Against the Gods - Chapter 874 - Extreme Fury

Chapter 874 - Extreme Fury

Chapter 874 - Extreme Fury

Yun Che had a very clear impression of the Grandwake Clan’s dungeon. Back then, when Su Ling’er led him around to observe the Grandwake Clan, she had once mentioned that the dungeon was at the extreme east and it was also a place that she had never approached.

Yun Che concealed his presence but he was still incomparably quick as he speedily moved to the most inner portion of the Grandwake Clan. In just a few moments, he had already flashed past not even three meters in front of a Grandwake Clan disciple. However, the other party did not have any reaction at all. He basically did not even catch a glimpse of a shadow flas.h.i.+ng past at all.

Based on the location in his memories, the entrance to the prison of the Grandwake Clan should soon appear before Yun Che’s eyes. The turbid air that was suffusing toward him was the best proof.

In front of the dungeon, six people kept guard. Among them, four wore the uniform of the Grandwake Clan, evidently the disciples of the Grandwake Clan. However, the other two people were dressed in black and on the front of their chests, they were marked with a faint yellow constellation intersected vertically and horizontally by seven stars.

Yun Che’s brows fiercely furrowed… This seven-star mark was the proof of being a disciple of Seven Stars Divine Palace! In the Azure Cloud Continent, not a single person dared to impersonate one!

Seven Stars Divine Palace was one of the biggest sects in the Azure Cloud Continent. Along with Heaven Thwarting Sect and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, they were the three great overlords of Azure Cloud Continent. The three powers could be said to be the pillars of the continent and their positions in Azure Cloud Continent, were not any less than the Four Great Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent!

Just what was going on? Seven Stars Divine Palace and the Grandwake Clan were clearly existences from two completely different planes, how did the small Grandwake Clan offend Seven Stars Divine Palace?

Just what in the world happened!?

Ling’er… Where’s Ling’er… What happened to her!?

Four Grandwake Clan disciples were earnestly guarding the entrance of the dungeon. Every single one of them was standing straight and upright and the weapons in their hands were gripped firmly. They did not even dare to glance at the two Seven Stars Divine Palace disciples in front of them. Their cautious and fearful looks were as if they were s.h.i.+vering ants facing a devil G.o.d.

The two Divine Palace disciples crookedly sat on the ground, their faces filled with irritation. The corners of their eyes would occasionally glance at the four Grandwake Clan disciples behind them, filled with looks of extreme disdain. The one on the right leisurely said, “I really wonder what Hall Chief is thinking. He’s actually staying in a place like this in the middle of nowhere for so many days. In a small place like this where even I can poke everyone to death with a single finger, how can there be any decent treasure?”

The other Divine Palace disciple scanned his surroundings with narrowed eyes and suddenly said with a suppressed voice, “I heard from rumors that Hall Chief bringing us out this time… was actually the Palace Chief’s intention.”

“Wh… What? That… That can’t be, right? This place… With a status like that of the Palace Chief, how could there possibly be anything that'd interest him?”

“Now that isn’t something I know about and it’s something impossible for us little figures to know about either. We just have to earnestly listen and obey orders. It’s best if we don’t inquire about it too much.”

While hearing these two terrifying experts, who donned the seven stars and had profound strength at the Emperor Profound Realm, actually referring to themselves as “little figures”, the four Grandwake Clan disciples gulped down their saliva one after another. They looked even more terrified than before.

“But, from what I’ve heard from the Hall Chief, he seemed to have already ascertained that the item is in Su Ling’er’s hands. As long as that Su Ling’er is found, the mission this time will be completed. However, half a month has already pa.s.sed and that little brat has yet to be found.”

“It is reported that her profound strength is merely at the Spirit Profound Realm. She can’t even fly, so where can she escape to? She is probably hiding in the deep mountains or in old forests that very few people go to. Hmph, the entire Country of Supwake is currently sealed by us and the Supwake Imperial Family. All of the sects are undergoing the search according to our orders as well, so even an ant shouldn’t even think of flying out of our grasp. I guess that at most in another three days, we can capture her and bring her back here.”

Yun Che clearly heard Su Ling’er’s name from these two Divine Palace disciples’ conversation!

She was actually being hunted by Seven Stars Divine Palace!

From their conversation, Su Ling’er had yet to be found. This was a huge relief.

However, she, who was just a sixteen-year-old girl with profound strength at the Spirit Profound Realm, was actually being hunted by the powerful Seven Stars Divine Palace and was also being pursued all around the country by all of the sects of the Country of Supwake and the Supwake Imperial Family. Furthermore, they had even unhesitatingly sealed the entire Country of Supwake in order to capture her… Not to mention, this had continued for around half a month!!

In this half a month, every breath must have been an unimaginable terror and nightmare for Su Ling’er...

Extremely thick anger, killing intent and hatred wildly grew and surged within Yun Che’s chest. He instantly broke out of the seal of his Hidden Flowing Lightning and flew into the sky. From his tightly clenched hands, a seemingly ear-trembling bone-grinding noise had even rung out.

“Who is it!?”

The two Divine Palace disciples were instantly startled into action. However, the moment they spoke out, before they could even stand up, a pair of crimson red eyes that looked as though they were dyed in blood had already appeared before them.

Bang bang!!

Fiery light exploded. The two Divine Palace disciples had instantly turned into ash and they did not even have the time to let out screams. Furthermore, even right to their deaths, they did not clearly see just who sent them to the pits of h.e.l.l.

The four Grandwake Clan disciples who were guarding the entrance of the dungeon were all standing blankly, their expressions dumbfounded. Their eyeb.a.l.l.s were protruding out, as though their horrified souls had already scattered into the air. They wanted to scream out loud but their throats felt as if they were being stuffed by something so they could only let out dry groaning noises under their intense fear.

“As members of the Grandwake Clan, you people actually harmed the family of your own Clan Master and become dogs… Do you people still have the face to live!?”

Yun Che’s body trembled. Under his extreme anger, his Phoenix flames and Golden Crow flames were both at the brink of losing control as they violently burnt around his body. With a wave of his palm, the four Grandwake Clan disciples instantly sank into the sea of flames, turning to ash.

At the same time, the dungeon gate which was constructed with profound metals directly melted as well. Whilst carrying a terrifying heat wave and surging fury, Yun Che charged into the dungeon.

The loud sounds and irregular aura had undoubtedly and immediately startled the entire Grandwake Clan… Especially the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace. In an instant, a roar sounded in all directions within the Grandwake Clan and seemingly everyone had charged straight towards the direction of the dungeon.

“Who is it!? Who dares to break into the dungeon… Ah!!!”

There were three waves of guards in the dark dungeon. The moment they realized an anomaly, they had already been heartlessly smashed into pieces by Yun Che. Fresh blood and tattered corpses rained down on the rancid smelling dungeon floor.

The alarm bells were already sounding loudly outside but Yun Che did not care in the least. All the obstructions and doors within the dungeon were brutally smashed apart by him. Rather than saying he was moving hastily through the dungeon, it would be more accurate to say that the entire dungeon was being brutally chiselled through.

Very quickly, Yun Che charged into the extreme depths of the dungeon without pause. This was the darkest place in the entire dungeon. There were no lights and one could not see his fingers of his stretched hand due to how pitch-black it was. However, Yun Che could clearly sense an extremely frail aura.

Yun Che swung out his palm and a ball of scarlet red flames lighted up at the side of the wall. The flames instantly brightened the entire dungeon.

At the end of the dungeon was a jet black wall forged by profound metals and a person was being tightly pinned to the wall with several dozen chains. His robe was ragged and his entire body was drenched in blood. His aura was weak, seemingly on his last breath. Evidently, he had endured immense torture. A large half of his face was covered by his dishevelled hair, while the remaining half of his face was blurred with streaks of dried bloodstains.

However, Yun Che was still able to recognize on first glance that this person was actually the Clan Master of the Grandwake Clan, father of Su Ling’er—Su Hengshan!!

A violent emotion charged right into Yun Che’s head, however, it was then immediately fiercely suppressed. Yun Che took in a heavy breath and hurriedly charged forward. “Clan Master Su!”

Bang bang bang bang...

Several of flames shot out from Yun Che’s hand, burning and breaking all of the chains on Su Hengshan’s body.

The shattered chains rattled as they felt onto the ground. Su Hengshan’s body shook and then limply fell towards the ground, however, he was then immediately caught and held tightly by Yun Che.

Su Hengshan was not unconscious. He slowly raised his head, his blurry vision pa.s.sed through his dishevelled hair and looked at the youth who had suddenly appeared before his eyes. “You… are…”

His voice was dry and coa.r.s.e but after just speaking those two words, he suddenly paused. Even his pair of initially dimly lit eyes had instantly widened, emitting out a trembling glow...

They had not met for more than six years. Yun Che had grown about half a foot and even his expression and demeanor were greatly different than before. However, his appearance did not undergo an overly obvious transformation. Adding that while Su Ling’er had been obsessed with him in these few years, looking forward to see him every single day, Su Hengshan was concerned about Su Ling’er so it was natural that he would not forget Yun Che’s appearance.

“You… are… you are Yun Che!?”

“It’s me!” Yun Che strongly nodded, his eyes grew slightly warm.

“It’s really… you?” Su Hengshan tremblingly stretched out his hand, not daring to believe his own eyes.

“It’s really me…” Yun Che pressed his palm against Su Hengshan’s chest, inserting the pure energy of heaven and earth into his body. “Clan Master Su, I’m Yun Che. I’ve returned!”

Under Yun Che’s nature energy, Su Hengshan could feel a clear and cooling sensation spreading through his entire body. In just a short span of a few breaths, vitality was actually quickly being birthed from his initially weak and powerless body. His messed up senses quickly regained their clarity and even his withered profound energy was recovering at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

“Yun Che… You…” Su Hengshan’s excitement was now accompanied by shock and disbelief. For a moment, he felt as though he was living in a dream. However, as his spirits gradually regained clarity, he suddenly realized something and anxiously said. “No… Hurry and leave… Leave now!!”


A loud reverberation came from behind as the entrance of the dungeon was violently blasted apart by an immense strength.

Yun Che slowly turned around. The killing intent and anger he had been desperately holding in was rumbling in his chest, about to burst apart. He sensed twenty-six auras charging into the dungeon, while the other auras were surrounding the outside of the dungeon.

Among these twenty-six auras, there were three Overlords that belonged to Seven Stars Divine Palace… At the very front, there was even a level eight Overlord, who should be the one commanding all of the Divine Palace disciples here!

“This is bad… There’s no time left!”

The quickly approaching auras and reverberations turned all of Su Hengshan’s excitement into fear. He stood up in a struggling manner, wanting to stand in front of Yun Che. “Yun Che, being able to see you again right before my death and having you risk your life to save me has already cleared a large part of my regrets. At the very least… At the very least, Ling’er’s six years of obsessive antic.i.p.ation were not for nothing. However, the people at the other side are very terrifying… They are more terrifying than you imagine… If you have the opportunity later, please escape… You don't need to worry about me…”

Yun Che pushed out his palm, blocking Su Hengshan behind him and slowly shook his head.

If Su Hengshan could see Yun Che’s eyes right now, he would definitely be shocked to the point of being speechless.

That was a pair of eyes belonging to a crazed fiend covered in blood.

The palm he used to press towards Su Hengshan’s chest turned into a grab, as he rose into the air while carrying Su Hengshan along.


With a loud sound, the roof of the dungeon was immediately blasted apart and eye-piercing rays of light rained down. When Yun Che descended again, he was already standing outside the dungeon along with Su Hengshan, their feet already stepping on the ground of the eastern courtyard of Grandwake Clan.