Against the Gods - Chapter 905 - Beneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (1)

Chapter 905 - Beneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (1)

Chapter 905 - Beneath the Divine Profound, All Are Ants (1)

Yun Che’s indifferent look clearly meant that he was not going to save the people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace. Zi Ji carried Qu Fengyi who was on her dying breath with a single arm and shouted out with all his might while enduring immense pain, “Asgard Master Yun, please… with your magnanimity… save us…”

“Save you?” not even turning his head around, Yun Che coldly said. “No matter how many grudges I have with Divine Phoenix Sect, I am now after all half a son-in-law of Divine Phoenix Sect, so saving them could be said to be a natural thing to do. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue is Yuanba’s master and I also owe him a debt, so saving him is something I ought to do even more. You people? Hah. First, we’re not familiar, second, we’re not related and third, I don’t owe you any debts. What do the lives and deaths of you people have to do with me? It’s already benevolent of me to not have followed your example and thrown a stone down on the man who had fallen into a well like you all have done to me!”

Yun Che coldly laughed in his heart… Zi Ji must not be aware that on the day Jasmine left, Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, and Ye Meixie left Divine Phoenix Sect and combined their strengths to throw a stone down on a fallen man a second time. If the Little Demon Empress had not arrived in time, the consequences would have basically been disastrous. If he had known of this incident, he probably would not have the face to seek help from him either.

Zi Ji was left speechless while Spiritual Master Bitter Agony of the Sanctuary obscurely said. “Asgard Master Yun… We are all not afraid of death… But Xuanyuan Wentian is… our common enemy… Put aside… our former grudges… at the very least, for now… combine our strengths to deal with… Xuanyuan Wentian…”

As the leader of the Sanctuary’s Twelve Spiritual Masters, Spiritual Master Bitter Agony’s profound strength was only second to Huangji Wuyu. However, these words of his were said in such a fragmented and disorganized manner. It could be imagined just how much pain he was suffering from the devilish poison. Even someone as powerful as Spiritual Master Bitter Agony was in such a state, not to mention others.

“Hmph, since you people aren’t afraid of death, then there’s even less of a need for me to waste my energy on poking my nose into others’ business. As for Xuanyuan Wentian…” Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes, “I alone am enough.”

“Uug…” Spiritual Master Bitter Agony’s lips trembled and was no longer able to think of anything else to say.

“Hohohoho,” unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Wentian did not burst out into loud laughter and had instead let out a low chuckle. “Yun Che, this sovereign is really beginning to enjoy your personality. Such arrogance. But unfortunately, in this world, there is no longer anyone else who has the qualifications to behave so arrogantly in front of this sovereign.”

He stretched out his dark hand with his palm facing Yun Che, “You definitely can’t imagine just what kind of realm of power this sovereign has attained.”

“I can say the same to you.” Yun Che lightly smiled.

“To be blunt, the strength this sovereign presently possesses has reached to such a powerful extent that even this sovereign is feeling afraid of it. In a short one month, your profound strength has once again stepped across a large realm and has truly astonished this sovereign but unfortunately… Unfortunately, even if your profound strength increases ten times more, you still wouldn’t be this sovereign’s match!”

“Heheheheh,” Yun Che sullenly laughed. “The people who died at my hands all believed that was the case right before their deaths.”

Xuanyuan Wentian did not mind Yun Che’s words in the slightest. He felt that with the present realm he had attained, in this world, there were no longer any existing remarks that could possibly anger him. He disdainfully said, “Where’s the Little Demon Empress? Is she not with you? Adding her, you might be able to delay your death by a slight bit.”

“I said this earlier. Against you, I alone am enough!”

Yun Che swung his arm and a red light flashed right after. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword loftily appeared and a vermillion red sword beam was swung down from above.


With the present Yun Che and adding the present Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, though it was merely a casual swing, it had instantly collapsed the surrounding s.p.a.ce. The enormous Sea G.o.d Arena crumbled apart amidst the explosive spatial noises and like the sudden rise of terrifying, surging waves, a disastrous storm blew toward the Sea G.o.d Arena.

Amidst the countless terrified shouts and screams, other than Yun Che and Xuanyuan Wentian, everyone else were like boats being tossed by the waves and were swept out of Sea G.o.d Arena, falling toward the Supreme Ocean Palace beneath.

Feng Xue’er hurriedly moved, protecting Xia Yuanba and the people from the Blue Wind Royal Family within a gentle fireball, allowing them to stay safe and unscathed during their landing.

Falling from the height which Sea G.o.d Arena was at was basically a piece of cake to the experts of Supreme Ocean Palace and Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. However, with the devilish poison in their bodies, just the slightest channeling of profound energy could intensify their pain. The height, which was usually nothing to speak of, presently had them flailing their limbs about as they fell.

Feng Hengkong hurriedly charged towards Xue’er and anxiously said, “Xue’er, don’t stay here any longer… Hurry and run… Run!! Otherwise, it will really be too late! Xuanyuan Wentian has already turned completely into a devil and he’s even capable of defeating a Sacred Master with a single blow! You will just be sending yourself to death for nothing if you stay here!”

Feng Xue’er lightly shook her head, her eyes were looking at the figure in the sky which was already especially faraway and gently said, “I believe in Big Brother Yun.”

“...” Feng Hengkong gnashed his teeth and stomped his feet out of anxiety.

The Sea G.o.d Arena crumbled, s.p.a.ce itself collapsed, and the sky filled with screams… Yet Yun Che and Xuanyuan Wentian were still facing each other in the air with incomparable calm, as if they had been completely isolated from the outside world. Yun Che raised the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword horizontally. Its tip pointed at the center of Xuanyuan Wentian’s forehead yet the aura on his body was as quiet as sand.

An extremely uncomfortable aura caused Xuanyuan Wentian’s brows to greatly furrow. Retracting his palm, he indifferently asked. “Though it’s not important, this sovereign still wants to ask. Where in the world did you get that sword from!?”

“You can consider asking King Yama after you die. Show your devil sword… If you don’t wish to die too quickly!” Facing Xuanyuan Wentian who was already arrogant to the point where he was no longer putting anyone in his eyes, Yun Che released an arrogant demeanor that completely did not lose to his.

“Heh, there’s no longer anyone in this world who has the qualifications to have this sovereign use his devil sword. That includes you too,” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a smirk. He reached out his hand towards Yun Che with his wrist hooked up. “Come, allow this sovereign to witness the extent of your struggle. Not only will this sovereign not use his devil sword, he will only use a single hand… to completely shatter your frail and laughable self-confidence.”

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“Then you best not die too quickly!!”

Yun Che growled and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was suddenly swung out. The monstrous might of the sword swirled up the entire surroundings and under this sword strike, the Sea G.o.d Arena that had floated in the air for several thousand years completely collapsed, filling the entire sky with scattered jades that were being shot out. A storm of sword aura smashed towards Xuanyuan Wentian, yet Xuanyuan Wentian did not resist in the slightest, allowing himself to be pushed nearly fifty kilometers away by the sword aura storm. Only his loud, mad laughter resounded in the sky.


He understood that Yun Che wanted to pull the battlefield away, to prevent involving the people that were still staying in Supreme Ocean Palace. This too coincided with his intentions. After all, his only son was below as well and he was basically the frailest one there.

“Xuanyuan Wentian, die!!”


Golden Crow flames and Phoenix flames ignited around Yun Che’s body at the same time and his profound energy and eyes turned a violent, scarlet red. After distancing themselves fifty kilometers from the ocean palace, he no longer had a shred of hesitation. With a loud roar, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword carried monstrous, blazing flames as it smashed straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

In the instant the sword was swung out, clouds within a radius of fifty kilometers had all dispersed.

Enveloped by the might of this one strike, the light in Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes brightened, as they emitted a black glow that was several times more excited than before. “A truly astonis.h.i.+ng pressure. This sovereign has surely underestimated you. Never did this sovereign expect that you had actually reached such a realm of power! You have actually more or less surpa.s.sed this sovereign of a month ago… But unfortunately…”

“Unfortunately, no matter how strong a mortal is, how could one compare to a devil G.o.d!?”

“When this sovereign suddenly stepped into that realm, everything in this world, including this sovereign of a month ago, have all become insignificant ants!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian moved but his right hand was still behind his back; he had only stretched out his left hand. Black light circled around his hand and a black shadow appeared as his hand swung in the air, colliding with Yun Che’s enormous vermillion red sword.

With a loud “bang,” dimensional rifts instantly tore. Yun Che’s sword stance was immediately broken and his entire figure tumbled back from the shockwave as well. However, he immediately charged back out and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword once again smashed towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Heh…” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a quiet laugh, his pitch-black hand once again reached out to grab the enormous vermillion sword, flinging out one dark after-image after another which blew Yun Che’s sword stance far away… Though in his eyes, Yun Che barely had the qualifications to exchange blows with him. No, Yun Che most probably did not have the qualifications at all; he was still unwilling to have his body make direct contact with that enormous scarlet red sword.

Back then in the Illusory Demon Realm, the pain he suffered after taking that one strike was something he could not forget even in death.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Whenever their two powers collided, they shook the world as if they were the profound lightning of the Ninth Heaven. To the crowd at Supreme Ocean Palace, every single explosion was like a terrifying disaster. They could feel the entire ocean palace shaking and they were basically unable to get stable footing. Even when they were covering their ears tightly, the blood in their entire bodies was still rumbling intensely as if they were being boiled.


After an explosive reverberation, an enormous wave rose from the sea, reaching up to several kilometers in height.

“Ah… Ah…” Feng Zukui, who had lived for more than a thousand years, paled from fright. Looking at the constantly quaking s.p.a.ce in the northern direction, no matter how he thought about it, he was unable to believe that these were all coming from fifty kilometers away. “Is… Is this even strength that can be possessed by humans?”

“Big Brother Yun… You have actually become so incredible,” Feng Xue’er muttered in astonishment as well.

Yun Che smashed out forty or so sword strikes consecutively and they were all blasted away by Xuanyuan Wentian without making a single contact... Furthermore, he was only using his left hand, while his right hand had been placed neatly behind his back the entire time. Forget about harming Xuanyuan Wentian, Yun Che was not even able to close to a distance of a hundred meters from him.

“It seems like this is your limit,” Xuanyuan Wentian lightly laughed. “Though you have indeed gotten stronger than this sovereign has expected, this is all it amounts to. In this sovereign’s eyes, everything beneath the heavens are but mere ants and you, though you are the biggest one of them all, you are still similarly just an ant.”

“Now, it’s about time for this sovereign to attack.” Xuanyuan Wentian, who had been defending leisurely the entire time, finally took up a different stance with his hand. No longer flinging it out, he instead suddenly opted for a forward grab. A pitch-black hand opened within the dimensional rift, instantly growing up to several dozen meters as it grabbed straight towards Yun Che.

“Come! Struggle with all your might within this sovereign’s devil claw. The more tenacious your struggle is, the better. If this game ends too early, it would be a little too boring, hahahahaha…”

This pitch-black devil claw looked as if it was moving extremely slowly but it seemed to have leapt through s.p.a.ce, instantly arriving in front of Yun Che.

Half-narrowing his eyes, Yun Che’s figure slightly blurred.


s.p.a.ce in a radius of about thirty meters, along with Yun Che’s afterimage, was torn into pieces by the black devil claw. As if he had used instantaneous movement, Yun Che’s true body had long since appeared about three meters away from Xuanyuan Wentian. With a growl, he smashed his sword right towards Xuanyuan Wentian’s head as a strange fiery light flashed in the depths of Yun Che’s eyes.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian was slightly astonished but right after, he flashed a playful smile as a black shadow collided with the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. “Tumble back obediently for this sovereign!”


The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword clashed with the black devil shadow in the air but this time, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword that was previously blasted away every single time had merely paused for a moment, followed by an explosive ignition of flames. Not only was it not blasted away, its might and speed had actually increased several times, instantly dispersing away Xuanyuan Wentian’s power. Carrying the blurs of pitch-black s.p.a.ce, it smashed straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian’s head.

“Golden Annihilation!”

Xuanyuan Wentian had believed that Yun Che had already reached the limit of his strength previously… Furthermore, the strength at this limit had already far surpa.s.sed his expectations and even in his dreams, he would be unable to imagine just how his strength could have increased again by several times in an instant. He hurriedly withdrew and retreated speedily, his left arm rapidly swung out… However, he had merely raised it halfway through, before it was firmly suppressed back by the overbearingly immense power coming from the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

Xuanyuan Wentian was greatly shocked for the very first time and he wanted to hurriedly raise the right arm he had been keeping behind his back. However, he was basically too late. The power on his left arm was instantly crushed and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword smashed onto Xuanyuan Wentian’s chest with incomparable ferocity. The tyrannical Golden Crow flames exploded with intense light.


Xuanyuan Wentian, who had been standing proudly straight in the air, was smashed flying away like a spinning top and alongside screams that sounded as if he was a pig being slaughtered. He flew for several dozens of meters before he managed to stop, yet the screams still did not end. His entire body was trembling and he was simply screaming even more wretchedly than those people who were struck with the devilish poison. His chest was impressively marked with a vermillion red mark that stretched nearly a foot long.

Yun Che raised the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword with a grin and once again pointed it at Xuanyuan Wentian. “Xuanyuan Wentian, you’d better not forget your own words and continue using a single hand. Otherwise, this so-called Heavenly Sovereign you make yourself out to be won’t have any face at all.”