Against the Gods - Chapter 908 - The Frightening Strength of the Divine Way

Chapter 908 - The Frightening Strength of the Divine Way

Chapter 908 - The Frightening Strength of the Divine Way

“In this world, Feng Xue’er possessed the purest divine blood. In several years time, she would definitely be able to breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm and become the first person in the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent to attain the divine way. After that, she would still have a limitless future and unlimited possibilities.

“And you, Xuanyuan Wentian, not only would you be unable to breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm, there is also no future for you either! Furthermore, since your bloodline and soul have already been completely corrupted, disrupted and broken, after your death, you’ll completely dissipate and you’ll be unable to reincarnate for all eternity!!”

Taunting the opponent, making him angry, and lose his cool would sometimes be more effective than cutting off one of his arms. Yun Che had obviously succeeded, as all his words had stabbed into Xuanyuan Wentian’s vitals. Xuanyuan Wentian’s entire body was trembling and the black aura on his body became chaotic. It was obvious he was completely enraged.

Just when Yun Che was about to add fuel to the fire, he suddenly and accidentally saw that Xuanyuan Wentian’s trembling had started to calm down and even the rage in his eyes had started to swiftly reduce.

“Heh, heheheh…” Xuanyuan Wentian started to laugh and his laugh was no longer ferocious but instead extremely grim, “This sovereign is already the world’s Heavenly Sovereign, a devil G.o.d that possess the strength of the divine way… how could I be angered by a mere mortal like you?”

“...” Yun Che opened his mouth and closed it. This Xuanyuan Wentian went from calm to irritated and back to suddenly calm again. Then, he became irritated due to his own words before he suddenly calmed down yet again...

This constant intense change of emotions was simply insane!

“Limitless future and unlimited possibilities? Heh…” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed grimly, “You are the ones that truly have no future or possibilities! Because today, this sovereign will just… exterminate all of you here!”


In the sky that was devoid of light, darkness had become like a sticky solid substance that gradually showering down while rumbling. In a world devoid of light, it seemed like a fierce darkness beast that was consuming the heavens and the earth.

Yun Che felt that the intense pressure was getting stronger at this time. His eyes pierced through the darkness and he realized that the rumbling darkness was gathering behind Xuanyuan Wentian’s back. It gradually grew and became a more and more ma.s.sive sea of darkness where the borders nearly could not be seen.

The upper limit was the heavens while the lower borders were the vast seas!

Yun Che’s eyebrows ferociously knitted, the profound energy in his entire body surged and the Heaven Smiting Sword quickly swept out in front of him.

The area where Supreme Ocean Palace stood had completely darkened and even with the eye power of Monarchs, they still could not see clearly what lay three meters beyond them. Feng Xue’er swept her snowy hands and phoenix flames burned in the skies, returning some light to the world.

“What… what kind of power is this?”

This frightening change in the heavens and the earth; this frightening pressure that was far more frightening than h.e.l.l in their minds… They didn’t dare to imagine that there would be such a powerful existence in this world and this strength had actually come from someone they knew.

“Yun Che, this sovereign wants to see how are you still going to struggle before the strength of the devil G.o.d!!”


The Eternal Night Devil Sword pierced forward. With a simple action, a boundless sea of darkness that covered the heavens and the earth enveloped Yun Che, leaving him no escape routes.

“Sss…” Yun Che inhaled strongly and all the profound energy within his body began to circulate without restraint. Other than the abnormal existence that was Jasmine, this was the heaviest pressure and most frightening strength that he had ever encountered in his life. It was different compared to all the strength that he had withstood in the Profound Sky Continent… A complete difference in terms of level and realm.

Xuanyuan Wentian could never truly enter the divine way; these were not empty words. Because even when he died, he could never attain the longevity, soul power and spiritual sense of the true divine way.

However, simply in terms of profound strength, he was indeed in the Divine Profound Realm!

The Divine Profound Realm that had never before existed within the Profound Sky Continent!

Against strength at that level, Yun Che had absolutely no chance of winning.

However, if it were against Xuanyuan Wentian...

Yun Che fiercely stepped forward. The Heaven Smiting Sword swung out with intensity and the golden crow flames surged several hundred meters into the air, forming a sea of scarlet flames which strongly chased away the darkness.


The sea of darkness collided strongly with the fierce flames in the air. In an instant, the dark sky split into two distinct separated worlds. The higher part was the sticky and dense darkness while the lower part was scorching hot flames that made it seem as though a golden sun was currently rising. The s.h.i.+ne from the flames shone downward and formed beautiful rays on the surface of the sea.

“That… that is!!”

At the northern part where the red and black of the skies met, it was as though the image depicted was that of doomsday. Even those profound pract.i.tioners who were withstanding the devilish poison looked up with all their might towards the north, unwilling to miss this image, This was an image that was more shocking than any natural disaster and they would definitely only encounter it once in their lives and there would never be a second time.

Anyone could tell that darkness was Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength while the scarlet flames were Yun Che’s strength. Although they were hundreds of kilometers away, they could still clearly tell the developments of the battle.

“Big Brother Yun… Good luck!” Both of Feng Xue’er’s arms gripped onto the corner of her dress tightly as her heart as could not settle down.

The two worlds remained in a stalemate for only a couple of breaths of time before the darkness suddenly descended, fiercely suppressing the sea of flames. When the suppression began, it gradually became more and more intense and the light from the flames became more and more dim. The surging sea of flames seemed as though it was a sun that had been consumed by dark clouds and in an instant, half of it had already disappeared.

“Big Brother Yun!” Feng Xue’er screamed, shocked as both her hands held her chest tightly.

Jasmine had told Yun Che before that if he viewed the Elementary Profound Realm to the Sovereign Profound Realm as one huge realm, then the Divine Profound Realm was a whole different realm.

When under extreme states, Yun Che could battle the Tyrant Profound Realm with strength of the Sky Profound Realm, he could battle the Sovereign Profound Realm with strength of the Tyrant Profound Realm. When he was within the Tyrant Profound Realm, he could already defeat and extreme powerhouse that was Huangji Wuyu.

All this while, his strength was capable of transcending one or even two profound realms. However, although the Sovereign Profound Realm and the Divine Profound Realm seemed like they were only one realm apart, the gap between the two was far too ma.s.sive… It was so ma.s.sive that in the history of Profound Sky Continent, although there were countless overlords and countless monarchs, there had never been a Profound G.o.d before.

At this time, Yun Che, who had already stepped into the Sovereign Profound Realm was facing off against the first person within the history of the Profound Sky Continent to break through the bottleneck of the Sovereign Profound Realm, possessing the strength of the divine way. He was also personally witnessing just how ma.s.sive the gap between the two realms was.

The Golden Crow flames that he ignited with all his might had only lasted a mere five seconds before they got defeated by the might of Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength of the divine way. There was a pressure that seemed as though the heavens were collapsing. Yun Che’s entire body trembled and the sea of flames swiftly fell along with his body. When he neared the surface of the ocean, the golden crow flames on his body extinguished and there was no light once again between heaven and earth.

The darkness that shrouded the skies seemed like the mouth of a devil as it rolled and consumed Yun Che within it.

“Hahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a heaven shaking hysterical laughter, “Yun Che, are you seeing this!? This is the strength of a devil G.o.d! No matter how much luck you possess, even if you were to make a ma.s.sive improvement, it would all be meaningless! In front of the devil G.o.d’s strength, you’re still a mere ant!”

The darkness devil aura began to roll with even more intensity, gradually and completely suppressing Yun Che’s aura. Suddenly, a sharp screeching noise was heard and a vermillion sword glow suddenly shot towards the sky. The dense darkness was being split apart layer by layer and the sword tip pierced towards Xuanyuan Wentian. Wherever the sword tip went, it swept up a twisting tornado.

“Mn?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s hysterical laugh was suddenly cut off. The world of darkness had already been pierced from the bottom to the top by the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. The sword tip that was giving off a vermillion glow was going towards his abdomen.

Even though it had pierced through the entire world of darkness, the might of the sword still did not reduce in the slightest.

“It’s that despicable sword again!”

Xuanyuan Wentian howled and suddenly pulled the Eternal Night Devil Sword downwards.


This was the first time Yun Che had collided head on with the strength of the divine way. From when his flames had been completely suppressed, he had already felt how frightening the strength of the divine way was. When they were about to cross swords, he had already sufficiently prepared himself. However, when their swords collided, Yun Che’s entire body still trembled. Both his arms were numb and he blacked out. In that instant, his consciousness had actually been dispersed.

Yun Che snorted dully and his body spun backwards.

“Heh, continue struggling. Only when you struggle long enough will you feel more despair!”

All the black aura regathered behind Xuanyuan Wentian and he stabbed his sword towards Yun Che. The darkness flowed along with the strike.

Yun Che, who was flying backwards, forcefully stabilized his balance with a distorted stance. The profound aura on him surged and the flames reignited. Facing a sword of Xuanyuan Wentian who was in his killing stance, not only did Yun Che not retreat or dodge, he swung his sword out instead. The s.p.a.ce surrounding the sword shattered swiftly like gla.s.s and the boundless energy fused with the scorching divine flames. The atmosphere distorted and burned.


The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword and the Eternal Night Devil Sword pierced through the air at the same time, heavily clas.h.i.+ng. In an instant, the world lost all sound before it fiercely erupted once again as the fragile atmosphere let out a long screeching noise and collapsed for several dozen kilometers. The surrounding flames and darkness were all forcefully separated and thousands of ma.s.sive waves swept across fifty kilometers of sea.


Supreme Ocean Palace was filled with numerous nervous cries as the entire ocean palace was trembling strongly, as though it could completely collapse at any time.


A long streak of blood shot out from Yun Che’s mouth. Both his arms were devoid of feeling and he was sent flying like a cras.h.i.+ng meteor. However, Xuanyuan Wentian’s sword stance still could not be completely withstood. Numerous darkness sword auras lashed at his body, destroying his outer wear while adding numerous deep streaks of blood to his body.

Xuanyuan Wentian on the other hand had only been knocked back by less than thirty meters.

Only when he was nearing the surface of the ocean nearby had Yun Che finally stopped. His entire body was in pain and the areas that were directly attacked by the sword aura were in excruciating pain. His two arms, that had withstood that frightening strength, were exuding streaks of blood.

Within the Profound Sky Continent, the only person that could withstand a blow from Xuanyuan Wentian would be Yun Che. If it were anyone else, even if they possessed similar strength to Yun Che, their arms would undoubtedly be shattered.

Slowly lifting up the Heaven Smiting Sword again, the Golden Crow flames on his body ignited once more as his profound energy surged alongside it. Although there were many stains of blood on Yun Che’s entire body now and he had started to pant slightly, his resurged strength was no weaker than before.

This Xuanyuan Wentian...

At this point, Yun Che was already certain that although Xuanyuan Wentian would never possibly obtain the longevity and spiritual sense of the divine way, his frightening strength was indeed truly within the Divine Profound Realm.

The reason why there was such a ma.s.sive gap between the Sovereign Profound Realm and the Divine Profound Realm was because, anyone under the Divine Profound Realm, no matter how strong, was still just a human.

When one stepped into the Divine Profound Realm, he would have transcended the mortal realm and become a true G.o.d among humans!

Yun Che’s previous opponents, no matter how strong they were, were still humans… Even the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s strength had already deteriorated to the level of humans. However, today, he was relying on his mortal strength to fight against someone who possess the strength of the divine way!

Not just that, this was a battle that had to be won no matter what.