Against the Gods - Chapter 88 - One Finger Profound Opening

Chapter 88 - One Finger Profound Opening

Chapter 88 - One Finger Profound Opening

In the face of Xiao Tiannan’s condemnation, all of the doctors lowered their heads. They were furious but didn’t dare to speak. They murmured in their hearts: With such an injury, he can be considered crippled for life; it’s possible to save his life, but it’s impossible to heal him! Even though there are Purple Veined Heaven Crystals here, how can anyone in this small New Moon City know how to actually use it. To have the ability to utilize the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal; that was only possible for the head doctors of the Imperial City and those super sects.

At this time, Xiao Zaihe walked up and whispered beside Xiao Tiannan: “Another doctor has arrived.”

“Let him in!” Xiao Tiannan said with a cold face. Clearly, his heart had already turned into ash, and didn’t have any hopes for these New Moon City’s doctors. If he were to invite skilled doctors from the Imperial City, putting aside whether or not they would be willing to take the long journey to come here; just the time it took to travel here, may already render it too late even with the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. It was more so impossible to send Xiao Luocheng to the Imperial City. With his current condition, not to mention ten days or half a month, even a single day of b.u.mpy traveling would be too much to bear.

Yun Che walked up with slow steps. One of his hand carried a medicinal case and the other, astonis.h.i.+ngly, was still holding up that flag.

When the people in the room finally saw the two lines of words he had written on his flag clearly, a few had immediately sprayed out in laughter. Xiao Tiannan’s brows were also one up and one down; then an expression of outrage emerged on his face. As he was just about to make Xiao Zaihe throw out this fellow that obviously looked like a swindler, he instead heard what this “genius doctor” had said: “Oh? This l.u.s.ter… I didn’t expect that there are actually Purple Veined Heaven Crystals in this little New Moon City. It really is worthy of the biggest sect of New Moon City. However, this Purple Veined Heaven Crystal’s purity is slightly inferior, at only six and a half out of ten; it certainly is a little regrettable. But to heal ordinary wounds, this would be enough.”

As these words came out, everyone present was instantly shocked. It wasn’t rare to be able to recognize a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. Even if one haven’t eaten pork before, one would still recognize a pig running; the records and legends about Purple Veined Heaven Crystals were countless. But to tell the purity of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal at a glance; it would be impossible to do so unless it was someone that knew Purple Veined Heaven Crystal extremely well.

Could it be, that this person was unexpectedly very familiar with Purple Veined Heaven Crystal? Or was it... That he made everything up? Right! He must have been talking out of his a.s.s. This person was entirely an unfamiliar face and he had never been heard of in the medical world. Also, this attire was almost like sticking the two words “con man” onto his face…. The doctors thought in their hearts like this, one after another.

But right away, they instead discovered that Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Zaihe simultaneously revealing a expression of shock.

“You can identify the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal?” Xiao Tiannan said with his brows knitted as his heart trembled; because the purity grade of the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal that this “genius doctor” had uttered, was actually not off in the slightest! This piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal had always been the most valuable treasure of his sect, and was always hidden in the most covert of places; only a few people in the sect had ever seen it. Word of its purity, was even more so, impossible to have been leaked out.

He could actually tell the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal with a single glance… Without frequent contact with the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, one definitely wouldn’t be able to achieve this! Could it be that this traveling doctor that appeared to be a swindler, no matter how you looked at him, was really a genius doctor?

“Heh heh, of course I recognize it. As a medical pract.i.tioner, how could I possibly not know one of the most valuable of medical treasures.” Yun Che faintly laughed in a mysteriously profound manner.

“Then do you know how to use it?” Xiao Tiannan took a step forward as his voice became somewhat hurried.

Yun Che glanced at Xiao Luocheng who was on the sickbed, and said: “Of course I do. However, honorable Sect’s Young Sect Master’s injuries, does not actually require the usage of this Purple Veined Heaven Crystal.

“A load of nonsense!”

When these words came out from Yun Che’s mouth, all the doctors in the room revealed looks of contempt and disdain. One of them even directly shouted out loud while looking at Yun Che with a furious gaze: “Do you not know how heavy Young Sect Master Xiao’s injury is! To heal his internal injuries, the only way would be to depend on Purple Veined Heaven Crystal! Sect Master Xiao, this traveling doctor is obviously a swindler. This old man had practiced medicine for many years, but had never seen this person before. The words from before, ought to all be blind guesses and made up. Hmph, to actually try to swindle Xiao Sect’s head, you’ve got some huge nerve. Sect Master Xiao best throw him out, so as to avoid falling into this swindler’s trap.”

This person’s name was Sun Hong, one of the three genius doctors of New Moon City who possessed extremely high prestige in New Moon City’s medical community.

“Hahaha.” Yun Che faintly laughed and then slightly closed his eyes to slowly speak: “This Young Sect Master’s injuries, I glanced at them a few times earlier and already understand the situation clearly…. The bones of his left arms are completely shattered, half of the meridians of his entire body are broken, and his profound veins have bursted apart. His body had been invaded by last night’s cold weather, so on top of being injured, he also fell ill and that’s why he had been unconscious the entire time. Am I right or am I wrong?”

Sun Hong’s expression froze for a while, and then immediately replied in disdain: “Right now, the entire city knows about Young Sect Master Xiao’s heavy injuries. You didn’t even diagnose Young Sect Master Xiao’s injuries, yet you speak of it so clearly; it’s obvious that you heard them from somewhere. A swindler like you wouldn’t know, that it would be simply impossible to heal such a grave injury using ordinary means of medicine; in this world, the only thing that could possibly cure him, are Purple Veined Heaven Crystals!

“This old man has also never seen this person before. Furthermore, his words completely violates the principles of medical knowledge. He is undoubtedly a swindler.” Another old man, with a beard that had already turned white, slowly spoke.

“Ha Ha Ha!” As Yun Che heard their words, he loudly laughed three times. But he wasn’t furious at all, as he leisurely spoke: “A doctor’s diagnosis, emphasizes on ‘look, listen, question, feel’, with ‘look’ as the head, and ‘listen, question, feel’ as support. The patient’s illness are all exhibited in the complexion. If I couldn’t even tell this junior’s injuries just by ‘looking’, wouldn’t I be reduced to an ordinary doctor.”

With one sentence, he offended every single doctor present. Because not a single one of them were able to directly diagnose Xiao Luocheng’s injuries just by “looking”. Sun Hong immediately said with a sneer: “Since genius doctor’s medical skill is so superior, how about you take a “look” and see what illnesses I have?”

Yun Che threw him an indifferent glance and said with a faint smile: “You’re also a medical pract.i.tioner. Your usual self-care isn’t bad, and there aren’t any severe illnesses on you. However, in the matter of s.e.xual intercourse, you don’t possess the slightest bit of self restraint. The underside of your brow is dark, and it looks like you’ve at least consecutively discharged your vitality twice. Yet after that, you didn’t sleep for a night; it’s apparent that you were invited here right after finis.h.i.+ng intercourse. Ha ha, you aren’t young anymore; with such frequent intercourse that also coincided with a night of labor, your kidneys have acutely faltered.

Sun Hong straight up became stupefied in place, and was speechless for a long time.

“Rather, you’re the one suffering a severe ailment.” Yun Che s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto that white-bearded elderly man who spoke earlier and spoke with an indifferent tone: “Since one year ago, your legs have already started to feel sore, and was extremely severe especially at noon. You thought that this was caused by the invasion of humidity and wind chill, and thereby often used warm things to recuperate. But after a year, not only did your symptoms not alleviate, they instead became worse.”

The elderly man instantly widened his old eyes and said with shock: “How… How did you know?”

Yun Che continued: “The ailment on your leg, was fundamentally not caused by wind chills and humidity at all. If my guess is correct, two years ago, you were bitten by a long thin red snake. You’re a medicinal pract.i.tioner and often collected medicinal herbs; therefore, you probably carried antidotes with you, and didn’t mind the matter anymore after you’ve ingested the antidote. Yet, you didn’t know, that this snake’s name is the Jade-Eyed Flower Carved Snake. Its appearance is no different from an ordinary Red String Snake. However, it carries a type of Yang venom that cannot be detoxified by any ordinary antidote. This kind of Yang venom stays latent inside the body and slowly starts acting after a year; the lower limbs will become unbearably sore at first, and as the toxicity spreads, it will reach the organs after three years and poison the victim to death.”

The elderly man’s eyes were already opened wide to its extreme and even his beard violently shook: “That’s right…. That’s right! What you said was absolutely true! This old man indeed was bitten by a red colored snake two years ago and this old man had thought that was just an ordinary Red String Snake…. My leg’s ailment also indeed started one year ago. I used Yang-attributed items and recuperated for a year, but it didn’t alleviate in the slightest. A genius doctor, truly a genius doctor!!!”

(TL: In case anyone is confused on all these Yang stuff, basically Yang stands for “Warm”, vice versa for Yin. This old dude thought that his leg’s symptoms were caused by wind chills and humidity, so he tried using “Yang/Warm” stuff. But the poison was “Yang” in the first place, so it ended up making it worse.)

This elderly man was also one of the three widely recognized genius doctors in New Moon City. His name was Gongsun Xiu, and his weight in New Moon City’s medical community was even higher than Sun Hong. As these words of his were uttered, every single doctor present was stunned… Just by looking with a few glances, he was actually able to tell how many times Sun Hong had intercourse last night, and even found out about Gongsun Xiu’s ailment; even the type of snake had bit him two years ago was spoken by him in great detail.

This level of ability, let alone to achieve it, they didn’t even dare to think about it!

This skill was simply G.o.d-like!!

Could it be that this person that appeared to be a swindler, was truly a genius doctor…. No! It should be said that he very much, was a genius doctor!!

“Genius doctor, in what way could this old man’s poison be eliminated? The Jade-Eyed Flower Carved Snake; this old man has been alive for nearly eight decades, yet have never heard of this kind of snake.” Gongsun Xiu who showed disdain toward Yun Che, now instead bowed forward and consulted with his face full of heartfelt admiration. How he addressed him, had also turned into “genius doctor”.

Yun Che slightly thought for a bit, and said: “One hundred grams of Ice Heart Lotus. Two hundred and fifty grams of Mixed Quince; consume them every day at noon and the poison would naturally be completely cured after one month. In addition, during this one month of time, try to consume as little food of warm and spicy aspects as possible, and do not sleep for too long everyday.”

Gongsun Xiu sincerely bore it in mind and deeply bowed toward Yun Che: “Not only did Genius Doctor save this old man’s life, you also opened this old man’s eyes. Please forgive this old man’s ignorant gibberish earlier; you’re absolutely worthy of the t.i.tle genius doctor.”

All the doctors present had expression of shock on their faces and the expression in their eyes that looked at Yun Che completely changed. Even Xiao Tiannan revealed an expression of hope on his face… This may really be a genius doctor! He may really be able to heal my son’s injuries!

“Ha ha, you flatter me.” Yun Che said as he payed no mind to him. His gaze turned to Xiao Zaihe instead and said: “Speaking of which, the problem on your body is not small either.”

“Me?” Xiao Zaihe extended his hands and pointed at himself with a perplexed face.

“In these last few months, weren’t you making a large effort to forcibly open your Shoulder Star profound entrance because you wanted to open this profound entrance?” Yun Che asked with an unquestionable tone.

Xiao Zaihe’s mouth opened as astonishment colored his entire face: “How…. How do you know that?”

“What complete nonsense!” Yun Che’s expression became grave: “You sensed that this profound entrance had somewhat loosened and believed that it would naturally open so you couldn’t help but a.s.sault it daily with your profound energy. But you don’t even understand the truth behind profound entrances! Since you attack it in this way, not only is it impossible for you to forcibly break open the profound entrance, you have already damaged the profound entrance. If you continue to proceed on like this, not only would the profound entrance be thoroughly destroyed, even your profound veins would suffer permanent damage.”

Xiao Zaihe’s complexion immediately changed and subsequently became filled with deep terror. As a profound pract.i.tioner, if the profound vein suffered any permanent damage, it was definitely enough to be a fatal blow. He spoke with a terrified face: “This one indeed did what Genius Doctor had just said; I had always had been attacking the Shoulder Star profound entrance. But not only did I not progress, instead, the Shoulder Star often ached with a dull pain…. This…. This…. Please genius doctor, you must save me!”

Yun Che looked at him for a while and slightly nodded: “Since I’ve entered this Blue Wind Empire, I don’t know many people. To meet someone is to be brought together by fate. Alright. In that case, I’ll help you this time.”

After finished speaking, Yun Che suddenly extended his left forefinger. In the middle of everyone’s perplexed expressions, he pointed at the spot where Xiao Zaihe’s Shoulder Star was located. The Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying ability silently pa.s.sed through his fingertips to enter Xiao Zaihe’s body. A few breaths later, it immediately opened his Shoulder Star profound entrance.

Yun Che withdrew his finger and had a mysterious smile on his face.

Yet Xiao Zaihe’s entire person stared blankly in place, as if he simply didn’t dare to believe what had happened…. After a long time, he forcefully pressed against his shoulder as his entire body trembled in excitement. He was incomparably excited as he shouted: “Opened! My Shoulder Star profound entrance actually opened…. Opened!!”

Xiao Zaihe’s reaction, with the word “opened” that came from his mouth, instantly let everyone present understand what had happened. They all simultaneously became stupefied in place. Then all of a sudden, Gongsun Xiu took a step forward and in a hoa.r.s.e voice, cried out in surprise: “One Finger Profound Opening!! This is the legendary One Finger Profound Opening!!”

The four words “One Finger Profound Opening” was like a clap of thunder. The bodies of all the doctors trembled as they stared for a very long time. Afterwards, their entire body stiffened as if they had been petrified.