Against the Gods - Chapter 866 - Jasmines Message (2)

Chapter 866 - Jasmines Message (2)

Chapter 866 - Jasmine’s Message (2)

Yun Che quickly gathered his concentration, found the memory fragment Jasmine left behind in his sea of consciousness, and gently touched it. Instantly, a voice rang from deep within his heart.

“Yun Che…”

Just two short words that were completely emotionless, yet they caused Yun Che’s entire body to feel numb and his eyes instantly became warm. His soul that was now hollow was also instantly filled up by something warm—because that was Jasmine’s voice.

During the past seven years, this was the voice that he had heard the most everyday. In this lifetime… and perhaps even including his previous life, the voice that he had heard the most was definitely Jasmine’s voice. Now, although it had only been three short months, hearing Jasmine’s voice again caused his soul to tremble violently; it was as though it had been centuries since then.

“...After our separation this time, we will not reunite again. In our fate of seven years you have saved my life and I’ve sculpted your life. Following this separation, our debts are cleared and our relations.h.i.+p shall end. From today onwards, I will no longer be your master. You don’t have to miss me, just treat it as if I had never appeared before… I will do the same.”

Jasmine’s voice was ice cold and heartless, just like what she personally said when she left him that day.

“The only reason why left behind this memory fragment is because I only want to say some stuff that I couldn’t say to you face to face… There are two matters in which I’ve lied to you.”

“Firstly, what I told you, was really not my actual name. I am the eldest princess of the Star G.o.d Realm. ‘Jasmine,’ is not my name but my t.i.tle.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Jasmine” was just her princess t.i.tle and not her name. But hat was all that she said; she did not reveal her real name.

However, this wasn’t important to Yun Che. Because, no matter what her real name was, she would still be Jasmine.


Jasmine’s voice paused for a very long moment as though even using this method, it was difficult for her to say what she wanted to say.

“ regarding Chu Yuechan.”

Yun Che’s heart suddenly clenched.

“That day, after completely getting rid of the devilish poison, I proceeded with my promise and searched for Chu Yuechan within the Profound Sky Continent.”

“There is much life on the Profound Sky Continent and even with my powers, it is not possible for me to search through all the life. However, it could still search the auras of those above the Emperor Profound Realm… however, among them, Chu Yuechan’s wasn’t present.

Jasmine voice was very calm but the speed of her talking was obviously slower than usual.

As for Yun Che, his heart sank ferociously and an ice cold feeling spread across his chest, suffocating him.

That day, what Jasmine said to him was… although her devilish poison had been cleansed, the strength of her soul was still insufficient for her to search for Chu Yuechan at a place like the Profound Sky Continent and she needed to wait until her body was reconstructed.

“Chu Yuechan is your heart’s greatest worry and pain. After much consideration, I chose to lie to you.

“When I reconstructed my body, although I did not hold much hope, I searched for Chu Yuechan’s aura once again. This time, the aura I searched was not just those above the Emperor Profound Realm, I also searched those in the Sky and Earth Profound Realm as well. However, I still could not find her aura.

“Although Chu Yuechan’s profound arts were self crippled then, her Emperor Profound power should still remain. Even if her profound strength did not improve and deteriorated instead, her profound strength should not have fallen by more than one realm… unless she had been crippled by someone else.

“Therefore, she’s either dead or her profound strength has been crippled. Given her looks, if it were the latter, the consequences would be worse than death. With Chu Yuechan’s temperament, she would undoubtedly end her own life.”

Yun Che, “!!!!!”

“When you know this, you’d be devastated. However, remember, this isn’t your fault. Beside you are people who share the same bloodline as you, friends who would die for you… and a huge herd of women. Do not let the pa.s.sing of one affect all of this. I’ll give you three days to grieve but after three days, you have to forget everything. Treat it as though there was no Chu Yuechan and no me in your life.”


In the fragment, all the voices of the memory were released and Jasmine’s voice finally stopped.


All of Yun Che’s strength left his body and he slumped down weakly, the back of head knocking violently against the wall.

He closed his eyes, his face trembling with pain. His arm twisted and his palm grabbed firmly onto his chest. Within the sounds of meat tearing, his fingers dug deep into his flesh leaving behind streaks of blood.

However, he could not feel the pain at all as his consciousness and soul had long since been consumed by immeasurable grief.

“This isn’t… real… isn’t real…”

His body trembled until it spasmed and all the aura within him was a mess, relapsing the already calm internal injury within him. His body collapsed and he fell off the bed...

Knock! Knock knock...

Outside, gentle knocking noises entered the room which was followed by Cang Yue’s voice, “Husband, may I enter?”

Cang Yue stood quietly in front of the door and held a bowl of dessert that she had just made. After knocking and not getting a response, she lifted up her hand again but stopped in midair this time. After some hesitation, she chose to put down her hand, turn around, and prepared to leave.

However, after just taking two steps, her heart suddenly felt an inexplicable strong feeling of unease. She swiftly turned around and pushed open the room door… The scene before her eyes caused her to be dumbstruck.

Streaks of blood spread from the bed all the way to the wall. Yun Che shrunk to the corner, his head between his knees and his right hand clutching his chest. All five fingers were deep in his flesh, dripping with blood.

His entire body gave off a dark aura of despair.

“Hus… husband!!”

Cang Yue lost her composure, the dessert smas.h.i.+ng to the ground as she ran towards Yun Che while screaming in shock and hugged him tightly. The moment she opened her mouth, she had already started crying, “Husband… Husband, what happened… don’t scare me… husband…”

Cang Yue’s voice seemed to have awakened the soul of Yun Che who was trapped in an abyss of despair. He slowly looked up… The corners of his mouth, his nose, his eyes and his ears… there were trails of blood from all these orifices.

“Yue’er…” His mouth cramped as a raspy voice was filled with immense pain.

“Husband… What… has happened to you…” Cang Yue was so frightened that she was almost going to sob loudly, “I… I… I’ll go call for Father and Mother…”

A hand held onto Cang Yue as Yun Che gradually shook his head, “I’m alright… Just let me hug you for a while… and I’ll be fine…”

He embraced Cang Yue and laid his head on her chest. Initially, his grip was light. However, it soon became tighter and tighter unconsciously, as though he was a baby that has lost its sense of safety.

Feeling the chaotic aura within Yun Che starting to slowly calm down, Cang Yue’s panicking heart started to calm down as well. She stuck her soft body even closer to him and placed her pet.i.te hand on his back, softly holding him.

Their numerous embraces had always been her lying on his chest and that had always been when her life felt the most safe and most satisfied. This was the first time Yun Che laid on her chest looking weak like an injured child.

“Husband, no matter what happens, I’ll always be by your side,” Cang Yue muttered. “Even if you lose everything, you’ll never lose me.”

“...” Yun Che hugged Cang Yue even more tightly.

Yun Family Great Hall. Mu Yurou was talking to Feng Xue’er.

In terms of appearance, Mu Yurou had always firmly believed that the Little Demon Empress was the most perfect woman in the world and that there could never be a woman that could be placed on a similar level. However, now that she met Feng Xue’er, even as a woman, she felt as though she was in a trance from meeting a deity. Not only that, even her profound cultivation did not pale in comparison to the Little Demon Empress. Most importantly, she was extremely devoted to Yun Che.

Although this was only their first meeting, she felt an unexplainable liking for Feng Xue’er. She held her hand and had not let go ever since.

Following an icy cold aura, Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli entered and paid respects to Mu Yurou, “Madam Yun, we heard that Asgard Master has returned. We wonder if he’s well… We sisters would like to go pay our respects.”

Senior Master Murong, Senior Master Chu, you all don’t have to worry. Big Brother Yun is fine already and is resting now. His body should fully recover in a few days,” Feng Xue’er smiled as she consoled.

“That’s good.” Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli heaved a sigh of relief. The worry on their icy faces finally seemed to alleviate slightly.

Mu Yurong looked at them and smiled gently, “You all tire yourselves for Che’er, abandoned your ancestral grounds and came to this foreign land. Yet, you still show such care towards him. For Che’er to receive such treatment from you all is his fortune.”

Mu Yurou’s words caused to two of them to be slightly afraid, “Madam Yun, please don’t say that. Asgard Master has once saved our Frozen Cloud Asgard. If it weren’t for him, our Asgard would have long since ceased to exist.”

“That’s right.” Murong Qianxue nodded slightly in agreement, “Asgard Master has saved us numerous times from the perils of extinction and we are in his debt for still existing today. If it weren’t for Asgard Master, we sisters and the other disciples would have already pa.s.sed away in the Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, back then… we did not protect our senior sister, nor did we protect the child of Asgard Master and our senior sister. However, Asgard Master did not blame us and treated us kindly. Not only did he save us numerous times, he never viewed us as burdens and even when his life was threatened, he never gave up on us. The debt we owe Asgard Master is something that we cannot repay in this life…”

Murong Qianxue’s voice gradually softened. Because she saw that Mu Yurou’s smiling face had suddenly stiffened and her expression remained fixed there.

Mu Yurou held onto the chair for support and slowly stood up. Her eyes looked listless as she looked at Murong Qianxue, “What… what did you just say… Che’er’s… child?”

Mu Yurou’s reaction caused both Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli to be stunned at the same time, “Madam Yun, regarding this matter… could it be that Asgard Master has never mentioned it before?”

“Is it… is it really Che’er’s child? Che’er has a child?” Mu Yurou became agitated as she grabbed Murong Qianxue’s arm and worriedly said, “Why hasn’t Che’er mentioned it before? What does didn’t protect properly mean? Who is your senior sister… Just what happened?”

“...” Murong Qianxue’s mouth remained half agape. She realized that she had gotten into trouble and said something that shouldn’t be said. However, since she had already mentioned it, she couldn’t just stop there in front Mu Yurou’s earnest expression. She could only bite the bullet and slowly recount the matters concerning Chu Yuechan back then to Mu Yurou.

Mu Yurou slowly sat back down, her expression stunned and she could not focus for some time.

“Madam Yun, don’t worry. Even though senior sister has lost her profound arts, within Blue Wind Nation, there still isn’t anyone that could possibly bully her. A good person like her is undoubted safe and she’s definitely leading a safe life now and isn’t bothered by anyone. There won’t be any problems,” Murng Qianxue consoled.

Chu Yueli bit her lips, her expression slightly dreamy.

“Six years ago…” Mu Yurou muttered while lost in thoughts, “Six whole years… The child is already five… Che’er’s child…”

“Auntie, don’t worry,” Feng Xue’er consoled softly, “Big Brother Yun will definitely find… ahhh, Big Brother Yun.”

Yun Che walked in from the entrance and by his side, was Cang Yue holding his arm.

“Asgard Master.” Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli hurried forward. Murong Qianxue said with unease, “Asgard Master, I…”

“Senior Master, no worries.” Yun Che looked pale but he still smiled gently, “Just now when I was outside, I already heard a little. Regarding this matter, I never knew how to break it to my parents. Now that Senior Master has said it, that’s one thing off my mind.”

“Che’er!!” Mu Yurou stood up and walked to his side, her eyes looked teary. She said to him seriously, “Even though mother has never seen this Chu Yuechan girl before, she was willing to cripple her profound arts, get kicked out of her sect and ruin her good name to exchange for half a life of misery… you must definitely find her and never mistreat her for your entire life!”

“...” Yun Che looked up, millions of emotions flooded his heart. Just as he was about to answer, hurried footsteps were suddenly heard coming from the outside.


“Mother!!!” Xiao Yun rushed in panickedly. He tripped and even before he managed to stand up steadily, he shouted in panic, “Mother… Hurry… Seventh Sister… Seventh Sister, she…”