Against the Gods - Chapter 850 - Returning to the Illusory Demon Realm

Chapter 850 - Returning to the Illusory Demon Realm

Chapter 850 - Returning to the Illusory Demon Realm

Feng Xue’er could only give up her chase for Xuanyuan Wentian. She rested for a short moment before turning around and dispelling the remaining dark aura, letting everyone out of the darkness cage.

“Little Aunt, are you alright?” Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven hurriedly ran over to support Xiao Lingxi and asked with concern.

Xiao Lingxi shook her head somewhat rigidly as it seemed as though she had still not recovered from her shock yet.

“I had thought we were bound to die… Unexpected, we actually lived yet again.” Escaping from the calamity, Chu Yueli nearly collapsed as all the energy left her body.

“What happened just now? Why did Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly go into a… frenzy?” Murong Qianxue was still unable to comprehend the scene before her eyes.

Perhaps the only ones who knew the reason why were only Number One Under Heaven, Number Seven Under Heaven and Xiao Yun. Number One Under Heaven looked deeply at Xiao Lingxi before looking up and muttering to himself, “In my life, I have finally witnessed a true case of kindness begets kindness today…”

Initially in Floating Cloud City, Xiao Lingxi did not let him kill Fen Juechen and could not bear to see Fen Juechen die. She even ignored the immense dangers, brought him into the Xiao Clan and personally looked after him… She was obviously so weak that she constantly required people’s worry and protection and yet, she used her own crystal-like soul to let Fen Juechen, who had already become a devil, feel like a human again… because of her, he had even given up his intent to kill Yun Che.

Today, because of Xiao Lingxi—this person who possessed the weakest profound cultivation among them; who had the least experience; who needed the most protection, because of her initial kind thoughts, their lives had all been saved.

If the first person that Xuanyuan Wentian had chosen had been anyone else, the result would undoubtedly have been different. However, he had purposely chosen Xiao Lingxi...

If Xuanyuan Wentian had seriously read Fen Juechen’s memories before, he would have known that in Fen Juechen’s dark and cold inner world… Xiao Lingxi was the only bright spark and warmth that existed.

And she was his only relative in this world.

Even more so since he was willing to let go of his killing intent, she was a raw spot that should never be touched.

When Xuanyuan Wentian stretched his devilish claws towards Xiao Lingxi, his destroyed and extinguished soul which was already in tatters manage to conjure up the strength of despair...

The Little Demon Empress’ profound energy had been completely used up and before this, she was subjected to the direct pressure of Xuanyuan Wentian. Currently, she was so weak that she could not stand. Feng Xue’er held her up, tolerated the pain and transferred some of her vitality to her before hurrying to Yun Che’s side.

Yun Che looked as though there had not been any change. Despite the uproar that had happened, the faint lifeforce still remained stubbornly within his body which also allowed everyone to hang onto this last hope. Feng Xue’er took Yun Che over from the hands of Murong Qianxue and said while panting, “We must immediately leave this place, otherwise… we could be in danger anytime.”

“However, where can we go now?” Murong Qianxue looked into the distance and a flash of sadness swept past her eyes, “There is no more… Frozen Cloud Asgard…”

“I’ll immediately send a sound transmission to my royal father and get him to send the Divine Phoenix Ark over. At that time, we…”

Feng Xue’er’s voice suddenly stopped and her bottle trembled intensely… Because she clearly felt an ice cold hand pressing softly on her pet.i.te hand.

“Xue… er…”

This call as was as weak as a mosquito’s buzzing, yet it was extremely deafening in Feng Xue’er’s heart. She looked down and saw the Yun Che, who was in her grasp, had half opened his eyes and his dry lips were slightly moving.

“Big Brother Yun… you’re awake… you’re finally awake.” As Feng Xue’er spoke, all her determination and strength seemed to have been released as well as she started crying uncontrollably and in the blink of an eye, her cheeks were completely wet.

What Yun Che gave Xue’er was a warm sense of trust and dependence that was even stronger than what her royal father could giver her. As long as he was by her side, her soul would be at ease and satisfied and she would not feel any anxiety.

Although the current Yun Che was weaker than even an infant, him waking up and looking at her allowed her wavering soul to seem as though it had found the most secure backing. She felt as though she could let out her weakness and helplessness without restraint.

“Asgard Master!!” Hearing Feng Xue’er’s shout, all the ladies from Frozen Cloud Asgard surrounded her in surprise.

“Big Brother!!”


“Little Che!!”

“Brother Yun…”

Everyone seemed as though they heard the calls of a deity and hurriedly crowded around Yun Che. Just narrowly escaping death and Yun Che finally regaining consciousness gave them a sudden pleasant surprise which seemed to make them forget their current predicament.

The Little Demon Empress walked over with the support of Number Seven Under Heaven. She looked towards Yun Che and said in a serious tone, “It’s good that you’re awake… Take out the Primordial Profound Ark and bring all of us to the Illusory Demon Realm!”

“I… know.” Yun Che softly said, “Everything that has happened today, I already know…”

“Ahhh?” Everyone was instantly shocked. Xiao Yun stared widely and said, “Big Brother, you… know?”

“Three days ago, I had already recovered some of my consciousness,” Yun Che spoke slowly. “I could hear the sounds from the outside and could roughly sense the changes in aura. However, no matter how much my consciousness struggled, I could not wake up. It was like… I was separated from my body…”

Although he could not wake up nor could he open his eyes, her could clearly hear everything that happened today while he was unconscious. He struggled with his life to try and wake up but no matter how hard he tried, he could not open his eyes nor could he feel the presence of his body.

When Xuanyuan Wentian, who was on the brink of death, was takenbrought away by the devil sword and the crisis had been averted, Yun Che’s mind relaxed. At that time, he suddenly could feel the slight warmth of his body… and he began opening his eyes slightly.

“If that’s the case, save your strength and stop speaking. Hurry up call out the profound ark.” the Little Demon Empress said as she panted.

However, Yun Che smiled, “Caiyi, don’t worry… For me… you’ve risked your life… I would never allow myself to die this way…”

Yun Che closed his eyes and concentrated. The air above him trembled and the image of the Primordial Profound Ark appeared.

“Senior Master Murong… inform all disciples not to resist my thought.” Yun Che softly instructed.

Murong Qianxue nodded, her expression suddenly became complicated… She knew where entering the profound ark would bring them. It was an entirely different world that could even be said to be rivals with the Profound Sky Continent.

However, Frozen Cloud Asgard has already been destroyed and their roots were already gone. Following their Asgard Master was their only choice.

A ball of weak white light that originated from the Primordial Profound Ark shone onto everyone. Following which, the light flickered and everyone… including all the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples, vanished.

After which, the s.p.a.ce vibrated with intensity before the Primordial Profound Ark disappeared into thin air. All that was left behind below was a piece of wild plains that had just suffered from a ma.s.sive disaster and not one piece of complete land could be found.

After a long time, the scorching heat that filled the skies finally dissipated, the atmosphere began to get colder. Following the arrival of dusk, snow started to fall sporadically from high up in the sky. Gradually the dried up ground was being filled up with a layer of white.


The Primordial Profound Ark shot through the air, instantly crossing fifty thousand kilometers.

Walking out of the Primordial Profound Ark, the surrounding scenery was not the Demon Imperial City that they had been expecting but instead, a wide and empty plain. The air was also mixed with an exceptionally active flame aura.

“This place is…” Number One Under Heaven immediately turned and looked towards the north before instantly recognizing the place, “Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!”

“Big Brother Under Heaven…” Yun Che weakly said, “Although I am still conscious, there is a chance that I might lose my life anytime. Only the Golden Crow Divine Spirit will be able to save me. That’s why I chose this place… Please help me bring my grandfather and the others to Demon Imperial City and let my father help them to settle down… Tell my parents and grandfather that… I’ll definitely come back… safely…”

Yun Che’s words caused Number One Under Heaven’s heart to clench. If even Yun Che himself said that he “might lose his life anytime”, it was obvious how serious his injuries actually were. It was no wonder he would choose to stop directly at the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Valley. He inhaled strongly and nodded, “Brother Yun, don’t worry. I a.s.sure you that they will not have any strand of hair missing upon your return.”

Yun Che smiled with grat.i.tude before weakly lifting up his hand, “Grandfather… Little Aunt… Yue’er… I will definitely… be fine… Senior Masters… I have never forgotten the will of the later Asgard Mistress… One day… I will bring all of you… to rebuild… Frozen… Cloud… Asgard…”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che’s concentration relaxed and his eyes blurred as he lost consciousness yet again.

“Don’t delay any longer!” The Little Demon Empress’ eyebrows knitted together as she instructed, “Xiao Yun, Number One, bring everyone back to Demon Imperial City now. Xue’er, you carry Yun Che. Let’s go into Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!”

“Ahh… alright!”

Every breath of time could determine the difference between Yun Che’s life and death. Feng Xue’er did not even have time to feel anxiety from coming to a new place as her right hand carefully hugged Yun Che while her left hand held onto the Little Demon Empress as she followed her lead and sped to the north.

The destination Yun Che guided the Primordial Profound Ark to was already extremely close to the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Feng Xue’er ignored her injuries as she rushed along at full speed. Shortly after, they had already arrived in front of the Golden Crow Profound Array that sealed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

The Little Demon Empress took out the Demon Emperor’s Seal and touched the artifact. Two drops of blood dripped from the tip of her fingers. One of them landed onto the Demon Emperor’s Seal while the other landed in the middle of the Golden Crow Profound Formation. Following that, the Demon Emperor’s Seal went and touched the center of the Golden Crow Profound Formation. The Demon Emperor’s Seal let out a strange nose and the Golden Crow Profound Formation started buzzing. The profound array that sealed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley swiftly weakened before disappearing totally.

The sole entrance into the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley appeared unrestricted right before their eyes.

An inactive Golden Crow Bloodline was after all, still part of the Golden Crow Bloodline. Relying on the Demon Emperor’s Seal, it could still forcefully open up the seal on Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

“Let’s hurry!”

A scorching wave of heat hit them right as they approached. The air was filled with a divine flame aura that was unlike the Phoenix flame’s. Due to the fact that the origin of the lightning had been consumed by Yun Che, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley only possessed flames now and there was no lightning at all.

Feng Xue’er brought the both of them through the pillars of flames and sea of fires towards the location where the Golden Crow Divine Spirit resided. In front, lay their last and only hope. They dared not think… what they would do if even the Golden Crow Divine Spirit could not save Yun Che...