Against the Gods - Chapter 876 - Lingers Whereabouts

Chapter 876 - Lingers Whereabouts

Chapter 876 - Ling’er’s Whereabouts

Among the disciples of Seven Stars Divine Palace that came here, the weakest was still a Throne, not to mention that there were two early stage Overlords. Any one of them was a powerful G.o.d-like existence to the Grandwake Clan disciples and even to all the profound pract.i.tioners of the entire Rivereast Region. However, in a blink of an eye, they were annihilated by flames and penetrated by cold ice.

Not a single one of them made contact with Yun Che’s sleeves, nor was there even a single moment of struggle. They were just a living bunch of worms that charged forward and ended up tyrannically mowed down with a step of his foot.

The sickly pale face of the black-robed divine envoy had already turned miserably white from fear. As level eight Overlord, he had initially felt absolutely a.s.sured in his victory over Yun Che, whose profound aura was merely at the sixth level of the Tyrant Realm. However, even if he was an idiot, by now, he should have understood that Yun Che’s strength was definitely not as simple as being in the ranks of a level six Overlord.

The most terrifying thing was that the other party basically did not care about their Seven Stars Divine Palace background in the slightest. During the two times he attacked, they were all fatal blows that were completely relentless with nothing held back!

The feet of the black-robed divine envoy retreated amidst his shock and fear. Then, he fiercely pushed away from the crowd, squeezing out his fastest speed.

However, how could Yun Che possibly let him escape? Reaching out his hand and grasping it, a blue light softly flashed and an ice wall was instantly condensed right in front of the black-robed divine envoy.

Caught by surprise, the black-robed divine envoy, who was desperately squeezing out and escaping, ruthlessly crashed onto the ice wall. Following after, an irresistible immense energy could be felt from behind, pulling him towards Yun Che’s direction at extreme speed.

The black-robed divine envoy desperately struggled. However, even after using all his strength, he was unable to escape from Yun Che’s power in the slightest. Under immense fear, vile intentions sprouted amidst his fright. He no longer struggled but had instead suddenly turned around. Letting out a wild roar, the profound energy in his entire body gathered in his arm and then struck towards Yun Che head-on while carrying an astonis.h.i.+ng profound energy vortex.


There was neither an ear-trembling blast nor sounds of air explosions but merely a light ring that sounded especially dull. In a casual manner, Yun Che’s hand had already grabbed onto the black-robed divine envoy’s fist, which was infused with all of the divine envoy’s profound energy. In an instant, the profound energy vortex disappeared without a trace, while the profound energy that the black-robed divine envoy condensed had completely scattered as well. His entire body was thus fixated in midair, his eyes widened due to extreme fear and were on the verge of exploding.


Yun Che’s face was ice-cold as his hand slightly squeezed. A clear bone shattering sound instantly resounded.

The black-robed divine envoy screamed miserably and he instantly knelt on the ground. His left hand was tightly clasping his right wrist, yet he was unable to free himself in the slightest. The intense pain drained his entire body of its color and his forehead was raining with sweat.

“You… just who in the world… are… you…”

The black-robed divine envoy trembled, his voice was coa.r.s.e. His strength as an level eight Overlord was actually this weak in the face of the person in front of him. To be capable of accomplis.h.i.+ng a feat of this extent, one definitely had to possess strength at the level of a Monarch.

Even in his dreams he would never have expected that the foreign young man who suddenly appeared in front of him was actually a Monarch!

As for the surrounding Grandwake Clan disciples, their souls had already scattered from astonishment. The faces of Su Haoran, Su Hengyue, and the rest had long lost all of their color. They wanted to retreat but their legs had gone incomparably limp due to their intense trembling. Forget about escaping, they would soon be incapable of even standing stably.

Their current postures were not just because of their astonishment and fear… Yun Che’s aura had long enveloped all of their bodies; it was as though an enormous mountain was heavily pressing them down.

Facing the black-robed divine envoy’s question, Yun Che simply smiled with incomparable coldness.

Crack crack crack...

Like several hundreds of beans exploding at the same time, the bones of the entire right arm of the black-robed divine envoy were heartlessly shattered in a blink of an eye. The black-robed divine envoy let out the miserable squeal of pigs being slaughtered and his entire body spasmed like a worm that was about to die. Large beads of sweat wildly poured down from all over his body.

“Spare my life… Hero… Spare… my… spare my life…”

His instincts to plead for his life caused the black-robed divine envoy to let out cries for mercy, his distorted face was filled with a lowly, pleading look. Yun Che was still grabbing onto his bone-shattered right hand without loosening his grip and he coldly said, “I shall ask one last time, tell me all the news you have received about Su Ling’er, otherwise…”

“I will say it… I will say it!” The black-robed divine envoy desperately nodded as he hissed out under intense pain. “Six… Six hours ago… I received news… that someone in the Mythical Abode Mountain Range… saw a person who was most likely Su Ling’er… This is all I know… Presently, this is all the news concerning Su Ling’er… Spare my life… I’m someone from Seven Stars Divine Palace… Spare my life…”

Hearing the black-robed divine envoy’s words, Yun Che’s body trembled, his eyes revealed an incomparably agitated glow.

Mythical Abode Mountain Range?

Located south of the Country of Supwake, separating Country of Supwake and Southern Sky Country was the Mythical Abode Mountain Range!

The Cloud’s End Cliff which he fell into back then, was exactly within the Mythical Abode Mountain Range.

Yun Che calmed his breathing and continued. “If that’s the case, according to the news received, I a.s.sume all the people of your Seven Stars Divine Palace are currently gathered at the Mythical Abode Mountain Range to capture Su Ling’er?”

“Yes…” The black-robed divine envoy nodded tremblingly.

“Good…” Yun Che’s eyes revealed a fierce light. “Right now, you shall do something for me. Immediately send a sound transmission to your people and have them stop chasing after Su Ling’er this instant!”

“Ah…” The black-robed divine envoy’s eyes widened. “Hero… There’s something you’re unaware of… The people chasing after Su Ling’er… are all under the instructions of an elder in our Divine Palace… I am but a mere Hall seat… and I’m only staying here to interrogate… Su Hengshan… I’m basically… unable to give them orders… Ugh…”

Yun Che’s expression sank and no longer wasted any more of his breath on him. His other hand suddenly stretched out and his profound handle charged straight into the black-robed divine envoy’s soul.

The black-robed divine envoy’s will had long crumbled under the fear and pain and his soul was basically devoid of any retaliating forces. In an instant, the consciousness of his soul was infiltrated by the profound handle.

Yun Che began to quickly retrieve his recent month's’ worth of memories. The causes and consequences behind all the Grandwake Clan’s changes gradually surfaced in his mind.

The history of the Grandwake Clan was not considered long and until now, with everything calculated in, it had only amounted to about nine hundred years. On the six hundredth year, when an ancestor of Grandwake Clan headed towards the southern territory, he coincidentally saved someone who had been miserably hunted down and was at his dying breath. However, that person still ended up losing his life in the end and right before he died, he handed a pitch-black box to him.

Stored inside was something called the 【Coiling Dragon Feeler】.

The Coiling Dragon Feeler was similar to the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus which Xia Qingyue ate back then, it was something comparable to a “sacred object” that could be hardly seen in several hundred years. When Xia Qinyue took the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus after being refined by the Sky Poison Pearl six years ago, she broke through into the Emperor Profound Realm from the Earth Profound Realm in just a single day. On the other hand, the medicinal effects of the Coiling Dragon Feeler were much fiercer than the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus. Profound pract.i.tioners with strength below the Sky Profound Realm would immediately die from self-imploding when taking it, making it only usable for profound pract.i.tioners with strength comparable to and above the Sky Profound Realm.

If a Sky Profound Realm profound pract.i.tioner took in a refined Coiling Dragon Feeler, that profound pract.i.tioner would immediately break through a large realm, achieving the level of a Throne.

Furthermore, Seven Stars Divine Palace also possessed a divine pellet that was ranked at the apex of the Azure Cloud Continent and was famous throughout the world—the “Seven Stars Heaven Crossing Pellet”. Its effects were to allow someone at the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm to immediately breakthrough that bottleneck, achieving the level of a Overlord, similar to the Overlord Pellet of the Illusory Demon Realm.

And, the material for the “Seven Stars Heaven Crossing Pellet” that was the most important and also the hardest to find, was exactly the Coiling Dragon Feeler. Even with the forces of Seven Stars Divine Palace, they could only find one an average of once every two hundred years. Once traces of a Coiling Dragon Feeler could be sniffed, they would obtain it no matter the price… Even if they had to annihilate an entire clan to seize it.

That person who was saved by the ancestor of the Grandwake Clan, was precisely being hunted down by Seven Stars Divine Palace. Their reason was naturally to seize the Coiling Dragon Feeler from his hands.

The ancestor of the Grandwake Clan brought the Coiling Dragon Feeler back to the Grandwake Clan from the southern territory. He was deeply aware that this Coiling Dragon Feeler was enough to allow their Grandwake Clan to ascend to the skies and was even more so aware that if this was exposed, a crisis of the annihilation of their clan would probably be brought upon them. He had hesitated for a long time over keeping it and personally handing it to Seven Stars Divine Palace and in the end, he chose the former. He sealed the Coiling Dragon Feeler in an absolutely secret place and left behind an unique key, which was then pa.s.sed down to every generation of Clan Master. Only when a genius with an upright conduct had broken through the Sky Profound Realm under the age of thirty-five appeared in the clan could it be retrieved with the key, allowing that disciple to take in the Coiling Dragon Feeler and achieve the level of a powerful Throne. That person would then inherit the position as the new Clan Master, leading the Grandwake Clan to even greater and more prosperous heights.

All these were recorded in the secret codex left behind by that ancestor of the Grandwake Clan and this secret codex could only be read by each generation of Grandwake Clan Masters. Thus, other than every generation of Clan Masters, no one else was aware just what this “treasure” being pa.s.sed down through the generations of Grandwake Clan was. They only knew that only when a peerless genius were to appear in the clan, could the “treasure” finally be retrieved.

In these few years, Su Haoran had been harboring ulterior motives and had deliberately wanted to pry into the secrets of the clan treasure. Then, one time, he took the opportunity while Su Hengshan was not in the clan to overturn his inner chamber and accidentally activated a hidden profound formation. He discovered that secret codex and from then on, found out about the origin and secret behind the clan treasure.

After finding out that one had to be at least in the Sky Profound Realm to take in the Coiling Dragon Feeler and without sufficient profound strength, forcefully taking it in would be undoubtedly an act of suicide, Su Haoran was disappointed and resentful that even if he obtained it, there was nothing he could do with it. However, his foolishness and madness had led him to forming the thought of dedicating it to Seven Stars Divine Palace to curry their favor.

But he did not speak of this to Su Hengshan nor anyone else. Rather, he secretly came up with countless schemes and at all costs, searched for opportunities to speak with people from Seven Stars Divine Palace face-to-face… After all, this was a “huge merit” belonging to him, he definitely could not make use of others to pa.s.s on the message.

After two years worth of “hard work,” he finally obtained an opportunity and informed a “divine envoy” of Seven Stars Divine Palace the news of a “Coiling Dragon Feeler” being hidden within the Grandwake Clan face-to-face.

From then on, after Su Haoran, who had received Seven Stars Divine Palace’s “commendation,” returned to the Grandwake Clan, he speedily collaborated with Su Hengyue, Su w.a.n.gji and Black Wood Stronghold, to force Su Hengshan to hand over the key to the treasure. With the terrifying “Seven Stars Divine Palace” as their backing, members of the Grandwake Clan fearfully defected to Su Haoran’s side one after another.

As for all those who were not obedient, other than Su Hengshan, they were heartlessly ma.s.sacred and their corpses were abandoned in the bamboo forest in the rear mountains.

Yun Che’s hand slowly loosened from the black-robed divine envoy’s head, the peripheral light in the corner of his eyes swept towards the trembling Su Haoran. With his head lowered, he slowly said. “It seems you did not lie. In that case, I shall keep my promise and grant you a pleasant death!”

“Uugh…” Deep fear and despair surfaced on the black-robed divine envoy’s face.

Yun Che withdrew his hand, flinging the black-robed divine envoy onto the ground and then, stomped his foot.


Yun Che’s right foot instantly stomped through the black-robed divine envoy’s chest, heavily landing onto the ground’s surface. A mashed b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared in his chest from the stomp and a large amount of scarlet blood, broken bones and organs fiercely scattered, sprinkling the surrounding area of about a dozen meters with stains of blood.

The four limbs of the black-robed divine envoy spasmed before he completely went silent, no longer making a single breathing sound.

Yun Che raised his leg, yet his leg was not stained even with the slight trace of blood. He kicked away the black-robed divine envoy’s tattered corpse in disgust and then his fingers gently moved.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

The Trees of Frozen End that buried all of the Divine Palace disciples heartlessly exploded. The Divine Palace disciples who endured the long ice h.e.l.l torture let out their final screams of despair as their bodies fragmented and shattered amidst the fluttering snowflakes that filled the sky.

Looking at the scattered ice crystals and broken corpses, the large number of Grandwake Clan disciples in the surroundings toppled onto the ground. Amidst their screams, as though they had awoken from their dreams, all of them dropped the weapons in their hands and fled in a haphazard manner.

“Heh, still thinking of fleeing!?” The corner of Yun Che’s lips revealed a cruel cold smile. His palm slowly opened and flames were ignited. The sky above the Grandwake Clan was suddenly covered entirely in red.