughing mischievously, “Do you not feel… embarra.s.sed at all?”

“I’m alright,” Su Ling’er giggled, her cheeks were still a bit flushed, “If it was someone else, even though a medical pract.i.tioner’s heavenly law is to save lives, I might really not be able to do it. But Little Demon Empress Sis is not the same. She is Big Brother Yun Che’s woman. After all…” Su Ling’er’s voice became softer, “I have served Big Brother Yun Che with Little Demon Empress Sis that many times, why is she still so determined to refuse? Does she not like me?”

“Uh… of course not. Now in all of Demon Imperial City, who doesn’t like Ling’er? With her personality, if she accepted easily I would instead feel strange about it. Sigh, what should I do… Mn, what if Xue’er and I knock her out together and then… that doesn’t seem to work…”

“Then how about this,” Su Ling’er seemed to have thought of something and her beautiful eyes suddenly lit up slightly, “Let me go convince Little Demon Empress Sis myself.”

“Ah? You’re going?” Yun Che was stunned.

“Heh.” Su Ling’er smiled mysteriously. “I think regarding to this matter, it would probably be better if I say it face to face to Little Demon Empress Sis. Even though normally Little Demon Empress Sis is most obedient to Big Brother Yun Che, about this… it is uncertain.”

“I will go now.” Su Ling’er stood up and then ran over to the teleportation formation. “Big Brother Yun Che, come back early before the sky gets dark. There might be good news!”

“...” Yun Che’s mouth opened a little, reached out to scratch his nose and said to himself, “Will this really be alright?”