Against the Gods - Chapter 863 - Devil Curse Relapse

Chapter 863 - Devil Curse Relapse

Chapter 863 - Devil Curse Relapse

“Don’t even think about escaping!!”

Seeing Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly escaping far away, the Little Demon Empress put aside her injuries and forcefully condensed her profound energy, chasing after him with her fastest speed.

“Caiyi, don’t chase him!” Yun Che shouted loudly.

However, the Little Demon Empress turned a deaf ear, a bone-piercing hatred flas.h.i.+ng within her ice-cold eyes.

“Not good!” Yun Che gnashed his teeth. He could no longer afford to care about anything else, as he chased after the Little Demon Empress with all his strength. Feng Xue’er hurriedly followed closely behind as well.

A change that could be termed “inexplicable” had suddenly occurred in their battle. Xuanyuan Wentian, who initially possessed overwhelming power, seemed to have suddenly lost all of his strength. He was defeated by Yun Che single-handedly and was actually fleeing with all his might.

Though it was unclear what had happened, to the people in Demon Imperial City, this change had undoubtedly pulled up their hearts instantly from the depths of the abyss. They openly watched on as Xuanyuan Wentian fled northwest with astonis.h.i.+ng speed driven by the pitch-black longsword, while the three including Yun Che who were following close behind, very quickly disappeared from their sight as well.

“What happened?” Yun Waitian asked, startled.

Yun Qinghong twitched his brows and suddenly said, “Brother Under Heaven, let us follow after them and take a look!”

“Alright!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven nodded without any hesitation.

The two great patriarchs charged out of the barrier at the same time, flying straight in the northwestern direction.

The power that Xuanyuan Wentian possessed was definitely sufficient to achieve complete victory against his three opponents, however, Fen Juechen’s unbending soul had once again awakened. What was most frightening about this was, the place which this unbending soul had awakened in was not outside his own soul but within his own soul realm!

Under the intense charges from Fen Juechen’s soul, even though he had the formidable “devil physique” and incredible power, he was basically unable to control them with his own will. If he did not flee, there would definitely be a possibility where he would be killed by his three opponents.

The portion of dark profound energy he could forcefully make use of, was presently poured entirely into his escape.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d… Why… Why are you still not thoroughly dead yet… You are but one of this sovereign’s pitiful chess pieces… A pitiful worm who had a fragmented soul since birth… How is this possible… How can you possibly still remain alive to this day under this sovereign’s power… Uaaahhh…”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s expression was in utter pain. His voice was coa.r.s.e and his vision was blurred. His mind was suffering from a splitting headache and his entire body was drenched in cold sweat.

Behind him, the Little Demon Empress was chasing closely. However, the speed of the devil sword was simply too fast. Even when she was using all her strength, she was unable to catch up the entire time.

The land of the Illusory Demon Realm was moving backwards under their feet at high speeds. After more than an hour, the devil sword, carrying Xuanyuan Wentian, charged into Five Way Region.

The center of Five Way Region was the place where he descended when he came here.

The Five Way Region which had been guarded by an army of several tens of thousands of troops throughout the year, was presently dead silent. Gazing from afar, one could see streams of strange fog swirling above the destroyed land, yet not a single human figure could be seen. The brown ground was scattered with a huge amount of dark scars, as though they were pitch-black ashes that were left behind after being burnt.

Yun Che’s expression darkened upon seeing the state of Five Way Region… the swirling black fog beneath him was clearly emitting the dark energy of a devil! Very evidently, the former guardian troops here had all lost their lives at the hands of Xuanyuan Wentian.

At the same time, it also meant that there was an extreme possibility that this was the place where Xuanyuan Wentian came from.

While carrying Xuanyuan Wentian, the devil sword flew straight towards the center of Five Way Region. There, a small sized profound formation was presently revolving very slowly, emitting a soft white profound glow.

Xuanyuan Wentian stopped next to the profound formation. He turned around and looked at the three people who had chased him all the way here, his voice carried two-fifths agony and three-fifths hatred. “This sovereign… shall once again allow you people to live… for several more months… The same situation… will definitely happen a third time…”

“Three months from now, this sovereign’s devil blood… will completely awaken… When that time comes… you people… had best… be waiting for me!!”

After completing his speech, Xuanyuan Wentian roared and pounced into the spatial profound formation, instantly disappearing without a trace.

“Even if you fall into purgatory itself… this empress will tear your bones and scatter your ashes!!”

Even after Xuanyuan Wentian had already disappeared into the spatial profound formation, the Little Demon Empress did not stop her flight even for a moment as she charged straight towards the profound formation.

“Caiyi… Don’t go over there!!” Yun Che paled from shock. “Xue’er, stop her!”

The Little Demon Empress was definitely not a person who acted on impulse. On the contrary, she was terrifyingly calm at almost every single moment.

However, only when facing Xuanyuan Wentian himself… The grudge from killing her father, the resentment for the chaos he incited, the hatred from exterminating her clan, these sentences were far from being reconcilable!

“Little Demon Empress sis, don’t!” Feng Xue’er anxiously cried out, as she released several dozen Phoenix arrows and smashed them towards the front of the Little Demon Empress in a fl.u.s.ter. The shockwave caused by the blast of released flaming energy slowed down the Little Demon Empress’s figure and Yun Che pounced over from behind her, firmly hugging onto her.

The Little Demon Empress struggled intensely, her watering eyes stared straight at the spatial profound formation that was right before her. However, Yun Che’s arms were firmly locked onto her like an iron clamp… A long while later, the Little Demon Empress’s struggles finally began to gradually weaken. When the confusion in her eyes had scattered away, her entire body went limp and she gently fell into Yun Che’s embrace.

On her small, milky white face, two clear streaks of tears silently slid down.

“Caiyi, don’t worry.” Yun Che softly embraced her. “Your hatred is my hatred. We aren’t able to kill him today but as long as we, husband and wife, combine our hearts, there will come a day when we will have him pay his debt in blood.”

“...” The Little Demon Empress did not reply, as she gently closed her eyes in Yun Che’s embrace.

“Xue’er, destroy that profound formation,” Yun Che turned his head around and said. There was an extremely huge distance between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm and to construct a spatial profound formation that could link the two continents would definitely require a large amount of resources and time. By destroying the profound formation, even if Xuanyuan Wentian were to fully recover the next day, it would be impossible for him to infiltrate the Illusory Demon Realm again in a short span of time.

Feng Xue’er nodded. Her small hand lightly danced and a stream of Phoenix flames slammed into the profound formation. With a loud boom, the profound formation had already fallen apart and its white glow scattered in all four directions.

“Little Demon Empress, Che’er… Are you three alright?”

Yun Qinghong and Greatest Ambition Under Heaven hurriedly flew over. Seeing that the three people seemed to be safe and sound, they heaved huge sighs of relief.

“Father!” Yun Che hurriedly held Little Demon Empress up. “And Patriarch Under Heaven. Don’t worry, we’re all fine. Xuanyuan Wentian has just fled back to the Profound Sky Continent and the spatial profound formation he used has already been destroyed as well. For a short span of time, he shouldn’t be able to infiltrate again.”

“That’s good to hear.” Yun Qinghong slightly nodded. He looked at his surroundings and let out a heavy sigh. “I initially believed that the Illusory Demon Realm had finally distanced itself from disaster and attained stability, never did I expect that a great crisis would fall from the heavens… The guardian army of three hundred and thirty thousand troops here has to be taken pity upon as well.”

“Haah.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven heavily sighed as well. “Xuanyuan Wentian… He’s actually such a terrifying individual.”

Yun Qinghong turned his face around and looked towards Feng Xue’er. The light in his eyes instantly turned especially warm. “Che’er, you have yet to introduce this girl to your father.”

Feng Xue’er stepped forward and gave a proper bow. “Junior Feng Xue’er greets Uncle Yun and Uncle Under Heaven.”

“Uh… Ah… I dare not receive this, I dare not receive this.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven hurriedly waved his hands and his body had also shrunk back for a moment out of slight fear. In Demon Imperial City, he had personally witnessed the terrifying strength Feng Xue’er possessed which was comparable to the Little Demon Empress’, how could he possibly dare receive such a gesture from her?

Yun Qinghong however calmly received it and said with a smile. “I have often heard Yun’er and the rest speak of you, that you have several times risked your own life in order to protect Che’er. These past few months, we husband and wife have been hoping day and night to personally meet you and now, our wish has finally been fulfilled. When your aunt sees you, she will definitely be extremely joyous as well.”

Facing Yun Che’s biological father, like all regular young maidens, a strange anxiety stirred in Feng Xue’er’s heart. “Protecting Big Brother Yun… is Xue’er’s duty.”

Yun Qinghong chuckled. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly saw the Little Demon Empress, who was lying in Yun Che’s embrace, suddenly open her eyes and stand up. He hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Little Demon Empress, how are your injuries? This Qinghong is ashamed…”

“This empress’s injuries do not require any worry,” the Little Demon Empress said indifferently. “Yun Qinghong, fortunately you have decisively awakened the Great City Barrier Formation this time, which prevented Demon Imperial City from facing a disaster. Otherwise, terrifying and irreversible consequences would have occurred. You have made great contributions to the incident today.”

However, Yun Qinghong shook his head with a bitter smile. “If the Little Demon Empress had not rushed back, all these would have been nothing but futile actions. These aren’t worthy of such praise from the Little Demon Empress.”

“Not only have you protected Demon Imperial City from an unprecedented crisis, the Great City Barrier Formation greatly drained Xuanyuan Wentian’s energy as well. Otherwise, the conclusion right now might not have happened. Though…” the Little Demon Empress raised her head. “This is but a temporary breather. The terror of Xuanyuan Wentian is something you people have personally witnessed today. With his greed, not too far long in the future, he will definitely descend once more. When that time comes, the fate of my Illusory Demon Realm…”

The Little Demon Empress’ had not finished her sentence yet an incomparably heavy pressure and shadow loomed over every single one of their souls.

“In any case, let’s first return to Demon Imperial City. By seeing the Little Demon Empress safe and sound, everyone would then truly feel at ease.” Yun Qinghong revealed a relaxed expression.

“Che’er, let us go… Che’er??”

They had all prepared to return to Demon Imperial City, however, they realized that Yun Che was actually still standing there unmoving and not speaking a single word. His expression was stiff and his pair of eyes was staring blankly in the air, not having the slightest of response to Yun Qinghong’s words.

It was as though he had suddenly lost his soul.

Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress hurriedly looked at Yun Che and only then did they suddenly realize his abnormal condition… He was standing there blankly, his stiff complexion was slowly being dyed with a layer of darkness and an abnormal black glow was even faintly seeping from his pupils.

“Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun, what happened to you?” Feng Xue’er anxiously said.

Under Feng Xue’er’s call, Yun Che suddenly groaned as he instantly knelt onto the ground. Like a sieve, his entire body was shaking intensely and his face constantly twisted and distorted, as though he was enduring an immense pain.

“Yun Che!!”


The Little Demon Empress and Yun Qinghong had both paled from shock as well, as they hurriedly arrived next to Yun Che. Yun Qinghong said with a solemn voice. “Could the injuries he received from his exchange with Xuanyuan Wentian have suddenly relapsed? Ah… Brother Under Heaven, if you please!”

“Allow me.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven hurriedly stepped forward and within the palm he quickly stretched out, a jade-green glow was condensed. The unique nature energy which their elven race possessed had extremely powerful healing and calming effects, and this was nature energy belonging to the realm of a Monarch.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s palm flipped and while carrying a jade-green profound glow that emitted a pure, natural aura, it slammed towards Yun Che’s chest.

Right at the moment his palm made contact with Yun Che’s body, as though it had been devoured, the thick jade-green glow instantly disappeared. Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s palm trembled and then, he hurriedly retracted it as though he was electrocuted.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven staggered back as he let out a painful moan. His entire arm was trembling intensely and his face revealed deep agony and fear.

“Brother Under Heaven!?” Yun Qinghong charged over like lightning and grabbed onto Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s hand. He shockingly realized his palm had already turned charred black and a frail black energy was still faintly rising from it.

“This… What is going on?”